Darker than Black 2 Ep 3: Suou’s Power is Terrible.

Spoiler ahoy!

BSS subbed this latest episode terribly, with lots of mistakes. Some of the lines didn’t make sense in their English, a good example being the sector 35 agent’s statement on how they can do stuff above the law, but the BSS people subbed it as "we’re trying to approve new laws" or something.

I felt this episode was overall kinda weak. It was pretty damn obvious Hei was going to lose his powers, but he’s so badass he can win without any powers. It doesn’t make sense why Tanya can kill Nikka outright with lots of insect bites, while she doesn’t kill Hei and instead just has her little bugs buzz around him. I might be slow but I still don’t get what the factions are fighting and what for, especially the ninja girl’s team.

Suou’s power is horrible. First of all, the silly cutscene where she draws her rifle out of her pendant was totally out of place and unnecessary, more suitable for the likes of magical girl shows. Next, her power is fucking useless because it’s the power to miss badly with unlimited ammo, while using a cumbersome, outdated and single shot weapon. There are tonnes of better anti-materiel rifles out there, and she happens to use a WW2 model far outclassed by modern varieties. Remember Speed Grapher? The main character, Saiga, had the power to destroy anything he took a photo of. Now that should’ve been Suou’s power, and she would have to pay it back by eating rolls of film lol.

The opening song by Stereopony is pretty good, it’s the first one of their songs I’ve liked. Normally their songs are shit. I’m so glad to see Mao alive, didn’t know he had such a convenient aspect of his power, his is totally one of the better powers out there to use in the real world.

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  • Uh, the exact sub is “And for that purpose, several laws and measures have been approved.”

    She did let Nikka go in the first place, perhaps she has some humanity left in her or her mission was to capture Hei, not kill him? They are looking for shion afterall and they need suon and Hei alive for questioning.

    The ninja girl’s team belong to the Japanese side. One of their female operative commented at the start of the episode that schroder’s theory worked (when the field trapped Hei)so it is highly likely they are working for section 35, who has a stake in pandora, and hence the link between schroder and ninja girl’s team.

    Shion seems to be key here, Hei is after him, the russians are after him…perhaps it is information or his powers that everyone wants.

    For a minute there, I thought Hei’s powers had transferred to suon but I guess I was wrong. Since the gun was recently seen by suon before, I guess her subconsciousness enabled her to sorta ‘choose’ her contractor powers which is a weapon that she had seen before.

    However, I have a better theory regarding the meteor core where the gun comes out from. Suon seems to ease between contractor(shiny red eyes), moratorium(glassy souless look) and herself. Remember season 1 where the meteor core makes the impossible possible? Perhaps that is what is happening here: the gun is not a fixed contractor power of suon but rather, the meteor core enabled suon to gain temporary contractor powers AND choose her power. Since she is unaware of that, it is likely her gun was a choice of her subconscious.

    And I’m sure you would love to live the life of a cat for a day.

  • Your points make sense, but I myself was absolutely enthralled by this episode. The pacing, the events, the action. It’s a wow for me. Suou’s power may be to materialize things, via the meteor fragment that I suspect is in her pendant. The weapon in her mind, since she wants to kill contractors, is the one she happened to see in Nika’s shack. Humungous weapon for small girl=visual hit. The producers have also decided to add some fanservice, in the gun extraction scene and in an earlier nude scene. Doesn’t seem out of place to me, but a good addition. Explosions and bloody violence are also fanservice. But the thing that may most impress me here is Hanazawa Kana’s new emotional and non-moe voice. Who knew?

  • The choice of gun is from what she saw in Nikka’s little hide out. She probably have no knowledge of any other more modern guns so that’s what she chooses. It seems her power if about materialization.

  • There has been a shift in the spirit of the show and while narrative wise you might be able to call DtB 2 a sequel; in terms of presentation, style and (for the lack of better word) maturity the sequel is nothing more than a good shounen flick. Ninjas? Giant stone people? Wizards? Twin Lolis? Silly remunerations? These had no place in the original Dtb and neither did the protracted flashy fights that are a staple of shounen genre. Though there were a few pure comedy episodes.

    Consider the latest one: the train station fight. One can explain Hei attacking the police as him no longer being a rational contractor. However, his action are not just irrational, but are down right idiotic. Clearly, if one attacks the police, the train is going nowhere. Notice also that within seconds every interested party arrives at the station. Sure, the FSB was nearby and there was an apparition nearby, but Tania was at the station to begin with in a very “keikaku doori” fashion. What if Hei stole a car or took a bus? The appearance of the Ninja and Co is even more mysterious.

    Then there is the fight itself. If using a train to literally send carriages flying wasn’t enough, the character also gives a speech before setting things on fire. In addition, there is a sizeable special forces squad that seems to suffer from Storm Trooper Effect as they can’t hit anyone and seem to be in unlimited supply seeing that they die by the dozen and there is always more. The conclusion of the fight is also very shounen like. I’m not talking about the ridiculous gun – tj_han covered that very well – but about the “let’s be friends” conclusion where all the characters important to the story survive through the protagonist being the “champion of justice”.

    Another thing is – as many pointed out – the ease with which the characters die. Where as in the original one could sense the characters’ will and desire to live – they were cautious, thoughtful and often cowardly – the sequel makes characters completely disregard death. April was killed through her carelessness, so were the Wizard and the FSB boss guy. Makes me wonder how they survived until then.

    In short: the Dtb 2 is a solid shounen series that has little in common with the original.

  • Both by Bones, that’s one thing

    And besides, its only been three episodes. Its a bit too early to start evaluating the series as a whole, won’t you say?

  • @Deckard
    You need to take things less seriously and try to enjoy the show.

  • Yeah good points everyone. I do know that the gun was the one at the shack.

    Thanks Loba for pointing out the origin of the the ninja team, I guess it would make sense they do look Japanese (anime style). Yeah the common complaint is that people are dropping dead like flies, which sort of happened in season 1 as well but at least these random contractors who died in season 1 had about 2 episodes of screen time and not just a few seconds like the Wizard. Poor guy though.

    Hashi, yeah I really liked Hana’s performance so far. But ok so the nude scene was fanservice, but the silly gun transformation scene is still totally unnecessary.

  • @SnooSnoo
    I am enjoying it, immensely. I only wish Kanno was doing the music, in other respects its a great show.

    We have seen a quarter of all the episodes, unless the series takes a sharp turn – which doesn’t happen often – these episodes are representative of the spirit of the entire show.

  • My theory about why she missed all the contractors with the gun is that she’s struggling between the “CONTRACTORS SHOULD ALL DIE” and “I wouldn’t kill anyone ever” sides of her, so she shoots to disable instead of kill. Doesn’t explain why she has to turn into Nanoha but well. Once she realises that she has to kill people to get anywhere she might stop missing.

  • LOL the way you described Suou’s power was hilarious!!!

  • well they hv made such a good show into rubbish..they hv ruined a masterpeice…..u kn…since whn did contractors become such stupid tht they r unable to see consequences of their immdiate actions….u kn..thaat girl shou is nowhere near a covert strike contractor…and hw the hell mou suddenly reapprated…i cannt tell….and hei being this stupid that he fall in traps moat of time is inexplainable….

  • “The producers have also decided to add some fanservice, in the gun extraction scene and in an earlier nude scene. Doesn’t seem out of place to me, but a good addition”

    …..wtf? This is Darker than Black, not some Power Rangers show reusing the same clip again and again. Nor is it some show pandering to boys going through puberty. Like it or not, it IS out of place.

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