Music Review: Shissou! ED of Ouran! Review, Lyrics and Translations!

This post was dug out from the pit of half-completed ones, now that I got my hands on the Japanese lyrics. For those who came to this site looking for "Shissou lyrics" on google, here you go.

The first time I heard this song, after the first episode of the real Haruhi Show, I was completely hooked. Unfortunately the single was only out on the 17th of May so a bit of patience was required. I listened to the TV sized version quite a bit and I liked the music and the vocals. I favour normal pitched male vocals (not low, not high) and this guy’s singing was just right. The verses and chorus were both equally catchy while not as head-beatable as say Taiyou no Mannaka e, the frenetic pace of the song made it a "psyche up" song, which is rather uncommon for an ED.

Upon hearing the full version, I’m pretty satisfied but there is one giant flaw in the song. It abandons the non-stop pace of the TV version, and had about 3 fake endings. What do I mean? There are three points in the song when it just stops and trails off, tricking the listener into thinking the song is over. While this change of pace is sometimes welcome, I felt it was totally out of place in a fast paced song like this one. Why else would the title be "Shissou"? Shissou has the meaning of "sprint" but with a "rampage!" connotation.

Shissou is 3 minutes and 55 seconds long, the first minute or so is exactly the same as the TV version. It even ends off at the same place. At about 2 minutes, it has a bridge portion which is all just bass and clean guitar. I did not like this part much but I suppose it does save the song from being repetitive.

The above 3 paras were written about 2 months ago. Since then I’ve pretty much grown used to everything and can sing along! Haha.

To aid google, Shissou lyrics Shissou lyrics Ouran lyrics ED Ouran Host High. Erm yeah haha. I tend to translate stuff as literally as I can. It may not sound good but it’s more useful.


by Last Alliance

5000 マイルはしって いきをきらして
gosen mairu hashitte iki wo kirashite
I ran 5000 miles, and ran out of breath
アドレナイリン100リットル 5たいすべてフルかどう
adorenairin hyaku litoru gotai subete furu kadou
With 100 litres of adrenalin, my whole body works

ここまでくればいいだろう? どこまでがOK?
koko made kureba ii darou? dokomade ga ok?
Is coming up to here alright? Till where is it ok?
machi wo irodoru kigi wa moyou kae kuri kaeshiteru
The trees that paint the streets, appear to be repeating in a cycle

かわりはてたしろさ かわれないよわさ
kawari hateta shirosa kawarenai yowasa
The whiteness that has changed, the weakness that cannot change
ima koko ni iru jibun wo shinjitai
I want to believe in myself that is here.

みぎてひだりてふりかざして やみをきりさいてGO!
migite hidarite furikazashite yami wo kirisaite go!
Waving my left and right hands over my head, I cut through the darkness GO!
いつわりはないぜ かくごきめてるぜ
itsuwari wa naize kakugo kimeteruze
There’s no lie, I have decided to be ready
sutaato kitta sono shunkan kara sekai wa hirogaru sa
Right from the start the world is expanding

まばたきをくりかえすふるくいろあせた がいとうにみちびかれいつものかえりじをゆく
mabataki wo kurikaesu furuku iro aseta gaitou ni michibikare itsumo kaeriji wo yuku
The faded twinkling streetlights always guide me on the path back

sabireta machi ni natsukashii kaze ga fuki
A nostalgic wind blows on the rusted streets
oikaze ni natte senaka osunda
And becomes a tailwind, spurring me on

なみだかれるまで そのあきらめむねにしまいってSTOP!
namida karerumade sono akiramemune ni shimaitte STOP!
Until my tears dry, ending with that resigned heart, STOP!
ゴールはないぜ おりかえしもないぜ
gooru wa naize orikaeshimo naize
There’s no goal, there’s also no repeat
kaze wo kitte kakenukeru kagiri nai shissou
Cut through the wind, run through with no limitations, Dash!

Let’s return those bitter days あけてみないか?
Let’s return those bitter days, akete minai ka?
Let’s return those bitter days, wanna open it?
yume tojikometa pandora no hako wo
The Pandora’s box that’s trapping our dreams

sente gote dochira tote koma susume rya banji OK!
Be it black or white shogi pieces, everything’s OK!
やすんでもいいぜ おれはしってるぜ
yasundemoiize orewashitteruze
It’s ok to rest, I know
ここまで の プロセスそれがきみのあかしさ
kokomade no prose sore ga kimi no akashi sa
The process up to know is the proof of you

みぎてひだりてふりかざして やみをきりさいてGO!
migite hidarite furikazashite yami wo kirisaite go!
Waving my left and right hands over my head, I cut through the darkness GO!

Download it here for like…. a sample. Remember to delete it after 24 hours!

The other songs in this are Fly Again Hero, Ittou Ryoudan, and One Drop of Tear. Fly Again is a decent one while Ittou is a 25 second fast song. One Drop of Tear is totally ENGRISH. The lyrics are laugh out loud funny.

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  • Yeah, I love this song too! And it did kinda suprised me that it was a faster-paced song that what most ED’s usually are. But I actually hadn’t really realized that it was a drawback to have all those fake endings– though I had noticed it, and I think the first time I listened to the full song it kinda annoyed me at first. I love the melody totally though, it’s so much fun to sing along to ^_^

  • wow~thank you for the lyrics!!!i can’t believe some poeple can understand and translate this!! *sighs* i wish i was japanese~~i looove ouran high school host club!!^^*i like to sing along wiht the song!!!

  • i absolutely love this song and i absolutely love ouran high school host club~

  • wow~ thank you!X3
    yeh!! lyrics and the translation is there too! so cool!!!X3

  • Much thanks for this, i just got the CD from Nipponsei

  • muchas gracias ^^ estaba en busqueda de la letra de esta cancion es realmente buenisima,
    aparte la serie ouran high school host club es maravillosa, gracias por subir la cancion :P

  • I guess I wasn’t looking hard enough the last time! Haha~
    This is quite a nice find. I’ve loved this song and now I can finally sing with it (properly)~ *laugh*

  • thank you really! its fully apreciated you know that!

  • ahhh i love this song!! i made my fwends play this song for me on piano and it was so KOOOL!!!!!

  • thank you for the translation.

  • celestial essence

    Wow this song is the bomb! I absolutely love it. I never found the fake endings to be a problem though. As a matter of fact until you brought it up , i hadn’t even noticed it. The lyrics were great (especially with the translations) and made it seem like a whole new song! You don’t even want to hear the crazy lyrics i came up with before i saw the real thing! All in all i love the lyrics because now i can sing along…. SAYONARA!!!

  • you are like… MY SAVIOUR!!!!

    i have been SEARCHING for the lyrics…

    like.. for ETERNITY!!

    but luckily.. YOU FOUND ME..

    thank you sooo much
    really really appriciate this.

  • I really love this song *0*!!
    Thanks for translate it [sorry, my english it's really bad n.nU, my natal language is the spanish].

  • i liked the fake endings, it gave it style

  • ここまで の プロセスそれがきみのあかしさ
    kokomade no prose sore ga kimi no akashi sa
    The process up to know is the proof of you

    Is that supposed to be “know” or “now”?
    Thanks for the translation though. :) A lot better than all the others I’ve found.

  • I like what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work and reporting! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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