The Microwave Blacksmith Show is so Middling.

Now, we all know studio Bones is better than Jesus and sliced bread combined. Possibly even better than sliced Jesus. fuck apparently this was by Manglobe, I made a huge mistake. Oh well, since we know manglobe is kinda awesome but not that awesome, and they used to do really offbeat shows like Ergo Proxy and Samurai Champloo, this was kinda odd.

But people were really shocked when they were doing this new, fantasy, sword and magic show. They shouldn’t be, because it’s not like Bones ever only did sci-fi. Remember Scrapped Princess? Similar setting, similar character designs and all that.

The main character is Cecily, a naive, weak and totally cosplayer Knight. She’s from a famous family but everyone else is pretty much dead so she takes up the mantle of being the Knight. Except her sword is so old it breaks in her first fight and she almost gets killed, by a crazed Republican war vet. Until pretty boy Luke saves her of course, and he wields a super katana that slices the war vet’s claymore into half.

Later on, Cecily begs Luke to make her a sword in exchange for sexual services "I’ll show you what I’ve got! Armoured boobs!" The armoured boobs are funny because chest plates don’t normally come in such defined shapes. A good example is Saber’s from Fate. You don’t have to show cleavage in your armour you know? Monsters strike and Luke’s sword breaks because the moral of the day is "no sword doesn’t break". He tells Cecily to hold off the monster while he FORGES A NEW ONE. The really wtf part is this – he boots up a sword forging microwave oven thingy and recites the steps to make a good Japanese katana, and poof, in about 10 seconds it’s done! So much for good swords requiring months to make. He can probably just mass produce this stuff.

The whole show was going on well, somewhat, until this scene. It totally doesn’t make sense. Pity.

The animation is great, and the battle scenes are very very fluid, as expected of the Bones Manglobe staff. The OP and ED are bad. I’ll probably stick with this magical Blacksmith show and see how it goes.

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