Figure Review: Powered Up Nanoha! Long Range Anti-Tank Mode!

It’s now halftime of the England vs Paragray match. England has been playing so many long balls, I dedicate this figure review to them. Here, we see Nanoha with her ultra-long range weapon, the Raging Heart (Military version).

Mahou Shoujou Military Nanoha

She fires through magic, not a trigger.

Nanoha always specialised in long range attacks, didn’t she?

Ok if you haven’t noticed by now, that isn’t actually her real weapon. It’s Burst Angels’ Meg’s anti-tank gun. But quite the perfect fit, isn’t it? I also tried AC Cloud’s Sword, Mabinogi’s Nao’s staff and ARIA’s gondola paddles. How is this possible? Nanoha’s hands are moulded with a different plastic, it’s very flexible and you can put anything in it and have it still look natural. Very interesting feature. With this, Nanoha can hold about anything and still look realistic. Genius.

From Danbooru: Anything fits.

These are all the parts. Besides the figurine and the base, there are two feet wings and Raging Heart (stick and head). The stick has a flattened tip so the head stays and won’t be displaced.

The wings have to be inserted into her boots and this could be a tricky process for those with pudgy fingers. The wings are very fragile so handle them with care. When moving Nanoha for the photos, I accidentally clipped the wings a few times though there was no damage. The wings are very crisply moulded, they look and feel sharp. The frosted look also goes very well with the clear base.

If fitted correctly, the attachment should not be obvious.

The clear bright blue ABS plastic base is one of Alter’s best ones so far. Alter always makes very plain bases but this one not only has a nice colour but has raised footing for a more dynamic pose.

I don’t recall any other of my figurines have such a base.

The upgraded version of Raging Heart has a clear red central core. The golden parts are metallic painted. There is a lack of detail. I distinctly remember it having a lot more lines and mecha parts like vents etc. Alter just made the staff look too simplistic, when a large part of Nanoha’s beauty comes from the heavy arms of the Mahou Shoujou.

Starlight Breaker!

Since the grip is flexible, the staff’s position is adjustable.

The feet are well posed but I feel her arms could’ve been better.

Nanoha’s face is decent and clean, nothing spectacular. I’m not too into the genre, so this isn’t particularly attractive to me. The twin tails are a bit strange since you would expect them to be pointing a little higher to flow with the rising wind effect of the figurine. Small issue though. Her white ribbons are nice and pointy. Pointy parts are always welcome.

A bit too subdued an expression though

I would’ve liked a more gung-ho face.

Her clothes are a faithful replica of her suit from the second season, everything is beautifully and skillfully painted without a single defect. I scanned every square milimetre of her and did not find anything unsatisfactory. Alter definitely delivers the quality it promises in its promo pictures. There’s dark blue shading on the clothes, perfecting mimicking shadows.

WIth the number of lines on her clothes, it’s amazing how nothing is smudged or poorly masked.

Damn I took these pictures in a rush. Notice how I’ve used the same background for four figurines already? It’s time to change.

The long skirt is a refreshing change from the numerous short ones out there.

The hairseam is pretty obvious though. And the hair is rather plain.

I don’t like the way the arms are set. Rather passive. And I think I put RH upside down. The magazine should point upwards right?

Pink panties.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Alter
  • Release Date: May 2006
  • Material: PVC + ABS
  • Price: 4342 yen
  • Scale: 1/8

I like this figurine but it’s nothing to shout about. The highlights are the flexible fingers which can hold just about anything, the shoe wings and the flawless paintwork. The low points are the rather sedated facial expression and the lack of mecha detail on RH.

Score (Maximum is 10)

  • Pose: 8
  • Paintjob: 10
  • Detail: 8
  • Design: 9
  • Originality: 8.5
  • Excitement: 8



19 Responses to “Figure Review: Powered Up Nanoha! Long Range Anti-Tank Mode!”

  • Nanoha figurine is EXCEPTIONAL because it has PINK, PINK PANTSU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where else can you find figurines that have pink pantsu?????????????



  • well, i just bought it on the 100606 1400hrs, but now at 0126 hrs on the 110606 i cant play with my takamachi nanoha :( because i have guard duty at 0800 hrs later today… damn , she really can take almost everything … going to pose and take few photos when i get home at 120606 1800hrs, then go to sleep… I hate guard duty. cant play with her anymore till after it >.

  • I’m impressed with how flush you’ve managed to get the fins to fit, I’m going to have to get around to having another go at it.

    It looks rather cool with the gun. As for the way the cartridge should face, I have no idea ^^;

  • I love my Nanoha figure as well, she’s quite perfect. Can’t spot any flaws on her.
    I agree with the facial expression though, it could have been made better.
    But then, there’s another Nanoha figure that is coming out soon.
    This time with a more dyanmic pose.

  • Yeah that one, I think it’s 1/6 or something. Anyway I never get two of the same character, so won’t be getting that.

    Digikerot: I noticed in your review you said the fins don’t fit perfectly. T_T||| also said his don’t fit. Maybe it’s a production issue, or a lack of skill. I did have to use quite a bit of force to push in the plug all the way.

  • If you only use your fingers, the flier fins won’t go in flush. You have to apply pressure with a toothpick, something I picked up from here:

  • I pushed mine in with my fingernails, and it clicked in nicely.

    But that 1/6 nanoha figure looks really good. $120 at La Tendo pre-order. ~.~

  • Lack of skills sounds about right ^^;

    Actually, Ive had another go at it. I’ve managed to get the lower one to go in properly, but I can’t get the one in the upper foot in no matter how much pressure I apply. I’ve given up on that as I don’t want to risk scratching the paintwork.

  • I prefer the Animate pre-order special. That version is Raging Heart in Excelion mode…

  • I think the 1/6 scaled one is by Movic, the company that makes the majority of anime pencil boards.

    It’s been such a long time since I watched Nanoha, I have forgotten all the various modes. We need action figures with transformable modes.

  • I was REALLY tempted to get this Nanoha figure. The only reason why I’m holding out is because I’m hoping against hope that this would be picked up for mass production.

  • nanoha is all about shoot first ask questions later.
    that’s why i’m so poor and no money to afford things like this.

  • Wow Stripey, that one is much better than the mass-produced Alter one. Now that’s what I mean when I said the hands needed more action.

  • thats why there is a term called なの破産 and フェ倒産 which you pronounce as a nanohasan and fetousan , which means , to be bankrupted by buying too many nanoha or fate good s respectively

  • The Anti-tank sniper rifle… … …

    Looks like a slightly modified Barret M82A1.

  • hmmm … pink panties … really suits her

  • Demon God of Scandinavia AKA Loki

    ya the barrel points down sometimes, when she is onli on alert standby. the face is kinda dull though. yay! i got a nanoha figurine fer onli 20 singapore bucks onli, got at takashiyama craziest toy fair. ebay got at 90 US

  • Just bought this at AWA 13, Sept. 2007!

    Pretty, pretty. I agree with the pink comments so far.

    Oh if there was only a way I could rig an LED into RH.

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