There May Just Genshiken Hope After All…

Thanks to Moetron, who spotted this on the Genshiken website. The site seems to have been updated, with the licence at the bottom changed to 2006. The picture also shows the final scene of episode 13. Hmm.

If you mouseover the Kujian TV screen the Genshiken guys are watching, it’s a link to the Kujian official site. This is even more interesting.

I make a few deductions about the possibilities.

The news about Kujian having an anime is bull and it’s still Genshiken 2. But they are using this to whip the fanboys into a frenzy. After all, you can only appreciate something a lot after it has been taken away once.


The Genshiken website is used as a promotion tool for the upcoming Kujian anime.


They realised the killer combo – releasing BOTH of them. This should be unlikely given the financial constraints but it would surely be the best scenario.

Very very intriguing indeed. Or it may just be a fanboy’s delusion. What say you?

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  • I think they probably shift waaaaaay more Kujian merchandise then Genshiken stuff, ergo a new Kujian series is more likely. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Genshiken OAV series released at the same time, though.

  • Ogiue wasn’t introduced yet in the Genshiken anime, was she? If so, her presence in that image would hint strongly at the possibility for a second season.

  • Sounds like a Season 2 to me.

  • Not true! Genshiken shifts more merchandise than Kujian for sure. Look at the number of Kanako and Saki figurines. I’m sure Genshiken is more popular than Kujian, so this is very fishy.

  • I did look at how many figures there have been, and the numbre of Ritsuko figures is in the same kind of range as the number of Saki or Kanako figures (though how do you count the Saki-Ritsuko cosplay figure? :P ).When you take other characters into account the total number of KujiAn figures is about level with Genshiken. With the large number of female characters KujiAn is far more untapped in terms of merchandising potential as well, particularly if theu redo all the character designs.

  • So very true. There are approx 5 Ritsuko figurines, 1 Vicechair, 1 Izumi. Add to that 1 Kujian trading set.

    For Genshiken, 2 of Saki, 3 of Kanako and 2 trading sets I think.

    But really, if the Kujian anime shows, it’ll probably spawn more figurines. I would think, however, that Genshiken DVD sales would top it.

    That said, if Kujian follows the OVA pattern, it’ll be great and I’ll prefer it to Genshiken since we are getting manga.

    But if it’s a negima harem shit crap load of bull, then heads will roll.

  • The Genshiken trading sets are kind of confusing, though – if they are the ones I’m thinking of, then they used some of the same figures in both. Theres been two KujiAn TF series as well (one Palm Character set, and one from Yamato).

    With them having already having a series of Genshiken and KujiAn on DVD I’m sure the producers have a good idea of the comparitive sales figures, even if they are scewed by the fact that Genshiken aired on TV as well. I really don’t think they’d be doing this if they didn’t think they could make more money out of it than Genshiken.

  • What if, the whole thing is one big hoax?

    Remember how in season 1 they aired the Kujian OP first? And everyone thought they were watching the wrong show? Maybe they’ll pull a similar trick and make everyone think its Kujian but after the OP it switches to Genshiken 2 with the characters inside complaining about how the new character designs for Kujian suck.

  • Hmm… that updated picture on the genshiken site has the new Kujian in the tely… hmmmm

  • So… in short… I can put the Linkin Park away?.. for now?

  • I hope both gets released.

    Genshiken’s like the holy bible man.

  • Genshiken isn’t really the holy bible. NHK ni Youkoso! is the Bible and Koran and Diamond Sutra and the Dead Sea Scrolls rolled into one.

  • Genshiken’s for the believer. NHK is for the extremist. I read both though. Madarame is a great teacher and Yamazaki is like a mana-spamming powerful priest.

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