Being the crazed Range Murata fanboy I am, I was overjoyed to see that he shares the same sentiments as me towards headphone girls. That is, headphone girls > non-headphone girls.

Murata’s design style is influenced heavily by his university degree in industrial design, so it’s no surprise to see him adding techno gadgets to his adorable works of art. The headphone is truly the earring/headband/bandanna of the future, being multi-purpose and simultaneously providing great sound, noise blockage and still superior to most other fashion accessories in terms of pure aesthetics. I say future because right now it isn’t as popular as it should be. Just wait till some mainstream pop star catches on and see how the sheepcrowd will join in.

As an appetiser, here’s Nono from Diebuster. In Top wo Nerae 2: Die Buster!!, Nono is featured with a nice pair of cans in the ED sequence. I’m pretty surprised to see headphone girls all over the place in anime.

All pictures have bigger versions. Click them!

See how the ditz magically transforms into mature hot woman with just two furry things on her ears?

Onto the main course - Range Murata’s headphone girls. His art ranges from lolicute, melancholic, to creepy gothic so it’s quite interesting.

Headphones really look better on females. Males just look a bit too poser for my liking.

I’m not sure if these are headphones but what the hell.

Cables seem really sexy in art. But they are totally irritating in real life.

Not sure if this is a male or female. And that’s a earpiece, not headphones. Still…

This picture was actually made into a figurine, albeit part of a larger trading set. Blissfully lost in music, this is the true way of using headphones.

Murata can design his toys really well. He did the magnificent Vanship designs.

As usual, fellow headphone fetishers, please feel free to submit pictures either to or post links in the comments section.

8 Responses to “Headphone Girls Part 3: Range Murata’s Headphone Girls Rock”  

  1. 1 Hopeless

    Murata’s art, depsite the ecchi-ness that can put me off, is always stunning. He seems to have his own, really alive style while at the same time being close to the norms of manga/anime art.

    I especially like the third picture from the botton, of the androgynous figure smoking. S/he looks so alive and yet retains a type of mystique.

    Oh, headphones; yes, I think they can look really good on characters. They add a certain something to them, although I’m not sure what that something is.

  2. 2 tj_han

    There are four things that I love in Murata’s art.

    The elegant, futuristic accessories and mecha. He even has his own line of accessories.

    The use of mostly brownish to greyish (I’m no artist, what do you call that kind of palette?) colours which aren’t too bright and very soothing.

    The close attention he pays to tiny details such as clothing folds and designing clothes that would be wearable in real life.

    Finally, the unique round facial features.

  3. 3 melange

    Headphone girls huh? You might like these two sites.. especially the first XD with more headphone musume on The guy’s obviously a connoisseur. Energetic headphone seifuku musume = win!

  4. 4 tj_han

    You are the winner of the best comment ever posted award!!

    It seems that the first two links are the homepage of a doujin circle that has a full section on headphone musume. Ok this shall be the official term now.

    They even use real headphone models!  You can count on the Japanese for a full range of fetish coverage.

  5. 5 melange

    >>You are the winner of the best comment ever posted award!!

    Really? Yay! *grabs award and runs around*

  6. 6 Os

    The headphones thing… it clicked last weekend when I was watching this one Korean Movie. When I get to writing it, you’ll understand… and also, some of Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s -my favorite band- Sol-Fa cover further prove your point for me:

  7. 7 Michael

    Speaking of Range Murata…when are you going to do a post on Last Exile? I know the series is old, but like you said, it’s the creation of divine beings!

  8. 8 tj_han

    I’m still hanging on. I’m getting a DVD version of it so I can rewatch it yet another time. The version I got was corrupted due to age.

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