Anime Boredom

I’m in a big slump here. This season’s shows have been mediocre, to say the least. I have watched most of the great series out there too. Now I’m stuck with ongoing mediocrity, and completed mediocrity.

I’ve been getting several full series now. Samurai Gun, Starship Operators, Noir, Shura no Toki, Kino no Tabi… just a few of the series I’m halfway though. It’s hard to find motivation to watch anime. Why must I force myself to watch it? Isn’t the show supposed to make me want to continue?

The last series I watched and couldnt stop till the end was Overman King Gainer. About 2 weeks ago. Since then, the shit has been piling up and I have a massive backlog. I’ve always known that the rate I watch is far greater than the rate good shows are released, so someday the supply will dry up.

Just look at this season’s stuff. Magikano is alright for a comedy. Kage kara Mamoru barely giri giri makes it on the continue list. Kashimashi is watched after I pop a sleeping pill. Hantsuki was decent but no classic. Shinigami no Ballad doesn’t appeal much. Tactical Roar must be the worst pseudo military harem I have seen. Rec is boring. Fate Stay Night is probably decent to good, but 9 eps so far and all hype with no action.

At least the ongoing series offer more hope. Eureka seveN is probably going to be a modern day classic. Noein is great too, along with lesser yet to be subbed series like GunxSword, Guyver etc. Blood+ is doing ok so far, while Yakitate Japan has run out of steam at last. No human can come up with new bread that many times.

I’ll just have to look forward to the new season. And School Rumble 2.

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