[Tenshi_MKII] Help me expand my mp3 playlist.

I’m sure people who take quite a while (More than 30mins or so) to commute to school would agree that one must have either (1) PSP, (2) DS or (3) mp3 player. Of course, I’m going with (3). I’m now pretty stuck with a few songs which I have been looping and I would like to expand my playlist. So if you have any song in mind, please do comment (Any latest Japanese songs are welcomed).

The songs mentioned below are those I have on my playlist (Those in brackets are the singles/albums that they come from):
Asriel – Gensou Rhapsodia (Nanji wo Terasu Oboro no  Aria)
Asriel – veladonna (Nanji wo Terasu Oboro no  Aria)
Girls Dead Monster – Crow Song (Crow Song)
Girls Dead Monster - Alchemy (Crow Song)
Girls Dead Monster – Thousand Enemies (Thousand Enemies)
Girls Dead Monster – Rain Song (Thousand Enemies)
Girls Dead Monster – Highest Life (Thousand Enemies)
Shoko Nakagawa – Ray of Light (Ray of Light)
Yousei Teikoku – Call my name. (Baptize)
SCANDAL – Shunkan no Sentimental (Shunkan no Sentimental)

A pretty small list eh.

Here’s a picture to keep you motivated to post something

Yeah, she’s a darn good cosplayer.


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  • Judging from your playlist, you might like Stereopony.

  • All the Songs from Suzumiya Haruhi Series and Macross Frontier. ^^

  • The lack of boobs implies it’s a trap.

    Songs I recommend:

    The Curry Song from Minami-ke.
    Menchi’s Love Bolero.
    Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.
    Princess Bride by KOTOKO.

  • sesshomaru_haku

    Don’t really have any new songs, but meh.

    Sayonara Memories – supercell
    Snow Tears – Shoko Nakagawa
    Again – Yui
    Shinku – Hitomi Shimatani
    Farewell – Van Tomiko
    Voyage – Ayumi Hamasaki

  • 月導 by 南里侑香… and probably さよならメモリ-ズ by Supercell.

  • Perfume – 不自然なガール

  • Oshiete A to Z (おしえてA to Z) – Tamura Yukai (田村ゆかり)
    Sayounara Memories (さよならメモリ-ズ) – Supercell feat. Nagi
    Eufonius stuff?

    What do you like? =)

  • Wow, thanks people. I have tried a few songs and they were great. My playlist is almost flooded with supercell songs now.

    zh3us: I like upbeat and slow-paced songs.

  • A few albums you can’t really go wrong with.
    Hard rock: abingdon boys school – abingdon boys school
    Pop rock: Remioromen – Remio Best
    Soft rock: BUMP OF CHICKEN – orbital period
    Upbeat anison: Mikuni Shimokawa – Reprise
    Techno: Mikuni Shimokawa – Remember
    Boyband Pop: ARASHI – Time
    Pop/anison: Maaya Sakamoto – Kazeyomi

  • No wait, you aren’t a fan of manzo or JAM Project, and I can’t recommend half my playlist because it’s mostly JAM Project, Fukuyama Yoshiki, Endoh Maasaki or manzo.

    And Pirate metal.

    Okay, maybe one or two.


  • Umm, these are two classics straight from the Nico Nico Douga Medleys… If I recall correctly…

    Bokurano- Uninstall
    Aquarion- Sousei no Aquarion

    Pretty good songs.

  • the macross F soundtrack :D

    other than that if youre not finiky about genres, classical music is pretty nifty and so is funk.
    What you do is find a torrentpack by genre, thenmakesureyouownallthesongsoncd cuz i sure as hell do, put the 200 songs on to your MP3
    randomize the list

  • Kylee songs have been great, so far.

    From the Xam’d EDs:
    Just Breathe
    Over U

    Her other songs are great, too.

  • hm, you can try eureka seven op/ed most of them are good (not the ost, just the op/ed, you can find them in tokyotosho)
    as for other anime/japanese related..

    up beat and slow paced?
    ugh, i will just input a few(or not) names, i kinda like a lot of styles but should be ok for you too

    chatmonchy – seimeiryouku(生命力)(its a few ones that i like the whole album) – should be rock… or pop? oh whatever
    go!go!7188 – gonbuto tour nippon budokan(ごんぶとツアー日本武道館) – rock
    oh of course theres m-flo, but it might be hard to say whats good and whats bad so, you can start by
    m-flo – award supernova -loves best-
    jill decoy association – ジルデコ – jazz band
    asian kung-fu generation, spitz, the pillows and baseball bear if you like rock

    hmm now anime related that might be good… hmm a few might be old but are the ones im not tired of listening
    Gintama ED14 Single – Wo Ai Ni [Takahashi Hitomi & BEAT CRUSADERS]
    toshokan sensou OP/ED singles are good
    zoku natsume yuujinchou ed album(hmm its good but recently i`ve been skipping while on shuffle)
    hmm maybe Bakemonogatari ED Single – Kimi no Shira nai Monogatari(supercell heh)
    honey & clover ed single – waltz

    meh this much should be enough for a month or so hehe

  • Rhymester is worth listening to even if you don’t like rap just for their kanji wizardry.

  • KOTOKO – Sociometry, Shikata Akiko’s Inori no Kanata and Aki Kakushi, immi in general, and HALCALI’s new Album “Tokyo Groove” is pretty good

  • Touhou music is all the rage now. Get some.

  • the macross F soundtrack too it’s so terrible :D

  • No wonder I thought your nick looked familiar when I saw it on the forum…

    Mizuki Nana – Astrogation

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