[LianYL] Miraculous Update Before Stagnation

I’m so detached from this blog and the entire anime scene right now. Before I knew it, everything here has changed. I actually had to google “jpmeyer hinano” to locate their new blog! Whatever happened to MinaideHazukashii? I kinda enjoyed typing in the long URL.

Many readers have left, mostly given up hope on any possible updates. For those who are still desperately checking back weekly for a new post, thanks for the support and I shall give a brief explanation on the dead silence that has been plaguing this blog.

TJ is currently in New Zealand spinning and cleaning test tubes. It’s part of a university programme he signed up for. He’ll be back in Singapore in July. For now, I think he just realised that living alone on his own income sucks out more life than school work and anime.

Ascaloth has officially graduated from otakuism so Clannad and KyoAni fans please stop waiting for his return. Be happy for him.

Kokanaden never really wrote for this blog.

Crest probably doesn’t have a new favourite anime to tl;dr about. It is third year of college after all.

G-Man has always been a mystery.

Breadpit is another mystery to me.

Tsubaki never really cared about this blog. He’s waiting to leave the army to start on his career.

Soshi is busy in Japan right now. Anyone on exhcange would definitely prioritise the overseas activites over an anime blog.

Hynavian has graduated from college a while back. She’s now working, and that means 0.001 posts per day.

As for me, I still have plenty of ideas for BRSticks, but I have no tablet nor scanner. Besides, stickmen are hard to draw. Serious business I tell you. I am currently in California doing exchange, so watching anime is the least of my worries right now. My car loan is yet to be paid off, and there’s still the bill for comprehensive insurance and rental and lessons and food and groceries and omfg gas and AAAAAAAH@WTFBBQ932U4P20RJUPQ@#$!e!@e


The End

[Edit] Hi Tenshi_MKII. No comment.

18 Responses to “[LianYL] Miraculous Update Before Stagnation”

  • So that’s what happened…
    Well, I hope you enjoy your time in California.

  • HEY!!! I’m not mysterious!! Just lazy! On a serious note, no animes of recent have really caught my attention, and I’ve always expected someone else to start updating the site . I’m still very much an Otaku and show no signs of changing anytime soon. I’d hate to see this blog languish and die, I guess that’s the little sentimentalist in me rearing its emo head. So I, the great G-man, will take it upon himself to update this blog at least weekly!!!!!

    I am G-man!!

  • What?

    I never was much of an otaku to begin with. But neither am I completely gone. I’m just taking an extended vacation for a number of reasons.

    Watch this space for the upcoming Disappearance article. ;)

  • Hey you’re back! Awesome.

  • @LianYL,

    Sorry, not quite yet. Still waiting on the Disappearance BD or something like it to come out before I start writing again. :D

  • xD

    At least its good to know none of you are forever gone ^__^
    i miss the articles and sticks.

    And LianYL! Congrats on getting a car!!
    i recently got my own car (1989 toyota corolla CS SECA) too ^__^ (my blog 2nd most recent post)

    and i’m reeling on the cost of CTP and insurance xD
    but i’m loving it!

    still glad to hear you guys are still around ^^
    (agree with g-man, nothing recent looks that interesting)

  • Awesome car, yo.

  • *cough* Tenshi_MKII *cough*

  • @Jon
    Oh. Right.

  • The frequency of my posting is not enough to make this blog alive. I will probably blog anything Type-Moon related now. *Waits for his “Mariage -tribute to Fate-” to reach his doorstep.

  • Waah!
    I don’t want to see RIUVA die! Time to go recruiting for contribs!

    Don’t look at me though… I fail at updating the blogs at which I’m already signed on to contribute.

  • I’m alive! I don’t have my laptop with me since it died and allmy blogging equipment is on it. Excuses!

  • [quote]TJ is currently in New Zealand spinning and cleaning test tubes. It’s part of a university programme he signed up for. He’ll be back in Singapore in July. For now, I think he just realised that living alone on his own income sucks out more life than school work and anime.[/quote]

    LIES!!!!!I know that work in NZ is pretty relaxing especially for exchange student……no homework and all of the job must stop at 5 p.m……so basically he has all night long to write this blog but he simply cbf

  • Not true okay. I do care, I just don’t have anythin to write about these days.

  • @Tsubaki
    Challenge Breadpit to photography. Awesome.

  • You need to make it an ita-police interceptor.

  • Please do continue to write your stuff. *crosses fingers*
    It wouldn’t be the same without you guys around anymore. (i meant your online presence.)

    thoughts from your reader/lurker.
    (i’ve got stealth mode)

    @Tsubaki: I thought that you might have graduated from Otakuism. I think that reality has a bigger calling for you. Go snap your pictures and film your short films. Do it real well.

  • Yoo Lian. I think there are some handy scanners around in Harvey Norman.

    Check out Canon LiDE 100 (S$129)

    and Canon LiDE 200 (S$169)

    I’m still considering which model to get but what attracts me most is that both are light & affordable (S$100 ). (:

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