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Music Review, Lyrics and Translations: Equal Reason by Last Alliance! EVERYBODY LIKES THIS!

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After falling in love with Last Alliance’s newest single, Shissou, I went and stole all their older songs. A large proportion of them were good but this one in particular is special. Not many songs are capable of making the listeners go, "Wow this is a great song!" upon first hearing. It normally takes a few times for listeners to get familiar and then start liking the song. I only started realising that Shissou was fantastic at about episode 3 of Ouran, while Red Faction took me 5 episodes.

Click for link to official site.

But EQUAL REASON from Last Alliance’s 1st album, Tears Library, released in 2004, is truly fantastic. It starts off slow without vocals for about 20 seconds, then a cool guitar riff enters for a while and vocals start. The LA’s vocalist (who happens to be this monkey-faced man) has the sort of voice I love to listen to, capable of reaching higher male notes yet not too gay sounding.

The verses sound great, with a high degree of melody repetitiveness which is well used here. You won’t feel bored waiting for the chorus because the verse is good enough. And the chorus is fucking good. And it’s made even greater by the pre-chorus which heightens your anticipation of what’s to come. Equal Reason is a song that converts ordinary people into Last Alliance allies.

As usual I have done up the lyrics, romanji and translation. Unfortunately this one was a bit difficult as it used very Japanese sentence structures. I do not like to paraphrase too much so I just left the literal meanings without editing it to make it sound good. Curse your fate, non-Japanese readers! It’s funny how Japanese lyrics actually sound pretty good but after I’m done with my butchering of a translation job, my 6 year old cousin could probably write more logical sounding stuff.

Equal Reason Lyrics and Translation

By: Last Alliance
きづけばいつものまようはずのないかえりみち はじめてみるようなけしきをすぎ
kizukeba itsumo no mayou hazu no nai kaeri michi, hajimete miru youna keshiki wo sugi
I noticed, on the way home that I never got lost, I passed scenes that I seemed to be seeing for the first time
sora no ao ni kuro ga majiri taenaku hirogatte ita
In the blue of the sky, black is incessantly mixing and spreading
たぶんにげてきたのだろう むいみなちをどれくらいあるいたろう
tabun nigetekita no darou, muimina chi wo dorekurai aruitarou
I should probably flee,  how much of the meaningless land I walk
めのまえにあるすべて に たいしいわかんとふしんかんをだき たちつくして
me no maeni aru subete ni taishi iwakan to fushinkan wo daki, tachitsukushite
Against all that is before my eyes, I embrace the feelings of malaise and distrust and stand firm.

みうしなっていたひとつのぼくへのこんきょを おもいだしてここからぬけだそう
miushinatte ita hitotsu no boku eno konkyo wo omoidashite koko kara nukedasou
The basis that I lost sight of myself, I recalled and from here I slip out
もうふりむかないだれかにすがるような むざまなにげみちはえらびたくないんだ
moufurimukanai dareka ni sugaru youna, muzama na nigemichi wa erabitakunainda
Like clinging on anyone that has already turned around, I don’t want to choose such an escaping way.

なげやりなしょうもうひんにさえこころまわされ たやすくふみだしそうになっていたぼくが
nageyarina shoumouhin ni sae kokoro mawasare, tayasuku fumidashisou ni natte ita boku ga
Confused by only negligible expendables, stepping out gently,
yoake ga otozurete mo mochitsuzukete ita gimon wa
Even if night comes, the doubts I continue to have
すてるものなんてたいしてないのに きそくただしくならぶこいしもって
suterumono nante taishitenai noni, kisoku tadashiku narabu koishi motte
aren’t treated like trash,  but are like holding orderly arranged pebbles
koetekita saka wo miteru dake? tootte kita michi wo wasuretakunai dake?
Am I only looking at the hills I crossed over? Do I only not want to forget the paths I have passed?

