Nyankoi is Great, Clean and Totally Not like What People Predicted.

My 2nd show of the season (Queen’s Blade not withstanding, Nyankoi is totally not what the season preview bloggers predicted. People thought it would be a show full of furries and harem, something along the lines of that fox demon anime a few seasons back whose name escapes me now.

Thankfully, Nyankoi is nothing like that, in fact it’s probably a lot more similar to Midori no Hibi, Look Who’s Talking or anyother show that basically has animals or other animate objects talk when they aren’t supposed to. The main character is this guy who accidentally vandalised a cat statue, and the deity cursed him to be able to hear and talk to cats until he makes up for his mistake by completing 100 tasks to help cats in need. I don’t see why it’s a curse because being able to talk to animals is great. Unfortunately for him, he has a cat phobia because he is severely allergic to cats. If he doesn’t complete 100 tasks, he turns into a cat. There should be harem elements to the story, because we see different girls in the OP. The MC is in love with a girl from his class, who likes cats but has 5 dogs at home, and thus has no clue on how to take care of cats. So the very first task MC was asked to do was to save the neighbourhood cats from her incessant molestations.

The character designs are nice, the animation is crisp and the comedy is funny. In fact, it’s quite a bit like Seto no Hanayome, feels totally like it style-wise. Not coincidentally, Seto is also partly done by AIC, which is helming Nyankoi. Great show so far, and I would recommend it to every anime viewer out there due to its clean nature and light-heartedness.

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  • Ooh, score one for Nyan Koi! I cant wait to check it out. Actually, when I think of Nyan Koi, I think of the episode of Seto no Hanayome where the cats overtook the mermaids, so it’s really interesting that you mention SNH.

  • Nyan Koi is great because unlike most conventional romantic comedy out there , it has a interesting theme to keep up with the plot . Not to mention , keeping fanservice to the minimum helps . It is definitely one of those romantic comedy that are actually comical and to a lesser extend , romantic .

  • I’m actually looking forward to this title after seeing the manga – it’s funny as hell and got romantic and harem element in it. A lot better than kamfer or queen’s blade or any other we’d see this season…

  • Ah, finally someone who agrees with me on this show. It really proved to be something else than expected in a positive way, something I wish I could say about a few other shows in this season (I’m looking at you, Seitokai).

  • man i love the first episode! definitely a refreshing show, can’t wait for more

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