Mini-Raves: Sunabouzu and Major!

Damn I was supposed to post a World Cup feature today and I actually finished the article in the office. But I forgot to bring it back with me. 2 more days to the biggest sporting event worldwide!

Speaking of sports, I started watching Major season 1 today. It’s really good, I’m quite the sucker for realistic (an acceptable degree of fantasy) sports anime/manga and I did play the game a bit back in my secondary school days. I’m only at the sixth episode so I can’t say much though.

I’m also watching Sunabouzu, a totally under-rated series thanks to silly licensing of it. People don’t even know Sunabouzu exists, since it was never completely subbed. Understand the importance of fan exposure now? GONZO actually did a great job on this series, combining ecchi humour with awesome action scenes and a totally memorable protagonist. Saitou Chiwa also did a fantastic job of voicing Taiko. For those unaware, Sunabouzu (Sand Punk) is a handy-man who does any sort of mission. It’s set a few centuries in the future, a sort of Mad Max styled post apocalyptic desert future. Sunabouzu is a short puny ugly horny guy who’s almost always hidden in a big helmet and cloak and brandishing his Winchester shotgun. It’s a great, light-hearted, comedic action series that is best described in three words, "bang boing boom". Catch it now!


The OP is a live-action clip of SB is action.

Flawless blend of humour and action. There’s some plot too. But it’s more or less a manly version of ARIA.

That’s a dagger btw. Not what it seems.

The first episode had amazing Spidermanmovie-like animation.


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  • I’ve watched the first 8 episodes of it. It is indeed a great show, when Sunabouzu doesn’t think about women. During a fight, he really is crazy enough to do anything, and it provided some very nice situations. Though all of the ecchi scenes made me want to gouch my eyes out. I’m jealous of your talent to ignore bad parts of a show.

  • Wait til you watch the 2nd second of Major. It gets even better…

  • Err… I mean “season”. :D

  • Sunabozu rocks.

    *hayts on Lunar.

    Also, for you fellow Singaporeans reading this, BUY EET.

  • Sunabozu was just plain awesome I wish I had continued to watch it, but once the subs stopped I kind of just gave up on it. Thankfully you brought it back to memory so now I need to hurry and go get it.

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