Poll Analysis: Are You Into the World Cup Fever? and New Poll

I left this one running beyond the usual 100 but stopped it at a nice number. Interestingly, even though this blog’s audience is 70% American, we see 60% of voters claiming to have interest in the footy World Cup. I thought the game wasn’t all that popular over there. 70 people are miserable folks who don’t even like WATCHING sports. I’m not a sportsman but I like sports, especially Slam Dunk, Major and Galaxy Angels Baseball.

20 like big black men with orange balls, well there’s a niche for everyone.

Apparently most football fans do not support Japan just because they like their most famous export. Looks like patriotism is still alive. Or maybe it’s because Japan being utterly useless in attack, have worse stamina than a virgin boy and seem more interested in the colours of their hair than the game. I must add that Japan has the worst set of strikers in the whole competition. They are a disgrace.

Now that we have reached the end of the round of 16, and only 8 teams are left, there’s a three day rest. It’s all European teams now, with the exception of the two usual suspects, the Argies and the Brazillians.

Anyway, on to the new poll.

I’ve been rather frustrated as there isn’t a good way to preserve anime that I dxxnload. Currently, I’m burning them onto DVDs but these only last 2-3 years before they meltdown. YES IN CASE YOU PEOPLE DO NOT REALISE, BURNT DVDS DON’T LAST FOREVER! Most people do know.

So the question I put forth is, How do you preserve your anime collection?

The choices are:

  1. Burning CDs and DVDs painstakingly and renewing them every 2-3 years. I am a labour-intensive retard.
  2. I buy a lot of hard disks. I have a Z: drive.
  3. I delete everything. If there’s anything I want to keep, I buy the originals.
  4. I have my own special method and I would like to share it. Email me!

Hurry and vote now! This girl is hot!

A Mabinogi character

11 Responses to “Poll Analysis: Are You Into the World Cup Fever? and New Poll”

  • You could buy HDDs or subscribe to Streamload.

  • Dude your DVDs are horrible if they only last 2 to 3 years. I usually do a 5% QuickPAR, and that has been able to recover the 3 instances I’ve ran into where 5 year old DVDs gave me shit.

    I have a file server now with 2 terabytes on Raid-6, but it’s not really enough. Need to wait to get my 8 TB machine online before I can utter the magic words of “never having to delete.” Even then, one is shocked how fast 2 TBs runs out. Keeping stupid crap is just not gonna work. Hence I deleted Bleach.

    As pathetic as Japan was, the American offense was just as pitiful. I think the American players cared more, but played like bigger sissies. But honestly neither team can be faulted. It is retarded to play in such weak regions with mighty teams like Panama or China. When you play quality sides it takes more than determination consistently overcome the DNA/talent gap. Japan doesn’t have the elite athletes, and American ones play other sports.

    Everyone can be determined, but not everyone have the physique to back this up.

  • I haven’t counted. But I’m making a very conservative estimate of my DVD life. I reckon it would be 3-4 years though I never checked.

    I wonder what the world of terrabytes is like. I’m still counting in gigas.

    Americans are crap at football but I think that Conrad guy is pretty cool. For a pro athelete he writes damn well. Pro sportsmen are some of the stupidest people alive.

  • I still have CD-Rs that work fine which I burned in 2000 ;)

  • Yeah, as bad as Japan was, at least they’re better than America. The coverage over here made it even more annoying, because every single thing that was talked about at the World Cup was about America. It’ll be halftime on the last day of group play, but all their talking about at the studio is like AMERICA: THE DAY AFTER or AMERICA: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE even though nobody here gives a shit about America and even though there ar eactually relevent matches being played.

    And don’t get me started on the announcers. They only know how to say the following phrases:

    1) This is like X in American sport Y
    2) Team X has never done Y in the World Cup

  • It means they are patriotic. In a dumb way.

  • DVDs conk out after a set amount of time.

    Buying HDDs is money-consuming and HDDs may die on you. (Seagate if you need HDDs. OMG ADVERTISING)

    Baleeting everything isn’t the best thing to do, even if you can get it again.

    There’s only one way to duit: BEAM ANIME INTO YOUR BRAIN.

  • Japan suffered mainly because they had alot of really weak formations. Nakata is one of their star players as well, but he didn’t perform as well as he did in 2002′, maybe it was because he was on home turf?

    Then again, all the asian teams are kicked out.


  • tjhan 1OBn could come together and get a mad webspace account. Then we’ll throw all our stuff online. Good idea no?

  • That’s why I never like burning my animes. Store them all in my external hard disks.

  • I do both.. i have CD-Rs DVD-Rs and also my external hard disks which is also out of room.. I had on my hard 360gb to start out with and i ran out of room. I just gotta watch some of them and erase them fast…

    I have CD-Rs that are 5 yrs old and that still works fine. Hmm.

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