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Kiddy Girl And is actually the Sequel to Kiddy Grade!!!

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That’s news for me because I thought the sequel for Kiddy Grade died along with GONZO. I was shocked to discover that Kiddy Girl was actually the sequel, when I watched the first episode on a whim yesterday. In the opening scene, I saw familiar faces the Tweedledee siblings and realised, yeah it’s a sequel. And then people died blah blah, 25 years pass, and the show turns into stupid moe shit.

The main character Ascour’s voice is the most annoying one since… noisy dinosaurs walked the land. She’s just so, so, so high pitched and whiny one of my eardrums bled. To make matters worse, she’s a huge bimbo with a shittier version of Kuroko (from Railgun) ’s power of teleportation. Her partner, Kufil ( or Q-feulle) is the typical brainier Miyuki from You’re Under Arrest type girl.

So far I’ve seen 2 episodes, and the animation was quite good actually, from Satelight, but the story line is basically Mai-otome in a scifi- setting with less girls. The 2nd episode was about the two girls breaking into their office to steal a pudding!!!! Yes, that is about as close to Kiddy Grade it’ll ever get. Breaking into highly secure compounds with special powers! Except for wildly different reasons. One for pudding, the other for justice.

I’m still watching it but it has totally confirmed our belief that Goto Keiji is pretty much good for only Gatekeepers.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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5 Responses to “Kiddy Girl And is actually the Sequel to Kiddy Grade!!!”  

  1. 1 idunno 2 comments

    I wonder how many people actually like Ascour. I personally started hating her after hearing her say about 6 words.

  2. 2 Helix 71 comments

    I hate her voice too.

  3. 3 Leefe 119 comments

    Teleporting dinosaur anyone?

  4. 4 Shiroi Hane 2 comments

    The sequel for Kiddy Grade was divorced from Gonzo from the get-go - although originally the animation studio was to be asread (they even produced the Pilot DVD in 2007).
    I actually have no problems with Ascoeur’s voice, there are elements that I actually like in fact.

  5. 5 piotrus 1 comment

    “and the show turns into stupid moe shit”. Sad, but true :( So fart, 6 episodes down the road, the best are average quality - and at least two (#2 and #6) are total crap :(

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