This ia a 4,200 yen piece of crap. The character, Dokuro-chan, is such a sweet and innocently evil murderous lolita but Kotobukiya injected vast amounts of lipids into her face and thighs before immortalising the poor girl forever as one of the ugliest figurines I own. It doesn’t help at all that she’s 1/7, which means she’s bigger in scale yet with her short character height, results in a figurine that’s the same height as a normal 1/8 but with 1/7 width. And we know how width is bad.

She’s so ugly I can’t bear to look anymore. Any takers? I’m selling this for the same amount I paid plus shipping.

Dokuro-chan before massive lipid boost

Dokuro-chan after massive lipid boost

The major problem is with the face. From a 45 degress angle, there seems to be sagging excess flesh much like a 60 year-old obese hag’s. You have to see it to be able to grasp the extent of disfiguration. The line blushes do not help at all. In fact, they make her look even fatter.

She has THE biggest head of all figurines I own

See the below picture. Perhaps the figurine was a limited edition, the "Dokuro-chan married with 3 kids" variant.

And biggest waistline

At least Escaliborg was faithfully replicated. I am not satisfied with the small size though. At least the ends are pointy and the black is matt. The bat’s end is removable, which facilitates its insertion through her clenched right hand. So you have to remove the end, insert the rod through her hand and then replace the cap. 

Her uniform, which is all ickily glossy, like some of Koto’s other works. I hate gloss. But in terms of defects and flaws, the painting is pretty good though,with none at all. Every single line and details is crisp. There is NO hairseam, which is quite praiseworthy. Actually there is, but it’s not noticeable.

But there’’s zero shading. Zero. No tones at all. It looks so much like a toy.

I would like to keep the weapon and sell the figurine

Saving grace

Thunder thighs. Unnecessarily glossy paintwork.


On the upside, her halo is well done and quite an interesting figurine concept. It’s supported with the black ribbons but looks rather natural, as though it was really floating. The long flowing black ribbons are nice too.

Hello halo.

Much like the Kanako figurine, Dokuro-chan’s skirt is easily removeable by pulling out her torso. It’s a bit too loose for my liking as well. The only thing I can say is, it portrays accurately the true figure of Japanese school girls.


Finally, most of her weight rests on her right leg, which is attached to the base via a screw. There shouldn’t be any leaning issues as with most screwed figurines (this one is screwed in more ways than one though).

This sucks. I hate it. Please, someone, buy it off me.

11 Responses to “Figure Review: A Fatty with a Wicked Stick Cries, “Pipirupirupiru Pipirupiru Pi!””  

  1. 1 T_T|||

    She’s not as fat as you said. It’s just the clothing that makes her look fat. And I’ll buy it off you if the price is right. lol

  2. 2 Sasa

    I guess somebody needs to say something political correct about those poor, uh, let’s say, well proportioned girls. *ggg* But I definitely won’t. A fat figurine just looks so… wrong.

    As for this figure, I think the worst is the weird tan O.o Is she really supposed to look this dark?

  3. 3 tj_han

    I think the tan was due to the sun. I mean, really.

    She’s really a jaundiced yellow indoors.

    Ok T_T|||, sold.

  4. 4 Hung

    Dude, fat anime chicks need lovin’ too!

  5. 5 Randall Fitzgerald

    Fat anime chicks like the cook from Negima. RAWR! Me likey. Haha.

    Yeah, I didn’t like that figure from the minute I sawsed it however many months ago. I don’t like the bat either. Looks cheap.

    We do need more thick thighed figures though. Like the entire PPD! cast.

  6. 6 Bridge Bunny

    So tell me, how did you fix Excaliborg on? I still cannot figure it out…

  7. 7 yangyang

    Aiya dokuro-chan doesn’t look that fat! It’s just her billowing cape and skirt that gives the fat impression…

    Love excalibolg and her figure design but what’s with those naruto-like ‘whiskers’ on her cheeks…yeah yeah i

    know it’s to portray an expression but they still look like whiskers to me…

    Pi Piru Piru Pi Piru Pi!

  8. 8 HalcyonDF

    with a review like that, only a idiot would buy from you.

    - idiot found -

  9. 9 T_T|||

    HalcyonDF >>

    How do you define an idiot? A person who is skeptical with the reviews he reads and rather believes his own eyes, which he already did in Latendo.


    One who believes what bloggers blog are always right and hold himself back from obtaining something because “someone said it sucks”?

    And I’m not buying from tjhan even if I really want to buy the figurine. He’s fucking selling it at the buying price. Buy price for second-hand goods ain’t my way of doing business. That’s why I gave the Nard-tan at Comics Connection @ Century Square a pass. They were selling an obviously opened-before(and raped) Nard-tan at SGD$72. _|_ you assholes.

  10. 10 HalcyonDF

    lol comment:


  11. 11 T_T|||

    gg comment:


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