MaxFactory has done it again. What we want, what we get in high quality. I vote you for President, Mr. Watanabe Max!

Dann of Thursday will no longer be restricted to the fanatics who own the Studio Half Eye version. Max Factory is coming out with a 29 cm tall totally pre-built and painted PVC poseable version of their own. Obviously, Studio HE’s is POWER because it can transform into Sword mode, but Max fac’s version wins through sheer size and aesthetics. It doesn’t seem to have butt-ugly obvious screws like the SHE version.

For those of you still thinking that Max only makes PVC figurines of females, think again. It has been pretty well-known that Max has a mecha branch. Notable stuff they made are Votoms, Guyvers etc. All nicely detailed and poseable. Fantastic. Max Watanabe (he’s this rather famous guy in the modelling industry, also boss of MaxFac) just said, “Dann must be in this pose!”, referring to the two-hand sword thrusting pose Dann takes against Diablos, Mezza and Saudade. And so, the four points of shoulder articulation and cool sword make that trademark pose possible. MUST BUY.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Max Factory
  • Price: Unconfirmed
  • Height: 29 cm (with that big ass Sword on his back), 24 cm if you count just the body
  • Release Date: Spring 2007 (Ahhhhh!)
  • Material: PVC and ABS

Some special news! Max Factory will be wetting our pants with releases of the sexiest, sluttiest female anime character ever, Fasalina, and a rather unclothed Wendy. There’ still a long way to go though, they are set for release in 2007 Spring and Summer. The original sculpts have not even been built, and only the line art is available. Awesome! If there’s anyone I must get, it’s Fasalina.

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