Mizuki Maia, the heroine of Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, was released as a 1/6 PVC figurine by Alter last October. I just watched the series a while back and decided to pick up this figurine, since it wasn’t too expensive for a 1/6 and pretty well-made. Nothing to do with the lack of clothing really!

I ordered it from HLJ since I couldn’t find it locally anymore. And it was the last piece! Right after my order was shipped, the "In Stock" icon became the crossboned "Discontinued". Lucky eh?

When I first opened the box, I was slightly disappointed. The skin looked a bit yellowish, the figure was one-legged and side-leaning and her white Nereids outfit was grey from overshading.

But when I was taking the pictures, I realised in sunlight, the greyish white looked just like the anime white. The yellowish skin also looks radiant! Some figures are just not meant to be placed indoors.

As for her one leggedness, there are three screws attaching her to a little stand on the base. She’s very lopsided from her pose, but unlike the previous Evangeline figurine, Maia is completely balanced and will not topple over.

Standing at an impressive 28 cm (about there), she costs 4,571 yen, which is lower than an average Alter 1/8 figurine. Her lack of costume details is probably the main reason. Or rather, her lack of COSTUME is the reason. The painting is pretty impeccable, there’s a bit of flaw in the form of a barely noticeable seamline running down her midsection and a tiny pimple on her ass, but that’s about it.

All pictures are clickable.

Maia in the Amazon Ruins.

The gun is decently detailed but nothing fantastic.

This may just be the main draw of the figurine.

See how the bikini strings cut into her flesh? Now that’s good modelling.

Her dynamic pose is beautiful but I worry about the long term effects of placing all her body weight on one leg at such an acute angle.

Look at her eyes. The eyelashes are faithfully reproduced to the style of the anime, with paint. Amazing.

She also has double eyelits, two lines cut above her eyes.
Maia’s smile is very sweet. You can see lipstick and her teeth.

Mankind’s dream.

Forget Evangeline’s ass. Now this is some good butt.

Her soles are detailed too. Soles.

Alter did her hair well with negligible seamlines. She even has her hairband.

Truly the Brilliant Blue.

Her face is damn well done.

Always found shoulders and back attractive as well. (Besides the obvious points of course)

Bikini babes at the pool.

Right view

Left view

Box was pretty nice. Water-themed just like how the show went.

Score (Maximum is 10)

  • Pose: 10
  • Paintjob: 7 (Indoor), 10 (Outdoor)
  • Detail: 8
  • Design: 9
  • Originality: 8
  • Excitement: 10

Was it worth it? YES. Just place it near a window. But watch out, PVCs do discolour and soften if placed under strong sunlight due to the free radicals formed from ultraviolet light. Maia is really on the borderline of an erofigurine, so keep it safe from horny boys and jealous girlfriends.

5 Responses to “Figure Review: Huge, Sexy, Natural Maia”  

  1. 1 T_T|||

    Weird hair.

  2. 2 Stripey

    Nice! The face is well-sculpted and the body has good details all around. Just hoping it wouldn’t start leaning sideways after a week… >.

  3. 3 Tsubaki

    So is she really that good, or it’s because of the natual lighting that makes her such a beauty?

  4. 4 tj_han

    Em, think of her as a girl with make up.

    But then again, most figurines are affected by lighting. After all, what we see with our eyes is merely the incidence of light reflected from the object. The Maia figurine doesn’t look that impressive normally really.

  5. 5 DrmChsr0

    Hrm, she does look better in the light.

    I’d tap that ass.

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