Poll Results: Most Important Factor in Figurine Purchase! and New Poll

So 100 votes and we come to an overwhelming conclusion. It appears most of us treat figurines as ornaments, rather than items of worship. No one voted for gimmicks, which is quite tragic. I’m sure everyone likes gimmicks, just that it’s not as important as beauty and character. Oh the single most powerful figurine gimmick ever is set to be unleashed on us by SEGA – the "soft breast" of Misato, in her biker gear figurine. It feels just like the real one! Or so they say.

Zyl of Hontouni Sou Omou is the epitome of the character worshipper. He buys all these Lunamaria stuff like how one would keep Buddha statues around the house. I wish he had better taste though :) . And I think Kenny Liu worships Lacus. I hate Lacus. I hate Seed Destiny. Anyway, I voted for aesthetics, I don’t own more than 1 figurine of the same character and I try to sell the lesser one if I do.

Not many viewed pose as the most important. I suppose it’s because pose is sort of included in overall aesthetics. Foolish of me.

Ok as Lala says, "Sore wa sore! Kore wa kore!" so we move on to the next poll. World Cup fever!! w000tttt!!! YRAHHH!! WOOOO!! I expect to be totally sleep-deprived the whole of this month.

So the poll is,

Are you into the World Cup Fever?? and do you support Japan?

  • MY (non-Japan) TEAM 4TW!! GO TEAM!!
  • Soccer (lol) is for sissies. I like big black men playing with orange balls.
  • I hate sports. I’m miserable.

Her legs are too long to be MInt’s but that’s a Japan jersey I think.

9 Responses to “Poll Results: Most Important Factor in Figurine Purchase! and New Poll”

  • Hmm.. I support Portugal but I also hope Japan do it.

  • While i’m just about crazy about everything related to japan, i’m not really impressed with the J-team.
    The only japanese soccer related thing that’s worth support would be Winning Eleven. Lol.

  • Ok, my support goes in this order, since I have no real allegence (especially to America. Shite lot of wankers.)

    1.) Japan, just for kicks. I found this to be fun and surprising during the last Olympics.
    2.) Sweden, because I have a lot of friends there.
    3.) Germany, because to hell with England and my country of ancestry, Ireland, isn’t in the cup, which I consider to be a grave error. Still, rugby is more our sport, if it weren’t for those damn All Blacks. >.>

  • I hope my Michael Ballack and Jisung Park jerseys arrive soon.

  • Japan is overloaded in the midfield and boring up front. Sorry I can’t bring myself to root for such robotic football.

  • Overloaded with what? Mediocre players? Lol I use Japan in Winning Eleven 9 and I play that ZZ song, Samurai Blue which’s is like some cheer song for Japan’s team. And I don’t lose.

    Everyone should state who they’re rooting for here!

  • He buys all these Lunamaria stuff… I wish he had better taste though

    As Haruhi says, feelings of love are just a temporary lapse in judgement, like a kind of mental illness. :)

  • Family’s all for Brazil, for obvious reasons.

    Germany v. Brazil = FINALS

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