Exclusive Interview with Mika, the Hot Maid from Moe Moe Kyun!

You notice the poll on the right? The most popular by far is "pictures of hot girls". I won’t do that, because it’ll make me a porn site not unlike Sankaku Complex (which is an awesome site nevertheless, but full of scum). However, I’ve scored an exclusive NO OTHER anime blog has, and that is, a close up and personal interview with famed amateur model/ Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe favourite Mika! We’ve previously featured out-of-costume exclusive pictures of this hottie and now we learn more about her personality.

Out of all costumes. This is her latest hairstyle. But I’m sure no guy will notice the hair initially.

We did this interview all the way back in September, but due to crippling amounts of school work, I’ve never really gotten around to posting it. I thought the effect’ll be better nearer the AFA’09 date anyway. But due to the oldness of it, some of Mika’s responses might be outdated. Anyway, you can check out her facebook profile and add her as a friend, it’ll boost your e-penis. You just need to know the correct keywords to search for, totally revealed in this post.

Note: This interview has been edited for fluency and length. Photos courtesy of Mika herself. I’m sure she didn’t take some of those, so if you find your photo up here, just drop a comment and I’ll credit accordingly.

TJ Han: So Mika, are you really a Mika?
Mika: Nope, it’s just a name we randomly picked after getting selected for the maid cafe. I go by the name Chloe, or Liting.

TJ Han: How old are you? I’m sure the millions of fans would want to know if you’re of legal age! Of course, some of them might prefer you to NOT be of it… damn lolicons.
Mika: 18!

TJ: Sounds like a lie to me. It probably is, but we’ll let the readers find out the truth for themselves. When is your birthday?
Mika:  Jan 27.

TJ: Be sure to send her gifts. Any hobbies?
Mika: Shopping , eating, sleeping, jogging!

TJ: Holy shit, that’s like… quite the usual hobbies for a girl with no hobbies. I think you forget to mention clubbing and partying, looking at your numerous clubbing photos lol. Now, you’re essentially famous for 3 things – Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café, Amateur Model Photography and being a booth babe. How did you get into these?

Mika: Last November, a friend who was already a model recommended me to go for it too! So I read up about TFCD (note: this means free modelling in exchange for free photography) and built up a portfolio via good photographers. Unfortunately, a lot of perverted guys are pretending to be photographers these days, and most of the requests I get nowadays are all for nude, lingerie, bikini or gstring photos. So I haven’t really been doing much amateur modelling recently.

A couple of months back, my agent emailed me to tell me if I wanted to go for a casting, which was a full hour long! The crteria was that we had to be cheerful, pretty and must know how to act cute. So that was how I got into the maid cafe thingy!

TJ: Wow, that’s a lot to comment on. We all know the local photography forum, Clubsnap, has been overrun with horny guys who just want to take pervy shots of hot girls. Ah, so the AFA organisers actually put in lots of effort into selecting their maids. That’s nice to hear. But do you actually like anime, or watch it?
Mika: I like anime, but have no time for it. I like anime with pretty boys, you know, the romance kind. I love dramas more though, especially Taiwanese drama.

Mika here doing some modelling for a fashion boutique.

TJ: What do you think of geeks, nerds and otakus?
Mika: I can’t click with them! I read your article on how Nerds make the best boyfriends, but I still find nerds and geeks boring. But nothing wrong with otaku though, It’s normal to like stuff a lot right?

TJ: Hehe, I bet she just didn’t want to offend her otaku customers! Nobody likes otakus, come on! Not even otakus like otakus! How has “training” for the maid café been like? (note: this question is as of 27 Sep 09)
Mika: : We’ve had only one training session so far, but I was ill and couldn’t go for that. I heard from the other girls that training seems to be fun, they teach how to draw cute characters, speak simple Japanese etc.

TJ: Tell us some of the little behind the scenes secrets the maids have!
Mika Most have boyfriends. They look better in real life, compared to the photos.

TJ: Btw, Mika here is single. You guys can join the queue of 3000 and growing. Yeah, I’ve seen the photos of the maids out of costume and they look so much better. I guess maid costumes by nature are terribly unflattering compared to regular fashion. Who is your favorite maid and why?

Mika: Miyake! She’s pretty and cute! Small petite, shorter than me. She has lots of supporters.


TJ: I see you have 3420 friends on facebook, and the list is growing by the minute. Do you seriously know that many people or are 90 percent of them horny stalker males?
Mika: Yeah, I find it hard to differentiate between people I actually have met, via my work or in school, and random strangers, and so I just accept all of them as friends. I just make sure not to leave any private stuff on facebook. I have trouble with my inbox because lots of people send me weird messages, talking about how they want to get to know me, some of them can be quite creepy. I didn’t convert my profile page to one that has a fan page because it’s quite pretentious, since I’m not a celebrity.

TJ: The funny thing is, I just saw one of my university classmates add you as a friend on facebook, and I questioned him about it and he totally knows you don’t know him. He just added you because of your hot profile picture and the fact that his friend knows you. I guess that’s a feeling us normal not-so-hot people will never understand, the pain of having too many people lust after you?? Anyway, what are the difficult parts of being a model/boothbabe/maid? People think it’s easy money, like maybe a few hundred an hour just to look pretty?

Mika: Looking pretty is actually pretty hard when you’re dead tired, annoyed or sweaty! We also have to stand on heels throughout the whole event and swat off touchy guys without causing trouble. We constantly have to think of ways to escape such guys. Some assignments especially those that involve alcohol are full of touchy or weird guys. There’s this guy, who takes his handphone camera and goes super close and keeps following, like 5 cm close! His eyes would be totally not looking at his camera, but busy ogling the girls. Could be one of the reasons I don’t like nerds, as many of these pervy guys are nerds who walk around alone. The touchy guys, especially Caucasians, put their hands around waist, sometimes butt or hip. And we  still have to smile despite this.

