Figure Review: Black Cat’s Eve is a Mess Nano~

I’m very proud of the title. But like Fuumin from Sexy Commando, I feel compelled to explain the joke fully. So here goes. By adding the word "nano", I make a reference to Nanoha, spoofing the episode title. But I’m also advertising for the new awesome anime blog RSS customisable aggregator, AnimeNano. And most importantly, Eve is a Nanomachine weapon. Is that DEEP OR WHAT??

Not exactly official art, but it’s a good likeness.

I’m a big fan of the manga Black Cat character designs, but not the anime ones. This version of Eve, 1/8 PVC from Happinet, is based seemingly on the anime design but from the pre-production pictures, looked very good. But as we all know, promo pictures never do look like the actual product, except for Maxfac, Alter and GSC’s range. In Eve’s case, the difference was especially stark. In other words, I need a refund, you Happinet conmen! The pictures look quite good because it’s not up close so the defects can’t be seen.

Eve was released in four colours: Normal Black which I own, Wine Red which is sort of Limited Ed but can easily be gotten, White which is limited to 650 pieces worldwide and Purple, 350 pieces. These numbers are rumoured only though.

This is the first large-scale PVC figurine of Eve. There are resin kits coming up though but these require time, skill and effort to make them look good. Even is standing straight, with her legs crossed, in one of those model poses you don’t ever see anyone in real life doing. It’s the sort of beauty pose that isn’t too interesting, but this figure makes up for the lack of dynamicism in the pose with 4 gimmicky additions. 5 if you include the secret gimmick I’ll show you later. Or 6 if you include the 4 colour versions.

Sunlight has this beauty enhancing property.

She’s in her usual gothic loli dress, but it’s battle scarred and torn, revealing more skin than usual. Her black thigh high leggings are an integral factor to the loli-goth image. She has a metallic-painted cross on her upper chest that is very nice and detailed.

Eve’s long blond hair, so regularly used as weaponry, is nice and flowing with a notable red translucent blade transformed. The red blade is Gimmick 1. Two ahoges stick out from the top of her head.

The red translucent blade is unfortunately, stabbing her own calf.

On Eve’s left hand is an angel wing nanotransformation. What purpose this serves is unknown, since all her angel wings in the anime and manga sprout from her shoulder blades. I really would’ve preferred a scuplt that’s loyal to that. Wtf can a wing on an arm do? Either way,this is Gimmick 2. Eve, with her blade and wing, now looks a bit unique from the hordes of black clothed blond loli figurines out there. The wing is rather detailed with many layers of feathery appendages, shaded nicely to give it a very 3D look. I like it. But it’s still sprouting from the wrong place.

Nice and layered.

From this angle, it looks like Eve’s carrying a weird handbag.

Being a loli-type character, Eve obviously has loli-type body. But it isn’t over-loli, as she does have breasts of the B cup range. Speaking of which, I got a google hit on this site with the phrase "average japanese women cup size". I wonder if they found the info here.

Perky. The bliss of youth.

Silent loli face. 

But see how weird the position of the wing is? It’s beyond no sense, it’s… no dollars. X )

Gimmick 3 is the White Cat. It’s the one that appears periodically in BC and it’s very cute. There isn’t much detail obviously because of the style, but the face is very well printed, very clean. However, it’s those "free" kind of accessory that doesn’t have any point of attachment to the figurine. This may be good in the sense that it doesn’t leave any visible peg/hole lying around and you can play it whereever you want, but such things do tend to get lost, fall over/off.

It’s small alright. But cute.

I was a bit edgy when I took this picture. A mere gust of wind would’ve seen me rushing down six storeys rummaging through tropical bushes hunting for Cat.

Positioning has no limits. White Cat bangs Eve’s bangs.

But it’s really supposed to be like this.

As for the upskirting, Even is in a common pair of white pantsu. Nothing spectacular.

Where are you looking at? Here you can see how the leggings are poorly painted.

The best part of this figurine is the base. This is possible the nicest non-diorama base I’ve come across so far. Obviously GSC Saki’s chair base, PSE Pinup’s Happyface base are better but these are special types. Eve’s base is a dark matt ABS brown which mimics those expensive wood bases used on real art displays. There’s even a golden name tag with classy black font that reads, "Black Cat Eve" in caps. Very elegant indeed. Pity the figurine is crap compared to the base.

Excellent base

I haven’t explained why it’s crap. Let me shatter your delusions of this being a good figurine.

The paint job is horrendous. There are chips and cracks all over, improper line painting, poor detailing etc. The skintone is terrible and overly yellow, much like a jaundiced baby. The eye decals look extremely artificial. The metal buckles on Eve’s leg cuffs are all messed up.

