Check out this new site.

With a blog-like layout that’s nice and orangy, it features news and reviews of anime, figurines, manga and even games. I think the site is in the stage of infancy, so there isn’t as much content as I would like. But the reviews seem to be very well done.

The folks over there are in the midst of setting up an anime blog RSS aggregator as well. I’ve even heard rumours that they’ll be hosting wanna-be anime bloggers for free, like

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  1. 1 erdpilz

    Never mind the content. I could find neither contact information nor an “About ANI” forum. How am I to tell them that I can’t find their RSS feed? Verdict: currently useless.

  2. 2 tj_han

    Oh apparently the RSS feed isn’t ready yet lol. I suppose it’s still under construction.

  3. 3 Hung

    Seems like a pretty big network. I guess it’s only a matter of time before the “Anime News International kicks the crap out of Anime Nano” posts start coming in…

  4. 4 no. 7

    If this keeps going on, somebody really needs to make a blog-aggregator aggregator.

    the combination of ANN and ANS sets the bar pretty high, but looks more like a non-japanese version of moeyo than a straight-up news site.

  5. 5 Randall Fitzgerald

    I don’t know why you’re worrying hung, they’re muscling in on MY territory. And i’m not particularly happy about it. Oh well, I still have my sexy wit and utter lack of tact. I will be insulting them in my next news post. BWAHAHA. TAKE THAT CORPORATE FUNDING! I mean, plus they do Gundam plamo, and that is gay.

  6. 6 SeVIIn

    Hmmm another blog hosting service, RSS aggregator, and review site. Well it looks pretty good so far hopefully with it being a franchise and all they will get a large amount of reviews. I don’t think we really need another aggregator though, at least not yet anyway.

  7. 7 kwok

    I think it could have been a bit premature to show it out yet. You should have waited a bit more.

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