I got Featured in a National Newspaper because I am Awesome Otaku who Trains Girls.

Apparently! The little interview and report was meant to substantiate a previous article that the journalist wrote, on how geeks are currently pwning alpha-macho men in the attractiveness stats these days. It’s not really true all the time though I think but we’re slowly climbing up the power levels of society. Read the article, which was published in the Life! section of the Straits Times. For non-Singaporeans here, the Straits Times is our national and only real newspaper of note in the English language. It has an entertainment section, which is where my article was.

The journalist herself is a big Gintama fan! I forgot to brag to her that my site is/was supposed to be very well-read by otakus worldwide. On my resumes, I claim to have 4000 visits a day, which was true during the peak popularity of this site, about 1-2 years ago. Recently, I’ve not been as prone to making this known, because it’s no longer true since university workloads have pretty made posting anything really hard and the site has thus suffered a lot in terms of readership and traffic. A big thanks to Ascaloth and other contributors though, their (ok mainly his) hard work is much appreciated. Nowadays according to awstats, it’s more like 2000/day but I think a lot of those are google hits instead. Another sad fact mentioned in the article is that I have 50 anime figures, which sounds like I’m a big noob! Everyone probably knows that I’ve sold off vast numbers of figures over the many bazaars I’ve had, so now the 50 in stock sounds like weak shit, sadly.

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