つなぎとめるのはぼくのみちへのきょうふしん たちきってよわさをしればいい
tsunagi tomeru no wa boku no michi e no kyoufushin, tachikitte yowasa wo shireba ii
My uncertainty ties me to terror, it’s good to know the weakness that was severed
すぐにとどかずになりひびいたとしても うたいつづけようとぼくはちかったんだ
suguni todokazu ni narihibiita toshite mo, utatsuzukeyou to boku wa chikattanda
To the echos that do not reach immediately, I swore to continue singing

あれちをさいてどこまでもつづくはいいろのよあけ いまはぼくらひがにしへかたくときをまって
arechi wo saite dokomademo tsuzuku haiiro no yoake, ima wa bokura hi ga nishi e katakutoki wo matte
The grey night that tears the barrens and continues everywhere, now we are waiting for the sun to set west

みうしなっていたひとつのぼくへのこんきょを おもいだしてここからぬけだそう
miushinatte ita hitotsu no boku eno konkyo wo omoidashite koko kara nukedasou
The basis that I lost sight of myself, I recall and from here I slip out
もうふりむかないだれかにすがるような むざまなにげみちはえらびたくないんだ
moufurimukanai dareka ni sugaru youna, muzama na nigemichi wa erabitakunainda
Like clinging on anyone that has already turned around, I don’t want to choose such an escaping way.

I can’t help but want to share this song so here it is. Delete this after 24 hours please!

Popularity: 16% [?]

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28 Responses to “Music Review, Lyrics and Translations: Equal Reason by Last Alliance! EVERYBODY LIKES THIS!”  

  1. 1 T_T||| 623 comments


    やっぱり”エウレカ セヴェン”の”少年ハート”のほうがいいと思う。

    Sorry, just returned from Japanese lessons, still stuck in J-mode.

  2. 2 tj_han 1089 comments

    It’s good. Shounen Heart is good too.

  3. 3 Tsubaki 483 comments

    Oh yeah, i love Shissou. Last Alliance’s single got me hooked on them too.
    Shall go dig for their past albums. Thanks for the tip.

  4. 4 Tsubaki 483 comments


    You probably have seen this, but http://www.senakablog.com/archives/2006/05/_ver_2.html
    Eve 1/8 figure is out. Are you getting it by any chance?
    Because if you are ordering it, i was hoping you help me order one as well. [i’ll pay and split the delivery costs as well] =\

  5. 5 tj_han 1089 comments

    That white version is a limited edition from Koto.

    If I’m not wrong, the normal versions will be out soon, in a matter of days. I have ordered it a few months back. Why don’t you just order/buy from a local store? They are sure to have stock.

  6. 6 Tsubaki 483 comments

    Because i don’t think the local stores will carry the white version. ._____.
    I’ll have to check with La Tendo tomorrow or something.

  7. 7 tj_han 1089 comments

    I ordered the normal version, which I think looks best. Besides, I don’t care for limited edition shit.

  8. 8 Tsubaki 483 comments

    It’s not so much about the limited edition that appeals to me. It’s just that i like the white one better, though i plan to get both. The perfect “gemini”. XD

  9. 9 torpy 6 comments

    Shissou converted me too, I simply love it, and it took me a few episodes of ouran to get used to too :).

    I had Tears Library lying around on my harddrive somewhere, but haven’t listened to it yet. Thanks for the tip, listening to it now.

  10. 10 Strato 1 comment

    I love Shissou too. I would like to have the complete lyrics in english ^__^

  11. 11 akira 1 comment

    I actually tried transcribing the song but I’m not too familiar with the Japanese language yet. Though, I did manage to get it mostly right. Anyway, thanks for the lyrics and translation! I’ve been searching all over for them. XD

  12. 12 Oka 1 comment

    yay! thanks to Ouran more people are beginning to listen to Last Alliance ^_^
    listen to Letter, album Underground Blue and Color Desert album Re:frain. my favorites

  13. 13 Kat 1 comment

    Great song thanks to make us discover this one and Shissou…..

