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It’s Aina of course. 08th MS Team is THE best Gundam series ever. So by extrapolation, Aina is THE best Gundam heroine ever. She looks the best too and can fight in a MS as well as any other guy.

Megahouse’s Excellent Model Real Action Heroines DX Series has always delivered qualityto fanboys worldwide and this time, it’s even better. Aina and Haman Kahn (who I don’t care about). Set to be released in August, this 1/8 scale PVC model measures 15 cm tall. AIna is in her Zeon (know what’s this, you Seed fanboys?) flight suit and it’s half open, revealing a Perfect Grade kit.

I would also like to point out that her hair colour is very rare and such short yet detailed hair is really quite elegant. Pity the base is the typical Megahouse CRAP, probably clear ABS with the logo of the show moulded on.

Anyway, it’s a must buy.

She looks so sweet and serene.

Ugly base. But great figurine.

Hmm. Look at the well shaded and layered hair.

Vital Stats

  • Maker:Megahouse
  • Release Date: August 2006
  • Material: PVC + ABS
  • Price: 4,200 yen
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Scale: 1/8

Popularity: 4% [?]

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15 Responses to “Figure News: All Hail the Greatest Gundam Heroine’s Arrival! No it’s not Lacus.”  

  1. 1 Nekki 44 comments

    God! The figurines looks sooo great! I agree, Aina is the best heroine in Gundam Universe!

  2. 2 Michael 23 comments

    Yes, the hair is very well detailed…

    As for 08th MS team being the best Gundam series ever…I’d say that title better suits 0083, but hey, that’s just me. I get the chills whenever I hear Admiral Delaz defiantly shout: “Sieg Zeon!” But 08th MS Team is a good third best series (after Char’s Counterattack).

  3. 3 jpmeyer 98 comments


  4. 4 tj_han 1387 comments

    I disagree. 08th is best because I feel it portrays best what Tomino originally planned Gundam to be. That is, realistic mecha war machines. 0079, 0083 etc all still have semblances of super mechas.

    The romance bit is pretty cheesy but still entertaining. And I thought it was really good because I failed to notice the true ending at first. I thought they died and I was feeling all sad and admiring their heroic sacrifices so that feeling stuck even after I realised the truth.

    I do not like Zeta and 0079 much because it was long, draggy and had a lot of pointless skirmishes. Besides, I watched it so late, about last year or so.

  5. 5 T_T||| 723 comments

    I thought the ending was cheesy though, Doesn’t suck, but is cheesy.

    “TAI CHYOU!”

    GG. Made me suffer goosebummps.

  6. 6 moyism 22 comments

    Interesting… my have to add this figure to my collection. Thanks for the heads!

    BTW, 08th MS Team > 0083 Stardust in terms of plot and character development. 0083 > 08th in terms of mecha and fighting. At least that’s what I think (even though I love Stardust Memories a lot more).

  7. 7 tj_han 1387 comments

    08th’s mechas are so crap. That’s is exactly why I like them. All their mechas are grunts. Even the final 1 v 1 boss is a damn Gouf. The main Gundam is just a reconstructed version of the grunty Gundams, the Ez-8. Cool name too. The superior tactical scenarios and teamwork involved in 08th make it superior to other Gundams. Besides, it’s the only one where the final 1v1 boss beat up the good guy.

    I pre-ordered this from HLJ alr.

  8. 8 T_T||| 723 comments

    IGLOO > everything Gundam

  9. 9 Randall Fitzgerald 62 comments

    I’ve never been able to properly get into Gundam, but I can defiantely properly get into this figure. OH MAN. How do you even make an outfit that tight?

  10. 10 moyism 22 comments

    Son of a… thanks tj_han. Pre-ordered. My accountant curses you ;)

    (BTW if this is a double comment, please delete one)

  11. 11 tj_han 1387 comments

    Nah, the comments box has a problem sometimes. But double posting never occurs because they’ll block the 2nd one.

    The AlterxGSCxMax webpage is updated btw. I edited the Ignis post.

  12. 12 DrmChsr0 188 comments

    I poohpooh on Lacus.

    Aina is superior, and well, a lot prettier than most of the Gundam heroines.


  13. 13 Kenny Liu 4 comments

    You know…if they made a pvc of Lacus in that pose, they would get a lot of $$ lol

  14. 14 SeVIIn 6 comments

    Being the crazed Gundam fan that I am I can positively say that 08th MS Team rocks and Aina looks DAMN HOT. I am so getting this. Thanks for the info!

  15. 15 You know who ZOMG. 1 comment

    Ghinius>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>his filty whore of a sister. That is all.

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