Figure Review: Strawberries and Marshmallows’ Summer Loli Fun

I waited till I got the full set before taking them all out of their boxes. It was a three month gap between the release of Ana + Miu and Chika + Matsuri though. This is a budget  (read: Cheap) series from Banpresto’s DX line of figurines and ithe first 2 cost 1,500 yen while the later two cost (I’ve been wondering why people use "costed" when there’s no such word) 1,400 yen.

Honestly, the gashapon sets of Ichigo Mashimaro are a masterpiece, the summit of gashapon beauty. It’s an example of how the small size actually makes the figurines cuter. These DX larger versions are a lot less petite and cute.

Nobue: "So cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!"

The greatest power of Ichigo Mashimaro is the sheer lolimoeness, which makes even manly men melt. See how Nobue squeals in excitement at the sheer cuteness? So far, the gashapon sets of Ichigo Mashimaro have been able to induce such dizzy excitement but the DX series doesn’t fare as well. Ok let’s look at some pictures and explain why.

The four can actually be arranged in a dioramatic way. Nobue is missing though, which is pretty sad.

Miu: "Put John on your head."
Matsuri: "Like this?"
Chika: "Micchan! Stop bullying her! and who’s the old guy taking the pictures?"
Ana: "I no speak Japanese."

Which sounds exactly like a typical Ichigo scene.

The four girls are in their summer wear. Loose casual, cooling clothes are not exactly too cute are they? It was a grave mistake to pick this selection of clothes when the girls have so many nicer ones. At least Konami is releasing expensive versions in fancy clothes, like Vet, Stewardess and Loli Waitress.

I actually wanted an outdoor shoot in the sun, since it’s a summer set after all. But I didn’t want to dirty my strawberries. These berries are no longer in existence at the time of writing. All the four girls use the same base, an ABS plastic base that had the right idea but terrible application. Banpresto really should have designed custom ones for each girl, or even better, make a jigsaw type that can combine together. Each of the bases have two holes and each leg has one big plug. Big plug. I don’t see any leaning problems because the plug is so huge and the figurines are rather light. They don’t fit too tightly and can fall off, especially Ana.

All the girls have the trademark IchiMaro blush. Well done.

Fresh, juicy and tasty.

Now let’s focus on the girls, one at a time.

First up is Matsuoka Miu, the crazed hyper-active mischievous monkey.  As the most image conscious (but ugly) member of the quartet, she’s naturally in the most showy outfit, a layered frilly spagetti strap top and a pink skirt. There are two strawberries tampo-printed onto the left side on her skirt. Miu’s wearing white dress shoes.

I feel the proportions are off. The head naturally should be huge, but the limbs are too lanky and this makes the figurines lose the "chibi" effect the gashapons had. The finish is also plasticky and too shiny. There are several painting issues such as poorly defined lines but I guess it can be forgiven since the cost is low anyway.

"Look at me! I’m wearing a really ugly top!"

Her clothes look the same from the front and the back.

Chika, or more affectionately known as Chi-chan, is Nobue’s sister and the level-headed serious girl. She’s like Kyon and Miu is Haruhi. I like her the most out of the four and recently I find myself trying to tie the single side pony tail on all my little cousins.

I found Chika’s face here to be a bit too broad. Her dress sense sucks too, I hate shorts. But knowing her personality, it’s not too out of character. The bear tampo-printed on her top is quite cute. She’s in matching blue flip-flops and her hair has the usual ball accessory, which sadly isn’t too well made, with the paint overflowing onto her hair as seen in the second picture.

Sweet sweet Chika.

Notice the poorly painted bow and hairthing.

Typical kiddy clothes.

Matsuri’s figurine is actually the best here, as it comes with two special features – John the ferret and the Spectacles. Matsuri’s in a green one-piece dress with John on her head. The thick thick spectacles would be attractive to some, though I’m not a meganekko fan. Her dress has simple pink patterns on it. The hair is in the manga colours, that is, beige with brown ends and the gradient is well done. But guess what? I don’t like Matsuri and I shall move on.

Interesting scared/curious look.

Looks like FLCL got to her too.

 Ana, the fake foreigner, is doing her bestest bestest sexy pose and sticking her well-endowed (comparatively) chest out. Her sweet baby blue one-piece dress is an excellent choice, and she matches it with white sandals. Unfortunately, the moulding isn’t well done and the seam lines are very obvious, with tiny bits of excess plastic on the arms. Her fingers, interlocked behind her, are poorly defined and look like they are fused together with cement glue. I also think of melted mango ice cream when I look at her hair.

Great pose.

Bug eyed.

Vanilla ice-cream with mango sauce.

Look at the fingers. Fused.

For a total of almost 6000 yen, this has been an average buy. I’m much better off getting more of the gashapon sets. With average painting, disturbing proportions at times and the big base taking up loads of space, only hard core Ichigo fans like me should buy this.

I’m doing away with the rating system because it was pointless.

15 Responses to “Figure Review: Strawberries and Marshmallows’ Summer Loli Fun”

  • I wonder if Yakuza clan leaders melt seeing them too.

  • Despite the whole loliness, these look utterly great and I’m going to have to track them down, for I need to relive the consecutive 6 hours that it look for or devour the anime, and I want my own John.

  • Miu! What have they done to you! The proportions are all wrong T_T … At least the other girls came out looking real lovely. But where’s the obligatory pantsu shots? o_O

  • Eh strange. I forgot to post the panty shots. Lol. Looks like I won’t be going to hell after all.

  • Eh… I promise you that you won’t go to hell if you go NUS with me to see babes. :)

  • I am the boned by my sword.
    Strong is my body, and fire is my is my passion.
    I have created over a thousand beyblades.
    Unaware of loss.
    Nor aware of gain.
    Withstood pain to create many Kokanadens.
    But these hands will never hold any babes.
    So as I pray.

    Shit I suck at English.

  • Nope, not melting out of lolimoeness.

    I’d rather have Shana over the Ichigo Mashimaro crew any day.

  • I like them, and I am certainly a huge fan of the characters, but 6,000 yen for 4 figures? You can go right to hell! I could get a modest 1/7 scale figure for that price. Still, I want some good IchiMashi figures, and I want some good, non-Yuuma MagiPoka figure. Someone needs to get on that.

  • 6000 is pretty good. It’s not as worth it as the SEGA EVA set, 1500 yen for each 22 cm Eva figurine though.

    But considering the fact that the ugly 3D design Ichimaro figurines are like, the same price, this is a decent buy.

    But fret not, the high grade Konami ones will rock.

    And I bet Magipoka will have figurines. They are so cute except for Aiko. I hate Aiko.

  • Love the gal in specs…

  • I love you and need these.

  • please can you tell me where can i buy these figures? i live in spain and there aren’t famous this little girls.. Thanks and regards, if you know any web page please tell me. Regards and very thank you.

  • I love to eat Marshmallows every day he he he.:-’

  • i love to toast marshmallows in the fire, they taste twice as better when they are burnt `-*

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