Hah The Figure-Tsunami Strikes! And Vice-Chairman has Fallen.

Three new items received today, all PVC figurines. Eve, Nanoha and Dokuro-chan. Unfortunately its in the evening now so there’s isn’t much sunlight for me to take pictures of them. I’ll do the reviews tomorrow or something.

Eve is ugly. Her face is shocking. Dokuro-chan is plain fat. Escaliborg rocks. Nanoha is the best of the bunch, Alter wins yet again.

In preparation for the onslaught of goodness, I will pack up my room and put back some of the figurines into their boxes. This is how it looks like now. Not good. Note how my curtain is never open. UV rays spoil PVC, because the high energy forms free chlorine radicals and decompose the PVC.

It’s worse than it looks. Guess what’s on the screen?

Important note: Never let your figures rest on each other since that’ll cause unnecessary stress and hence warpage. This is a bad example.

Another thing is, Enterbrain must die. The Kujian figures of Izumi and Kasumi BOTH lean. I posted something about Izumi’s Michael Jackson move but Kasumi, who’s not even on one leg but a sturdy two-footed martial arts stance, has also warped her ankles. This is no thanks to the softer PVC they use for this series of figurines, unlike the harder, less malleable material used by Alter and gang. I also note with dismay that Evangeline has leaned about 3 degrees and can no longer stand without support in the form of a chunk of blu-tac under her base. Konami must sack their material engineers. Don’t they ever QC their products? Just because it looks good now doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. I’m rather amazed that these companies don’t do long-term stress trials on their materials before releasing tens of thousands of these out in the market. Unscrupulous merchants cutting costs.

I’ll go more in-depth in a future article, on warpage, undoing the damage, preventing it in the first place and causes.

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  • It’s worse than it looks. Guess what’s on the screen?


  • I’ve seen Dokura-chan PVC for sale locally… My 1st impression was.. “OMG? Dokura-chan? When did she become this fat?” Then I walked away… lol… But she was a little thin, maybe i’ll get it…

  • Now I feel really guilty that my girls (Gashapon girls, anyway ^_^) have spent the year since September gathering dust in a box on top of my shelf since I don’t really have the space to get them out.

    Should have made an effort really ^^

  • I have only removed my Saber and Shirou Palm Set Figurines sparingly and my other figurine is protecting me compy.

    They are quite protectted from the sun, mind.

    Alter pwns, and Nanoha is teh cute~


  • No fair, HLJ shipped my Nanoha a week after yours….

  • Alter has been putting out some of theb est stuff lately. Their Ignis figure is going to make it’s way into my collection when it comes out. I WILL ACCEPT IT HEARTILY!

    Anyway, I bought Takoko on Commuter Train by Epoch and she arrived in a non-standing fashion. That sort of thing makes you really sad, but for 2,600 yen, I can’t complain.

  • Ignis is by Max Factory isn’t it? Although they are about the same…

    But Alter has never disappointed me before. Their products look 95% like the sample pictures they provide prior to pre-ordering. Unlike other companies that release great pics and crap product.

  • There is a Max Factory one, which I have on order already, but there is also an Alter one with a better pose and some nicer hair. They still haven’t put a solid date on it yet though. Here’s a picture of it unpainted.



  • I have question about that Dokuro-chan figure. Have you figured out how to fit Excaliborg into her hand? XD

  • I have yet to open all 3 boxes. Stay tuned.

  • >>Guess what’s on the screen?


    Sorry, couldn’t resist… damned 5 hr session of /a/ and /b/….

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