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[LianYL] RIUVA Giveaway Contest #1

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As some of you may have noticed, I have managed to not clear all of my stuff. I need to free up enough space for a brand new bed by the end of the year though. Therefore, I hereby declare the first round of RIUVA giveaway contests open!

If you’re from anywhere that’s not called Singapore, you might want to reconsider participating, since you’d have to foot the shipping bills for your prizes. In other words, this contest is only open to Singaporeans unless people living elsewhere are willing to pay for shipping. I understand that doesn’t make me anywhere as cool as Randall from Ikimashou.net (who shipped an entire box of DVDs to me free of charge), but I’m probably not anywhere as wealthy as him either.

Shipping is free for all participants anywhere in the world. Now I’m as cool as Randall.

As for the contest topic for the first round:
“What would Tripeman look like if he was human? Design is to be done with either the 3 penises omitted or replaced with something non-offensive, but still retain the identity of the flying mango.”

The last thing I want to see is an entry with 3 phallic nightmares. Other than that, there are NO RESTRICTIONS. You may send in more than one entry. You may pay professional artists to draw for you. You may do a 3D model. Anything goes.

As for the prizes this round: Dengekioh Shana trading figures

I don’t know how valuable these are, but some rich Indonesian guy once offered me $80 per figure for this set, to which I proudly exclaimed to him that my Shana figurines were my life. He clapped, my ego boosted, and a discovery 3 years late that I was a retard.

Entries are to be sent to knnbccb [at] gmail with the subject, “RIUVA Giveaway #1 Entry”. Images are to be at least A4 size at 300dpi. All participants, upon sending in the submission, by default agree that their entries submitted will be property of RIUVA, tjhan and me, and we will have rights to do whatever we want with them. The deadline is the Sunday two weeks from now, 15th November 2009, GMT+8 2359 hours.

If there are less than 5 QUALITY entries submitted by the deadline, the contest will be cancelled with no prizes awarded. “Quality” is subjected to either tjhan’s or my opinion.

Let the contest begin now.

By the way, Jon who bought my Shiki for $180, see that Razer Mamba in the background? That’s what your $180 went to. It glows with shiny shiny bling bling.

Popularity: 2% [?]

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3 Responses to “[LianYL] RIUVA Giveaway Contest #1”  

  1. 1 Jon 30 comments

    hardcore gamers..
    enjoy it lol.. XD

  2. 2 Quazacolt 12 comments

    ohai, we have the same razer mousepad LOL

    their mice however, Eff it. im having a balding deathadder atm :/

  3. 3 Claude 1 comment

    Rubber-finish mouses tend to bald quickly… T_T My 1 year old CyberSnipa turn from rubber-y to smooth. Yay.

    Eff the Mamba. I’m getting the 17 button mouse. =X

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