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So Alter’s Ignis is finally coloured and had its promo pictures released. So now we have three Ignis figurines in the space of 3 months. WTF? I don’t get it. I reckon she’s the Saber of Jingai Makyou or something, so her popularity ensures good sales.


I think it was the poor small pictures we saw. This looks quite good.

This is the same as the CG below.

This is disappointing. I mean, as a figurine it’s quite awesome but compared to Maxfac’s version, it loses out in terms of pure beauty.

But first, some stats.

  • Series: Jingai Makyou
  • Maker: Alter
  • Material: PVC and ABS
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Price: 5,800 yen
  • Release Date: September 2006

Ok, let’s compare and contrast. First  let’s see the original CG. In the CGs, there are slight variations in hair colour as well.

Hah, Ignis makes Saber and her Excalibur look like… a bulldog.

From left: BOME, Maxfactory and Alter

The clothes for all three are about the same but with subtle differences. All three have different hair colour.

BOME’s is by far the ugliest. The pose sucks, the face is a bit distorted too. The straps around her waist and thighs look very rigid. The base is quite cool though. The sword is very straight though. This is the cheapest in terms of price. It’s also a good 1/8 scale.

The 1/7 scale and resulting high price of the Maxfac version are the drawbacks. The hair and face are the best out of the three. The sword doesn’t look too impressive compared to Alter’s. All the promo pictures have avoided focusing on the blade itself so I suspect something is amiss. But Maxfac version’s very movey hair and tail cloaks score points. Lots of points. The mirror base is great too.

Alter’s version is great because of its pose, which is more aggressive and there’s more focus on the katana. But the crazy price (5800 yen) for a 1/8 is disturbing. The colour tones seem a bit darker, with Ignis’ hair and white areas of her clothes all a shade darker than the other two versions. The face seems a little off in my opinion. It’s just too fierce. The consistency of the right-blowing wind effect is great though, as is the detail. Look at her groin muscle ligaments visible because of her wide-legged stance. Now that’s detail.
*EDIT* Now with the bigger pictures, we can see a lot more. I am officially undecided. Damn it.

The conclusion? BOME’s version is out of the picture. It’s down to Max and Alter to fight it out. There are quite a lot of people getting all three. But I certainly will buy only one version since they all dress the same. I’m going with the Max version until I see more Alter pictures.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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15 Responses to “Figure News: *EDITED* Alter’s Ignis? How does it Compare with Maxfac and BOME’s?”  

  1. 1 Nekki 44 comments

    Ohhh… Alter’s and BOME’s versions can’t beat Max Factory’s…. Max Factory’s version is the best. My opinion:
    BOME’s - Dull pose
    Max Factory’s - Nice pose, looks great!
    Alter’s - The pose is not as good as Max Factory’s and I don’t like the face.

  2. 2 Nekki 44 comments

    Opps ERROR! I mean the pose is better than Max Factory’s but I dont like the face.

  3. 3 moetics 20 comments

    Yes Max Factory > Alter > BOME, it shall be an opinion echoed by all.

    BOME is just not known for poses, Tenjo Tenge and Kiddy Grade BOME variants were all fairly pedestrian. Alter delivers on the pose again, of course their burst angel line proved their ability in that regard. But failing on the face for Alter is quite odd, their faces normally are very good. Damn you Alter, I was expecting something else from u for the next release

    I have no idea why Ignis is so popular though, that was a fairly obscure game. Where are all of my Asa figurines?

  4. 4 tj_han 1387 comments

    Asa’s coming what. Her waitress version. I’ll post news tomorrow.

    BOME has some great poses but most of them are the original characters. He tends to be rather conservative with the well-known ones. I have the Kiddy Grade ones and the quality is there but the pose is boring. Luckily it’s a pair so they go well together, negating the boring pose issue.

  5. 5 Tsubaki 515 comments

    If Alter used MaxFac’s hair color and worked a little on the eyes, i would get this as well.
    I like the pose actually. The very kick-ass feel, while MaxFac’s one has a tint of moe-ness.

    I don’t suppose there’s going to be a Jingai Makyou anime coming out soon after all of this
    3 figure releases eh?

