I have a lot of post about recently. 2 new figurines to review, the recent article flaming the current otaku crowd by Sakamoto Mimei, Headphone Girls Part 3: Range Murata’s HP Girls, an article about the fall of AVI, another one about references in anime, anime reviews of Last Exile and Gatekeepers that I have been putting off since I wanted them to be perfect etc etc.

But I just watched all four available episodes of Top wo Nerae 2: Die Buster and suddenly I feel compelled to write something about it. I won’t go too deep here because it’s not fully complete yet. I just felt an irrepressable urge to unleash the pent up emotion from marathoning these four episodes.

What exactly makes it such an amazing show? Was it the unbelievably smooth animation with truckloads of special effects? The uber-cool mecha and alien designs? The megamoves that can destroy millions of aliens at once? The blatant fanservice with nipples and totally realistic boobie bounces? The lightning pace of the show? The highly unexpected plot twists?

For those who haven’t watched it, it’s by the same guy who did FLCL so it’s the same zany style. I liked FLCL a lot and I am now kicking myself for not watching this earlier. I’m trying to not reveal any spoilers here.

Top wo Nerae 2 is not a sequel of the 1988 OVA of the same name. It’s an OVA as well, with an episode released every couple of months. The last one was in March and I don’t thing anyone has subbed it yet.

The main character Nono is an aspiring space pilot who ran away from home to follow her dream. To say her character grew a lot in four episodes would be a tremendous understatement. It’s like Genshiken’s Sasahara becoming Son Goku in four eps. Make that the Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku.

But the thing that impressed me the most was the pretty visuals. The animation, designs and CGI made the battle scenes breathtakingly brilliant. The large-scale of everything made the battles so grand and exciting. I guess that’s the advantage of an OVA, you get more money and time. Even if there was no story, Diebuster, with its top-notch animation, would still have been a great show. But it does have a good story with plenty of twists.

The music is great too. The OP and EDs are ok, but the background music during the grand epic battles are perfect.

Nono is voiced by Fukui Yukari, who also does Sara from School Rumble. Other notable cast members include Sakamoto Maaya (Lunamaria, F Haruhi) and Sawashiro Miyuki (Mint, Shinkuu).

Big Katana and Small Katana Slash!

The red dots are all space aliens.

My favourite mecha design, the total gatling gun mecha.

Super laser mech is cool too.

How can you not love cockpits that look like broomsticks?

Big purple prehistoric bad guy. Barney?

Destruction on a planetary scale.

Have I already mentioned the mecha designs are old school cool?

Leg launched homing laser ownage.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! A lot of episode four is about this four letter word.

3 Responses to “Top wo Nerae 2: Die Buster!! So Son Goku isn’t the strongest being in the Universe…”  

  1. 1 Vallen Valiant

    “Big purple prehistoric bad guy. Barney?”
    “Top wo Nerae 2 is not a sequel of the 1988 OVA of the same name.”

    I suppose you have either never saw the original Gunbuster, or it was so long ago you forgot the details…

    That “prehistoric badguy” is an Alien creature from the original Gunbuster. Just as the Jupiter colony in episode 3 was in fact a ship built in the Original Gunbuster…

    Trust me. This is a proper sequel. When you get to episode 5, there will be no denying it. Since they will be giving yo a history lesson by then. Enjoy. ^_^

  2. 2 tj_han

    I see! Thanks for the enlightening. I have it on my hard disk but I was wondering which to watch first and chose the pretty one. As I said, not a comprehensive review but more a fanrant.

    Anyway I was just 2 years old when the original came out.

  3. 3 Vallen Valiant

    Just another point…

    “Barney” is just a common enemy unit. it might seem like a boss character, but back in the day Noriko in her Buster-1 used to cut them down by the dozen.

    Buster-7 was built in that same time period, and that’s why she could handle the enemy unit with ease.

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