[Tenshi_MKII] New and Local Anime T-Shirt Brand: Metronome

If you guys have been to Cosfest and visited Teru-Teru.net booth, you guys should have known of their existence or even better, already ordered their T-shirts. For those who don’t know, they are basically like COSPA just that the artwork is done by bj0rN / Collateral Damage Studios and it’s cheaper.

If you would like to order, simply just email them at metronomist@gmail.com with your name, contact number, item name, size as well as your bank account type and number.

Do support them!

Here are the designs so far:

Menma: I personally like this design a lot.


Here’s the size chart if anyone is interested(In inches):
XS – 36
S – 38
M – 40
L – 42
XL – 44
XXL – 46

Here is their Facebook Page:

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