  14. 14 kurokat 1 comment

    I was just wondering if anyone has the lyrics to any other songs by Last Alliance, especailly Color Desert. I been trying so hard to find them but keep failing. *hopes someone here has it*

  15. 15 Fuu 1 comment

    I´ve just to discover Last Alliance,only Shissou ´cause I don´t know the way to get the CD of the band,I live in Spain and here is quite difficult to get anything from Japan :(
    I love Ouran Host Club and here in Spain the last manga is #5,but I´ve seen the anime,well,only 20 episodes.Soon I´ll manage to get the 3 next manga,I can´t wait!!
    OK then,I´m a girl on trouble and I need some information about Last Alliance and the way to get DAZE & HOPE.

  16. 16 me 1 comment

    Thanx for the lyrics, i love this song too.. the PV it’s not bad.

    I have Last alliance albums and ouran host club’s OST and singles too… downloaded from somewhere. If someone wants them maybe we can get in touch by email: mangamochi@gmail.com

    More lyrics and translations please!!!!

    sorry, if my english is bad!!

  17. 17 Trix 1 comment

    Thanks for doing the lyrics ^^ I randomly picked up the Last Alliance discography on bittorrent and instantly new I had found something I liked. But this song is great enough to make me stop whatever I’m doing (no matter how far I’m into it) and start smiling and attempting to sing it

  18. 18 BeckX 1 comment

    Grr. the only song I love in LAST ALLIANCE more than anything esle i cant find. >__

  19. 19 Joe Nystarnd 4 comments

    *NOTE* The albums go from their newest (demo CDs included!), which is at the top, to oldest being the farthest down!

    Me and Your Borderline, 3rd album
    December 6th, 2006

    1: Break A Mirror
    2: Konoyubitomare
    3: Shissou
    4: Akai Hana
    5: Eimi Shindoro Mu
    6: Oto Nonai Sekai
    7: Spiral World
    8: Zenmai
    9: Gray End
    10: Fantasia
    11: Lie of Eternity, Paint It Blue
    12: Prometheus
    13: Shiearingusukai
    14: Jouka

    Daze and Hope, 5th demo CD
    May 17th, 2006

    1: Shissou (Running)
    2: Fly Again, Hero
    3: Ittou Ryodan (One-sword Brigade)
    4: One Drop of Tear

    Re:frain, 4th demo CD
    October 5th, 2005

    1: Color Desert
    2: Ryuusei Namida (Meteor Tear)
    3: Astrogate 0
    4: Konoyubitomare

    Underground Blue, 2nd album
    December 8th, 2004

    1: South Wind Knows
    2: Clone
    3: Sorichiyudo
    4: Filter
    5: One Hot Second
    6: Dream Age
    7: Urge
    8: Green’s Sunlight
    9: Space-time Trip
    10: Desertion Ace
    11: Ruchiano
    12: Truth In My Arms
    13: In The Evening Which Drifts, The Everyday Life Which Goes Out
    14: Letter

    IO, 3rd demo CD
    July 21st, 2004

    1: Sorichiyudo
    2: Dream Age
    3: Melancholy
    4: Truth In My Arms

    YG Service, 2nd demo CD
    February 18th, 2004

    1: Sketch
    2: Slow Starter
    3: Maboroshi Memory

    Tears Library, 1st album
    July 19th, 2003

    1: Boys Don’t Cry
    2: Run Into The Freedom
    3: Orange of Lie
    4: Last Alliance
    5: Rebel Fire
    6: Beautiful
    7: Planetarium
    8: See You Again
    9: Sky Is Crying
    10: Hidarimuki
    11: Equal Reason

    Self-titled, 1st demo CD
    June 18th, 2003

    1: Boys Don’t Cry
    2: Last Alliance
    3: Equal Reason

    OK, that’s ALL of their stuff, I own it all! I have a few t-shirts I made of them as well and I’ll be wearing them to Otakon this year as well! I have MORE info on them than Wikipedia! I’m PROBABLY their BIGGEST fan as I’ve been listening to them since 2003, around when their site JUST went up! I had to RECORD the 3 songs from their demo CD YG Service that were up there, as you could only stream them! I FINALLY started being able to find their music in 2005 and I got everything of theirs in January of this year! I can translate their track names and give FULL lyrics if need be! Drop me a line!

