Ever since hearing Thank you!! by Home Made Kazoku, I’ve been a fan of their music. What I call Japrap. I’m not really an avid fan of music in general, and I normally listen to rock tunes and dislike hip hop. However, I find myself slowly liking Japanese rock-rap fusion, probably under the influence of Beck.

I’m not sure what Home Made Kazoku’s music comes under, but it’s certainly not rock-rap. Melodic rap would be more apt. I like the way they combine catchy poppy choruses with fluent and rhythmnic rap. Having 2 vocalists helps too, more variety and harmonising There are barely any pauses in lyrics, thanks to the dovetailing of the two vocals.

Japanese is a lot more suitable for rap than English, by the way. Thanks to them only having 5 sounds, A I U E O, everything rhymes.

Here’s a pretty brief breakdown of their new album, Musication. I’m not familiar with reviewing music that sounds the same though. And I have zero knowledge of the band. I hate fanboys who worship the singers and not the music, so I normally don’t bother to find out info about members of the band. I don’t bother about lyrics too, only when the song is really good.
Here’s the album art

The list of songs:

  • Happy Days

This is a happy (duh) sounding song with moderate tempo. Poppish with trumpets. 3.5/5.

  • Journey in 2 H.M.K.U

A 2 minute song that has lyrics beginning halfway. The 1st minute consists of just calming instrumentals while the latter minute has the usual rap, punctuated by female oohing. 2.5/5.

  • Music and Communication

The leading song of the album, this is an uptempo piece with trumpets and lots of yeahs. Cool basslines with some slapping and funky melody, with lots of women chanting either “music’ or “communication after every line. The chorus is pretty addictive. 4/5.

  • Shounen Heart

The 3rd OP of Eureka SeveN. This should be a familiar song for most. Very nice passing of the lead vocals, with all 3 contributing. I just realised all the songs sound similiar but still great. Trumpet solo at 2min30sec fits right into the song. Fitting of E7, the bass is strong and funky. 4.5/5

  • Lean on Me

THe song begins with some solo singing backed with minimal instruments and immediately goes into a chorus. Basically the phrase “lean on me” repeats about 500 times during the choruses.3.5/5.

  • Joyride

Ah, something different at last. This starts off with acoustic guitar strumming, then bass joins in along with drums. And a catchy chorus kicks in! Pretty fast, even for HMKU standards. 4/5

  • Take it Easy

Some sort of wind instrument (flute?) is played along with bass drums at the beginning. Slow song with a repeating acoustic guitar riff. It’s pretty sweet though, true to it’s title, it’s rather relaxing. 4/5

  • Sarubia no Tsubomi

Very melodic and catchy. “na na na na, we are the gifted one”… . The good thing about HMKU is their great English pronounciation. 2 vocalists really make such melodic songs have a lasting impression. 4.5/5.

  • Funky 20×8

Begins with a weird native English speaking voiceover. Nothing too special, slightly heavy emphasis on rythmn but it’s too repetitive. 3/5

  • Shall we Burei

Ok, the line “Shall we ranbu” or something saturates this song. Sounds weird and very different from the others. The chorus is catchy though. 3/5

  • Itoshi no Mic Check

Heavy triple vocal emphasis, accompanied with cool guitar riffs. Lots of English lines too, perfectly pronounced. I’m beginning to suspect one of the vocalists is a native speaker of English. 3.5/5.

  • Itsumo Itsudemo

Slow, acoustic guitar with shakers. Sentimental, melodic song that seems slow but comes through with relatively fast lyrics. Nice contrast of low and high voices during the chorus. 4/5.

  • R.A.I.N.B.O.W.

Piano is used here a lot. Typical structure, with rap verses and melodic chorus. Standard HMKU fare, which is good enough for me. 4/5.

  • You’ll be Alright

A little girl lends her voice to the opening. Aw, so cute. A chunk of speech follows, then singing. Pretty slow throughout. The whole song’s pretty encouraging though. You’ll certainly be alright after this. 4/5.

Ok, I noticed most of the songs are pretty much the same. But at least it’s not overdone. There’s still enough variation to differentiate them, and throw in a couple of slower songs, it’s a pretty good album. Much better than the Pillows’ or Uverworld’s new ones. I give a total rating of 4/5.

Btw I do understand Japanese, just not rap Japanese. How the hell is it possible to understand machinegun rate rapping with improper intonations? I don’t have the lyrics too, cos I didnt buy the album. Ooh busted.

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