  6. 6 tj_han 1387 comments

    Actually, Jingai Makyou has this really cool character with green hair. Her weapon is a robotic hair arm or something. I’m hoping for that to be figurized too. But if Demonbane, from the same company, gets anime, perhaps it wouldn’t be too far fetched for Jingai to get it too.

  7. 7 Randall Fitzgerald 62 comments

    Wow, that paint job really kills me. I had such high hopes for this figure too. The post has a lot of potential, but somehow it just doesn’t live up to the other two. I can see what they were trying to do wit the dampened colors, but it just doesn’t feel quite right, especially when you take a look at her hair. That hair isn’t screaming Ignis to me.

    And I think the things that separate Ignis and Saber is that Saber as this sort of strong mystique. Boyish, yet not invulnerable. On the other side of the coin, Ignis is all woman. She doesn’t seem to have any need to cover up her femininity and I like that. It’s especially refreshing after all of the Fate/stay night stuff that’s been flying around lately. I mean, didn’t we all want Rider in the first place? Any woman who licks blades and is some kind of crazy sexual deviant has to be a more interesting character than a chast king of yore.

    That being said, I want a 1/6 scale Pachira from MagiPoka figure. Someone figure that out for me. In fact, 1/6 scalre figures of the main four from MagiPoka would suit me just fine. Please alert Max Factory, as they will do it up right.

  8. 8 tj_han 1387 comments

    Isn’t the 1/7 Yuma coming out from Maxfac or something? If so, I’m pretty sure the other 3 will follow. 1/7 is about right for these petite ones, 1/6 is just too bulky. Actually I still prefer 1/8. Look at Eve, she’s so petite and her being the same scale as most other figs just emphasises it a lot more. I don’t like it when a girl that’s supposed to be small ends up massive. EG DX Ichigo Mashimaro figurines.

    And yes I loved Rider. But those damn Saber and Rin fanboys directly caused her death so early on. Rider was the reason I got into FSN at first. Ignis is woman too.

    Btw I forgot to remind everyone that Ignis Max fac version comes with optional SPECTACLES for the Itoko look. The victor has been decided.

  9. 9 moetics 20 comments

    Yeah teh victor was decided long ago… when the OG Ignis from Max Fact stepped up first. It was about damn time Asa got a decent fig, but alas, she deserves more.

    Perhaps it is a shame no amount of moe antenna is going to save Ignis from being crushed on the moe scale by Saber’s ultimate tsundere rendition. And by god, isn’t that the most gigantic moe antenna ever on Ignis? I beg someone to create a comparasion chart, I believe this is now the tallet moe antenna structure in the world.

  10. 10 DrmChsr0 188 comments

    Ignis is what would happen if Shana grew up.

    Delicious meronpan await us.

    NitroPlus did Jingai Makyou? O_O

  11. 11 Randall Fitzgerald 62 comments

    Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that the Megane-moe is what sent me to pre-order the MaxFac Ignis over all the others. I don’t have enough meganeko on my shelf and the more I can get, especially with enhanced bustlines, the better!

    Oh, and Max is doing the Yuma, but she just doesn’t butter my toast.


    Pachira in the red jacket and hat… oh yeah!

    Maybe if Yuma was doing her whole hat and cloak thing, I would be feeling the funk, but that pose… I don’t know… it seems sort of forced, it’s not energetic enough.

    Although, I will receed my point about the 1/6 scale figures. They would be a bit too big… but you can understand my enthusiasm. >.>

  12. 12 Tsubaki 515 comments

    Yeah i would WANT a Pachira figure. If i get news of her and the other girls getting released, i’ll preorder Yuma as well. Otherwise it would be pointless to just have Yuma.

  13. 13 Nekki 44 comments

    I think… I’ll get it… :P

  14. 14 V2 57 comments

    alter - bad hair color, creepy eyes, great detail on the thighs and “unorthodox” pose.
    bome - nice sculpt but looks somewhat too tall. hair is said to be prone to breakage.
    maxfactory - body frame is just right, nice skin tone, down to earth sweet-sexy-slashing-thang.

  15. 15 HadesOmega 1 comment

    I’ll admit the MaxFactory one is the sexiest the hair is fantastic, but you can’t beat the price of the Bome Ignis. She’s half the price of the other two figures and in my opinion is one of Bome’s best figures.

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