How can One not Love an Anime as Crazy as this?

Pure wtfawesomegoodness here. See, Inazuma 11 is a soccer anime with a twist. Everyone has special moves! In the 1st season, the Inazuma 11 team won the Japan middle-school championships, defeating a team of Greek Gods. You read that right! GREEK GODS. WITH WINGS AND LIGHTNING BOLTS. IN MIDDLE SCHOOL.

That’ wasn’t the wtf part. Season 2 saw a rapid rise in power levels, because ALIENS invaded the planet and DESTROYED schools whose soccer teams lost to them. I mean, these are aliens with super powers, and they kick around explosive black hole balls that destroy buildings like nukes. After lots of episodes, the Inazuma team defeats a series of increasingly powerful Alien teams. Their original season 1 team is mostly gone now, having been replaced by more powerful characters recruited from various parts of Japan. Only the main character Goalkeeper Endou, voiced by Naruto himself, a fat defender, and Flaming striker Goenji were from the very first team.

So in the latest episode, 54, the match between Inazuma 11 and the Alien Blizzard team reached its climax. In order to score goals, one of the super moves of the Inazuma team involves the goalkeeper rushing out and doing some triple attack with two others, but obviously this leaves the goal wide open. The aliens exploit this but Endou rushes back and tries to punch the ball away with his JUSTICE IRON FIST, when he realised that he was outside his penalty area and thus will get red-carded (not that we’ve seen a single card shown in the series, even after spewing flames, kickin people and creating wormholes, I doubt there are rules).

What happened next was truly awesome. HE GREW A HAND FROM HIS HEAD TO PUNCH THE BALL AWAY!!! I mean, yeah it’s like an energy hand so it isn’t against the rules right? The FIFA rulebooks don’t say you can’t recruit the girls from Elfen Lied to play football with their invisible hands too.

Not the most blatant foul. There was an Alien who launched ball hadouken shots with his hands too. Sure, there wasn’t direct contact, but it’s still wtf.

This show is way too good and underrated, I’m the only person watching it every week and it’s my favourite kids’ show. Even though half the episode is stock animation of super moves.

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