Alter is re-releasing their 1/8 Jo and Meg figurines that were so wildly popular. Inside Japan, it’s apparently impossible to find these save at resellers’ stores. I do know a place that is stuck with more than 20 Meg figurines though. Both will be re-released in August for their original prices of 4,800 yen. This coincides with the releases of the two remaining members Sei (May) and the kid Amy (July) so people who want a full set of 1/8 figurines should get it. This is a rare phenomenon, a full set of heroines from one series in 1/8 and high quality. Although Konami seems desperate to do this by releasing Negima girls like a berserker troll spamming axes.

This piece of news is bitter-sweet. Why?

While I’m glad that two of my favourite figurines will be able to make more people happy, I can’t help but realise that the monetary value and rarity will also go down. Same for the Nao re-release, it ruins the limited edition nature of the figurines. I have a selfish streak.

See my review on Meg for more info. This was back when I still had horrendous photos. On a tangential note, a colleague of mine reviewed my recent batch of figurine pics, namely the Maia and Evangeline ones, and remarked that they still sucked. He suggested not having so many distracting colours in the background and at least focusing such that the background is blurred, like the Maia swimming pool shots. Expect to see better pictures next time!

Sexy and Dangerous Jo

Big = Good. Big Guns are Great.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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6 Responses to “Figure News: Alter Re-releasing my Burst Angels!!”  

  1. 1 Nekki 44 comments

    Cool!! I wanted one after reading your Alter Meg review… I’m not sure If I can pre-order it or not in retail price… There’s one Hobby shop in Macau (Hobby Treasure) where can I pre-order any figures I wanted (not sure about re-releases figurines), but you need to pay more 10-20%. resin kits, figures, jap books (including modeling books and more), trading figures…. Another shop where I pre-ordered alot of figures in retail prices, not every figurines can be pre-ordered, but they got cool figurines to pre-order.

  2. 2 kokanaden™ 336 comments

    About the point on photo-taking, I guess what your colleague was empahasizing was the need for focus. The background for quite a few photos earlier took the focus off the figurine itself. I guess if the background is able to bring out the shine of the figurine, then you shouldn’t blur the background. Makes for an interesting photo shoot.

  3. 3 HalcyonDF 54 comments

    seriously, you can DIY a lightbox and get a minitripod

  4. 4 Herbert Pendergrast 1 comment

    Truly fantastic egems session on the Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s DIY Benchmarking tool

  1. 1 Late to the Party with Burst Angel’s Jo by Alter at hontou ni sou omou?
  2. 2 Late to the Party with Burst Angel’s Jo by Alter « hontou ni

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