[Tenshi_MKII] Why you should buy the Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray Box Set…

I kind of expected this long ago but still, this is like a bombshell to any Kara no Kyoukai fans. Paying that price in one shot is like burning anyone’s pocket instantly. The DVDs to me were already… expensive and I was kind of delaying the purchase until I go to some 2nd-hand shop in Japan. Let’s stop this whining and go to why you should buy the Boxset.

1. It has English Subs.
2. If you don’t have a Blu-ray player, you can now buy a PS3 now and play it(burns a bigger hole).
3. It comes with a Visual Chronicle Book(No idea what’s inside though).
4. Enjoy the awesome in HD.
5. It comes with the epilogue(I seriously doubt any good would come from this).

I have seen quite a number of people of complaining about the price but if you think of it, the price is quite reasonable if you do the calculations. My condolences to the people who bought the DVD Box Set. Perhaps I should get this as a VERY expensive Christmas present to myself…

PS: if you are reading this Stifler, are you gonna to pay another arm or leg to buy this Box Set?

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  • I agree that the price is very reasonable indeed, especially by the standards of Japanese Blu-rays (which are considerably more expensive than what those of us in the US and Europe pay). It is after all seven feature films and two OVAs in one box; if you were to buy them separately you’d probably pay a similar amount by the end.

    There are two reasons why I’m hesitating on this. Firstly, there’s the sheer cost *to me personally*: sparing you the details, the organisation I work for are on an economy drive so chances of promotion are slim and my disposable income physically can’t cover a one-off purchase of this size (Amazon.jp lists it at slightly less than the RRP which offsets the shipping, but UK customs will slap a 15%-20% charge onto this). Secondly, I haven’t seen confirmation yet of the region-locking (if any), so an HD-ready TV and a PS3 will have to be factored in.

    Thirdly, would I actually get anything out of the Visual Chronicle booklet? I’m assuming the written interviews or whatever will be in Japanese, so that leaves the movies themselves and some pretty artwork which would just sit in the box unless I frame it and hang it on my living room wall (not a bad idea, thinking about it…).

    On a more positive note, the English subtitles are the biggest pleasant surprise of all. A bit strange though, isn’t it, doing something so beneficial for international fans when the package as a whole is geared towards domestic fans? If this career change works out, that’ll be enough for me to change my mind.

    It really is a beautiful thing; I’m saving my complaints for the sorry state of the UK job market. I’m hoping that a cheaper ‘standard edition’ will come out at some point; less special, but I’ve reached an age where I have to be realistic about having to ‘go without’ when times are hard. Alternatively, individual releases as they did with the DVDs (with those English subs of course) would spread the cost.

  • What about the argument for people who aren’t Kara no Kyoukai fans, and have never seen any of it?

  • Yup. I suppose I’ll only be left with my head and body at the end of it, but whatever. Will you be getting this?

  • I will but a matter of when. Don’t really have that much cash at the moment.

  • I’m thinking the same as you I will buy it for sure someday but I don’t know when I’ll have enough,I hope it won’t be sold out by then.I live in France and the DVD started going out now,the first movie got out on July and the 2nd on August,they’ll keep releasing them each month.I only bought the first one for 30 euros, so I’m not trolled much by the announcement of this blu ray box.

  • Oh and I should mention that there is the OST of each movie along with the dvd,that’s nice.

  • That means that if…when…I buy this, I’ll have two copies of the soundtrack. Maybe I should sell one for cheap.

    Also, Rockmanshii, mind telling us about the quality of the translations?

  • @Stifler: I will be glad to buy those OST from you.

    But from the various comments , looks like no one is really hyped about buying it. And I just saw F/SN UBW Blu-ray on sale and it comes with a poster…

    • I’m probably in the same boat as you.
      To make things worse(?), I won’t have the money to get it before pre-order ends, and Amazon JP is having 27% off the list price at the moment, presumbly only for the pre-order phase.

  • Or it could just mean that no one’s really visiting this blog anymore. T_T

    @Tenshi: Sure. Just let me buy the KnK boxset first. But do note that the OST do not come with their own casing…they are packed together with the DVD itself.

  • @Stifler;The french subtitles are pretty good,but I haven’t tried the dub yet.I Guess that’s a good reason to watch it again tonight.

  • @Rockmanshii: Many thanks, man. If the English translation isn’t up to par, it would decrease my enthusiasm to buy the English boxset. I’d might as well just stick to my Jap raws.

  • man i am full and ready to buy this box set….just dont know how im going to import it T-T.
    is there some where that i can get this from amazon.jp but not have to live in japan.
    i live in north america btw.

  • Hmmm…

    I suppose that’s your answer, Tenshi.

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