She worked as a "mingler" for the recent formula 1 GP held here too. What’s a mingler, you ask? Someone who mingles of course.

TJ: I guess that’s one of the reasons they have to put up such high pay, if not no hot girl would want to do such a job. Besides, the pool of hot girls is rather low in the first place, so this natural "talent" is what employers look for. God isn’t fair, hehe. But yeah, nerds can be creepy, such as Kowtow man and Waterbottle Rapist. What do you think of your new found fame? Were you always such a popular girl?

Mika: My blog hits have increased to 1000 a day! When I go out, people recognize me, shout my name or just smile at me. After events, lots of them tag me on facebook on their photos they took and I’ll be shocked to find out that they are on my facebook friend list. When my schoolmates saw me in the newspaper for the maid cafe, they asked me lots of questions too!

Mika wondering why people know her.

TJ: You do post a lot of photos of yourself on your blog, so people flock to see it right? Have you ever encountered jealous girls who bitch about you, or do any nasty things? You know, people tell me that some of the photos you post on facebook and your blog are very slutty, though I don’t quite agree because these are standard portrait photos. But yeah, the more conservative people might have a different impression of you.
Mika: Last time there were lots of girls in school who bitched a lot, but not anymore nowadays. It’s because I’m friendly, and don’t have a bad attitude towards people. So after these girls talk to me, they realise I’m not like what they think I am at all, so it’s alright. BUT I have had a girl in school tell my best friend stuff she doesn’t like about me. Also, there was this guy who had a girlfriend, but asked me to be his “scandal” . As in, he likes his girlfriend but wants a fling. I was pretty disgusted by that. Oh and sometimes when out on the streets shopping or something, I can sense guys staring at me when they are with their girlfriend and their girlfriends won’t be happy.

Booth babe @ a games convention. You guys might have seen her around.

TJ: I’m sure that guy you mentioned had balls of steel lol. But the truly interesting thing is, who the hell uses the term "scandal"  in that context? That’s just bad English, so I’m sure that guy is a loser. But he has a girlfriend so he’s less loser than otakus. Poor otakus. Anyway, I think it’s human nature to stare at hot girls, so girls please don’t get angry, it’s like breathing. As you said, you have a rather popular blog, which you update often. Why do not you allow comments on the posts?
Mika: I just don’t know how to do it!

TJ: Pity, because I bet there’ll be awesome hate comments. Do you feel great that people are interested in your life?
Mika: To be honest, yeah it feels nice. Sometimes, I update my status on facebook just to see how many people would respond, and what they would say. Stuff like, "I’m hungry" would get lots of people offering to buy food in exchange for meeting up, but I never accept their offers. It’s fun.

TJ: You so evil. Give us a rough number of how many guys have tried and failed to win you over. Why have they failed?
Mika: Too many to count, like when I login to MSN messenger, over 20 talk to me but I’ll only know like 2 of them, the rest are just random people trying to ask me out. I’ve had about two to three boyfriends in the past, but we broke up quickly because I couldn’t stand how they tried to restrict my life, and prevent me from having fun. I’m also finding that most guys my age are way too childish so I hang out with people about 3-6 years older now, both guys and girls. In the first place, it’s quite impossible to like strangers who straightaway try to date you. But I’m not intending to get into any relationship for now!

Not hard to imagine why girls get jealous.

TJ: Did I just hear the sound of a thousand hearts break? Yeah, if I were you, I’ll totally make guys grovel at my feet, buy me free food, drive me around, buy me fancy gifts and then still not date them. We want to maximise our benefits! But then again, I’m sure you’re not as evil as me so you won’t do that. Life is fair, if Jesus made me a super hot babe, I’ll probably do bad, bad things to this world with my beauty. OK, tell us the craziest thing you’ve done in your life!
Mika: I’m quite boring! Haven’t done crazy stuff at all. My craziest is was with my very best friend, we’ll walk around and see people with interesting clothes and ask to take photos with them. Oh, and take a long journey from woodlands to orchard just to eat wanton mee. I don’t smoke or take drugs so I’m not that crazy.

TJ: In other words you drink a lot. Haha. I’m pretty sure you’re lying though, those totally don’t sound like the craziest stuff you did. Are you sure?
Mika: Hmm, yeah ok when I started out modelling, I didn’t really dare to offend people so I agreed to do a few rather more revealing photoshoots, like lingerie and bikini ones. Don’t do them anymore though, those were reeeaaaally uncomfortable for me! I’ve also done a fashion shoot with this guy called Tungtung, which lasted for 8 hours!! 8 hours! But he was a professional, so it was good.

What appears to be a scary photoshoot.

TJ: OK I bet everyone’ll stop reading at this point and rush for their Googles, to find the pictures. Don’t bother, I’ve tried, nothing comes up. Sad. Haha. I guess the lucky photographers have it on their hard disks. How about the most embarrassing moment?
Mika: Nothing much.. ok I have a story from my secondary three days. I skipped school twice in a row, and then the next day I went to school, but was late and my teacher called my house to tell my mom and later showed her a forged letter that I made to cover for the absences. Haha! I was really scolded for that.

TJ: That’s not very embarrassing. I’m sure you’re lying again and probably lots more fun stuff remain in your heart. We need to play some truth or dare. Ok for our final question, what do you see yourself doing in a year, 5 years and 10 years’ time?
Mika: 1 year – still doing events and photoshoots maybe? 5 years, in university, doing some finance-related course? 10 years on, hopefully an investment banker!

TJ: I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what an investment banker does and how tough the workload is. Nevertheless, good luck on your dreams! Actually, if you were born in Japan, you’ll probably make it big as an idol already. Too bad.

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