I love Rider. The only reason why I got into Fate/SN in the first place, the whole series became a huge snoozefest after her pre-mature demise. There also hasn’t been as many Rider figurines as the other lame girls, like Saber, Rin and Sakura. Caster’s sorely lacking as well but that’s none of my concern.

Hobby Japan is releasing a limited edition Rider 1/8 figurine in September. Scans courtesy of Kansaitei and friends of Hobbyhype forums. These guys are really quick with their scans. My own copy is only arriving in a few days.

This is by far, the best swimsuit Fate figurine I’ve ever seen. I’m not too sure about HJ’s track record in making mass-produced figurines but at least from the picture, it’s awesome. Standing at 21 cm, with super long hair and a Bellepheron surfboard, Rider’s clad in a black and purple sexy halter bikini. The price 4980 yen is deceptive. It’ll be marked up sky-high.

I think you’ll have to get a copy of Hobby Japan magazine, find and cut out the coupon inside, mail it to them and then pray that you get to be one of the lucky few picked to have the priviledge of purchasing it. I hate limited edition stuff. Anyway, these will typically go for 2 to 3 times the stated price out in the open market. In other words, give up.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Hobby Japan
  • Release Date: November?
  • Material: PVC
  • Price: 4980 yen (ALL LIES!!!)
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Scale: 1/8

Tripeman APPROVES!

Anyway, there are quite a few other Fate figurines, but not of particular interest. How many damn Sakura figurines are there??

The best of the bunch is Alter’s 1/6 swimsuit Saber. Forget the Clayz shinai Saber, if you want a swimsuit King Arthur, this one is THE buy. 24 cm, 5800 yen, October release.

Cute penguin, hot body.

From Alter too is a 1/8 scale PVC of Ataraxia Sakura. This is probably the best Sakura figurine so far but I’m still unimpressed. 4800 yen, set for autumn. 20 cm.

Asymmetry is good, as is nipple peekage.

Another Sakura, this time from GSC. Leeks… man. 1/6 scale at 29.5 cm, she costs 6,800 yen. Set for November.

In true Nadeshiko pose.

Remember the awesomely expensive Saber figurine from enterbrain Craft set for July? This one’s from the same series. Set for a September release at 7140 yen, this 1/7 version of Rin stands at 25 cm. Note the base, it actually is supposed to fit with an Archer figurine but that seems to have been canned for mass production. Disturbingly, the Saber is 1/8. Rin has a weird face too.

12 Responses to “Figure News: Hobby Japan’s Limited Ed RIDER SWIMSUIT SURFER 1/8!! and Many Other Fate Figurines.”  

  1. 1 DiGiKerot

    Thats me cancelling my Clayz swimsuit Saber ASAP, then. I quite like that Sakura figure in the jumper as well. The others I’ll pass on - I’m really not keen on picking up any Enterbrain figures (that Rin figure is going to be kissing ground in a month), and as much as I’d like a good Rider figure I’m not paying auction prices for it.

  2. 2 Stripey

    Still hyperventilating over Alter’s 1/8 Sakura… A must-get!

  3. 3 moetics

    Omg LE argh!


  4. 4 Tsubaki

    What the fuck is with the LE crap! I want that T.T

    Ataraxia Sakura and Swimsuit Saber are probably gonna be in my to buy list.
    Oh hell.

  5. 5 pKjd

    This is why I love coming here. Previewing all these lovely figures and later deciding which ones to blow my hard earned money on :D … 1/6 Swimsuit Saber is a definite must-BUY!

  6. 6 DrmChsr0

    Stripey: YOU HAVE SISCON.

    Han: Your avatar is not manly.

  7. 7 kokanaden

    Rider can’t handle all three tripods at one time tjhan.

    In any case, Saber figurine looks yummy, but there seems to be something weird about her face.

  8. 8 moetics

    Isn’t there always something weird about a Saber PVC’s face?

  9. 9 tj_han

    I don’t think it’s weird. The Saber’s face seems fine?

    ANd the words LE are really bittersweet for me. Last Exile YEAHHH!! Limited Edition NOOOO!!

  10. 10 DrmChsr0

    Yes. It looks like she wants to sodomize the poor thing.

  11. 11 Nekki

    Oh god… I’ll get them all no matter what…. But that Rin figurine looks pretty weird… I’m afraid I can’t pre-order Rider’s figurine T_T

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