Yet another Pre-order fest

Some new pre-order opportunities. I didn’t miss them of course.

I got myself orders for Alter’s Dark Saber and Konami’s Chika and Miu Waitress Diorama (each sold separately). I could order the Yuujin’s SR DX Alice Carroll, but I’m sure Latendo would sell it for cheaper. Besides, having too many orders makes shipping more expensive.

It’s stupid but the more you buy from HLJ, the more expensive it gets thanks to them putting all the boxes together in one giant carton. It’ll obviously cost more to ship a big box compared to small boxes even if they are the same weight.

Btw, the Chika and Miu cost 3990 yen each… and are only 15 cm tall. Compare that to Dark Saber, 3800 yen, 19 cm tall and so much more detailed. Alter really rocks. At least Konami bothers to throw in the couch, table and cup for a Ichigo Mashimaro Diorama. But that may not be confirmed yet. I certainly don’t think Konami are going to omit the couch though, who would sell a girl sitting down but without the chair? It’ll be interesting to see how they split the couch and table. Maybe Miu gets the table and Chika gets the couch.

For those who are into loliciously cute innocent sweet charming 12 year olds, here they are.

Ouch toothache. Too sweet.

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  1. 1 Stripey

    I just pre-ordered Dark Saber too! :) Would ordering from from HLJ be cheaper than ordering from the shops in Singapore?

  2. 2 tj_han86

    Well it depends on where you live, I’m assuming you are from Singapore too. So, it’s sort of like a lottery. It can end up either cheaper or more expensive depending on the size of the shipment you get from HLJ. When you order a lot like me, they give you megasized cartons that cost way more than smaller cartons even though the weight may not be heavy. That is when HLJ costs more.

    Dark Saber, after applying membership discounts and preorder discounts, costs about 65-70 Singapore dollars while HLJ costs 53 without shipping. Shipping is usually 7-8 dollars but it can go up to 10-15 if the carton used is big.

    At local stores, you get to choose which is better since PVCs may have defects. But HLJ is good cos you can preorder very early and most probably get your stuff while stores may just not receive enough stock.

  3. 3 Stripey

    Thanks for the very detailed info! I’ll probably give HLJ a shot on my next figure order. :) Btw great to have another SG anime blogger. Welcome aboard! :)

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