The moulding is bad. It isn’t crisp and there’s flash. I don’t know if you can call it flash here, but when moulds are poorly made or over-used, they tend to leak plastic and this creates excess at the edges. This is a notorious problem with injection model kits, at least non-Bandai ones. Eve’s fringe suffers from this problem. Not only is there excess plastic at the edges, the ends aren’t sharp enough, so it looks really stubby and cheap. The paint job on the hair is very inconsistent too. The front part is a dark yellow with white tones while the longer back parts are very light yellow with dark yellow at the ends. Basically, it’s bad.
The seamlines at the top of her head are super obvious too.

See the bad painting, chips and lines?

This is not a dry Banana.

The battle-torn dress is a nice idea but the application was poor. The black paint smudged in some areas, tainting the light frilly area. I also felt the lining of the skirt was way too dark, to the extent it looked dirty. Eve is a clean girl, she’s not dirty. Why make her wear a dirty skirt?

Eve’s face is alright but as I said, the eyes are fake-looking. It seems the eye colour isn’t right, it’s too much pink when it should be more red. The mouth was poorly painted on though.

Her fringe is just too blunt. If you zoom into the big picture, you may be able to see the ill-moulded bits.

The eyes are very out of place.

It was difficult to place Eve on her base, I had to bend her leg a bit. But luckily, the base is very stable and I do not foresee any warpage occuring at all.

Ok now for the secret Gimmick 5!!

Eve’s huge amount of hair and massive hairblade are totally supported by her long and soft neck. If any warpage occurs in this figurine, it will be here. Anyone touching any part of her hair or blade will notice her doing part of the Haruhi ED dance! Check out the video I made. I fear that Eve may break her neck anytime though.

Other pictures.

While I’m delighted to have a figurine of a character I love, the poor quality of it leaves me with a sick feeling. The set of pictures look make it look better than it actually is really. I do hope Alter or some other better company make the rest of the BC girls. For BC fans, this is a good buy. If not, then forget it.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Happinet
  • Material: PVC
  • Price: 3600 yen
  • Height: 16 cm
  • Scale: 1/8

Score (Maximum is 10)

  • Pose: 7
  • Paintjob: 5
  • Detail: 6.5
  • Design: 8.5
  • Originality: 8
  • Excitement: 7.5
  • Extras: 9

13 Responses to “Figure Review: Black Cat’s Eve is a Mess Nano~”

  • That’s so disappointing. ~.~ Seriously i never expected them to do such a bad job on this.

  • It looks a little better with the proper lighting…

    And I caught so many sexual puns, I can’t believe this is a Riuva post.

    Watch Nanoha O_O

  • What sexual puns? I don’t see any. Lol. I count six, out of which only 2-3 are intentional.

  • Screw you for not doing an article on Nanoha figurine. Anyway, why are you buying figurines from the Godly Trio instead? But the figurine seems well designed on the macro. Just ignore the micros. And thank goodness I cancelled the order for Komaki from To Heart 2, after previewing the figurine at Latendo, I can say the paint job is really really badly done. Good thing my imports don’t suck. Yet. My Iriya’s hair is decolouring though.

  • Cos someone else did it already, I think it was Digikerot. So I did this one which no one else has reviewed.

    I dont really regret buying Eve.

    You cannot ignore the details because it’s very obvious. It’s like saying, “I can love my wife even if she has pimples.”

    Haha oh ya you can. Oops.

  • I think I’d be rather pissed off it the micro detailing looked like that – it looks great on the whole, but something like that would just bug me far too much. Given we tend to see better quality control on gashapon figures, there really isn’t an excuse for this.

  • I haven’t taken my Eve out of the box yet. But I can tell that I might be disappointed as well. There’s something weird going on with the eyes. Although I really like the cat.

    Hmmm. Didn’t realize that there a white and purple version.

  • Purple? Galvatron is that you?

  • Old post, but I would like to point out that a wing did come out of Eve’s arm at one stage in the manga, but I forgot where about. She shot the feathers as weapons.

  • In the manga, Eve sprouted wings from her arm (in the manner that the figuirine has, except wtih two wings instead of just one) to shoot feathers at her enemies like bullets. They would pierce the enemy like a multiple darts attack.

  • Even though of the defect I’ll still probably get myself one.

  • Before reading I thought “Wow I must buy this” it looked quite good. But then I saw the pictures of the terrible mess that is her head. :(

    I can’t wait for it’s by Alpha Omega I think… Sure this is Golden Darkness but it’s close enough for me ;)

  • Even with the flaws, I’m still terribly drawn to this figure. Nghhhh…. M-Maybe I’ll get lucky and when the quality’ll be better?

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