    -Joe Nystrand

  20. 20 Nielle 1 comment

    I love Last Alliance! Unfortunately, finding their lyrics (aside from shissou) is practically impossible.

    Joe Nystrand, if possible could you email me the lyrics for Okizari Ace, Akai Hana, Jikuu Trip, Ryusei Namida, and Zenmai? I’m also missing the song “astrogate-0″ so if you have any time if you could send those to hellofryingpan@yahoo.com, I would be eternally indebted to you!

    Thanks for being a fan of Last Alliance!

  21. 21 DaY 1 comment

    and I LOVE LAST ALLIANCE!!! they rock!

  22. 22 Jes 1 comment

    yea last alliance rules!
    and yea i agree its impossible to find their lyrics! what’s more i know nth abt the language :( i’d love to have okizari ace lyrics, i so wanna cover a piano slower version of the song!
    please joe! send em to monkeybroth@hotmail.com! THANK YOU!

  23. 23 Ann 1 comment

    well… i love last alliance’s songs
    but i couldn’t find their lyrics :( i think that one of the bests songs is TRUTH IN MY ARMS
    it’s beautiful!
    if someone find the lyrics, please post them! n___n
    thank you!
    last alliance rulezz!

  24. 24 Joe Nystrand 4 comments

    I take it there’s no one that thought of e-mailing me?! ^_^ Ah well, send me an e-mail at: utanure@hotmail.com!

    NEWS FLASH, Last Alliance is in the studio recording there 4th demo CD, Drag On, or at LEAST, it has a track titled Drag On! It’s not out… YET, but it WILL be out November 28th! I also have Last Alliance’s 3 music videos to share! If anyone of you ladies and gents wants their stuff, e-mail me (see above), drop me a line on AIM, my AIM name is Utanure OR send me a message via My Space at www.myspace.com/zouka! Remember this, if ALL you want is to get some Last Alliance songs and NOT be my friend, then do NOT contact me on AIM OR My Space! Use my e-mail address if all you want is songs! Sayonara for now…

  25. 25 Joe Nystrand 4 comments

    Oops, I was wrong! >.

  26. 26 Joe Nystrand 4 comments

    Oops, I was wrong! Last Alliance’s next demo CD, Drag On, will be out on December 4th, NOT November 28th! Sorry about that… Damnit, now I have to wait even LONGER for their new CD… T_T

  27. 27 trenton 1 comment

    can anyone get me a translation of this song? THANKS!
    musou jidai- last alliance

    [AKUSERU] zenkai ni fumie tsuzuketeita yume no naka
    ima wa kawaki kitte shimatta
    dasei dake ga karamitsuku urokugumo no sukima ni wa
    isshun no hikari

    Mujaki ni tawamureteta ano koro no hikari
    hana wo tsuku no wa kaze hakobu [BANIRA] no nioi
    “[BAKA]sawagi” ga taisetsu na
    toki wo kizandeta koro no utsukushii nioi
    nageyari na taido de kuzure yuku

    Yukizuri no kuuki de kowareyuku… jibun
    mou ichido te ni torou ashita wo
    tsukuri ageru [BORUTO] to [NATTO] wo
    kako wo tsumugu ka yowai ito wo

    Haite kudaite heshi otte
    naite kibou to iu
    akai sora wa [DORO DORO] ni toketa
    hikari sashite nagechirashi
    saite mou daremo boku no
    kokoro nante michainai no sa

    Me wo tsukisasu you na tongatta aka to
    torihada no tatsu you na
    fukai midori ni tsutsumaretai

    Dasan darake no jidai no naka
    kiete yuku awai yume
    semete ai wo tomenai koto dake…

    [KIRI KIRI] sharin wo ki shimase naki hashiru
    muboubi na ressha yo doko e yuku?
    migimuki migi no jiten wo kurikaesu
    chikyuu ni yokujou no hana wa doko ni saku?

    Daite kudaite heshi otte naite kibou to iu
    akai sora wa [DORO DORO] ni toketa
    donna basho de odorasaretemo
    boku no kokoro wa itsumo yaiba wo muiteiru

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