Weekly Rounds: The Wave Continues… I’m buried in Poly-Vinyl Chloride.

Bought manga Suzuka 11, Hayate no Gotoku 6. I went to the stores just now and I forgot to buy the Pinky Street Sakura yet again. I have a bad feeling about this, it’s going to be sold out for sure.

Came home and the HLJ box was sitting pretty on my bed. All squashed up though. Kanako was the main victim and her box had a huge dent. Anyway, it’s Chika and Matsu from the horribly ugly DX line of Ichigo Mashimaro figurines. And I’ve finally completed the ARIA SR DX set with the latest addition of Alice. Aika looks the worst out of the three. Tip for those who buy SR DX: leave them in the box. You’ll regret opening it. The biggest item was GSC’s Ohno Kanako Vice-Chairman Cosplay figurine. I don’t like Kanako and I bought her only to make her stand behind my GSC Saki. She’s like the fries to the Saki steak.

So in short, all 4 figurines are filler ones that make up a set. I will now do the IchiMaro full set review, Aria full set review and Genshiken GSC full set review. And I have yet to publish the Nanoha review, and the Dokurochan one.

In short, those not interested in figurines can stay away from this site for a while.

10 Responses to “Weekly Rounds: The Wave Continues… I’m buried in Poly-Vinyl Chloride.”

  • I saw the Sakura Taisen doll at Tampines Mall. going for $25. You can always buy from there. They have 2 in stock I think.

  • BTW I thought you only had $24 left?

  • Latendo was selling it for 18 and I have discount there too,plus some points.

    And so what? The manga costs 9 dollars. 24 – 9 = 15 > 0.

  • Ahhh.. Genshiken’s Kanako! My 1/8 Mai Hime also arrived today, I’m going to get it in following days. :D

  • You were at Latendo today? I was there as well. Bought my Tokiha Mai and did some more preorders.
    What time did u drop by?

  • Tokiha Mai… Yuck. Otome killed any leftover love I had for her during HiME. Anyway tjhan, I planning to buy the Moetan Koto trading figures for $68 OR the Akiba Blog figure for $72 OR the damn nicely designed girl with broomstick figurine with your membership. No objections ya?

  • Akiba blog figurine is Nerd-tan. She’s cute haha. Yes you use you use.

    Tsubaki: I think it was about 3.30 pm. But I was poorly dressed so didn’t hang around long. I found out something – the owner of Aniplay likes Sunabouzu too. Haha. I don’t really pre-order there much. Eh actually I did see some guys your age, maybe it was you? The country’s small anyway. You can always recognise me from the pair of Silver Sennheiser HD 415s I permanantly have around either my neck or on my head. I suspect most of the store owners there do so.

  • 3.30pm was the time i just left from work. Lol. I was there around 4-5pm.
    Was at SLS first before moving there.

    I’m super recognizable because of my hairstyle. Lol. I’ll keep a look out for a
    Silver Sennheiser HD 415s dude from now on, hahaha.

    And btw, i can’t seem to be change to customize my template. i wanna change/add
    a banner but i can’t find it =(

  • Is it weird that I don’t like the clothes changing Ono because I feel it’s out of character, but I will read Genshiken erodoujin for months on end?

    Oh, and I want those Maid cafe IchiMashi figures.

    WOO! World Cup is starting in about a half hour… well… the first game is starting.

  • Ooooh horrible refereeing. Wanchope was like 3m offside?? And Germany’s defence is horrible now. What happened to their famed clinical efficiency?

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