I happened to be browsing Junction 8’s Comics Connection store when I noticed a special sale they had. One dollar one poster. And these are A3, clearly printed albeit glossy posters, which look good enough to display on my walls. So I browsed through the rather extensive selection and chose 4.

They are obviously bootleg, so the one buck goes to printing costs and their dirty profits. But still, I can’t help but think it’s a good deal. An original poster would’ve cost 15 times as much.

I may just go back for more. Apparently, the offer ends after June, which means it was the final day today. But I’ll go check again and pick up more if possible.

For the uninitiated, Comics Connection is the largest chain of manga stores in Singapore. They sell mostly translated mandarin versions, from local printers, Taiwan and HK but charge 20-30 percent more than other stores for some unknown reason. They have a tonne of merchandise too, but almost all are bootlegs. Some bootlegs go for the same price as the originals and stupid ignorant fools happily buy them when the difference in quality is plainly obvious, as obvious as Nagato Yuki being the best character of Haruhi. But I like the 1 dollar posters, and I’m a bad bad boy.

Note they are all large, the size is A3 if I’m not mistaken. The gloss makes it hard for phototaking, but they do look rather good.

There were quite a few other sexy Rei ones. This one is now on my office wall.

This Lain is too scary for my room so I stuck her on my office wall as well.

I love ABe’s Lain and buy everything with her on it.

This is so not my type of poster. But I like Natsuki.

In case you haven’t noticed, my favourite posters are the darker sort, I hate brilliant colours.

2 up!

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  1. 1 Tsubaki

    Lol Comic Connection.

    You know Mai Otome art book that cost 70ish at Kino? I saw Comic Connection selling a bootleg version for 20ish dollars. Tempted to get it, but the printing on the cover has plenty of white spots.. bloody poor printing.

  2. 2 tj_han

    They have bootleg everything. Keychains, games, 1/8 PVCs. Kino is a bloodsucker too, with their monopolistic pricing.

    The ROBOT series each costs 20 dollars or so in Japan while in Kino they charge like 60 .

  3. 3 helspectre

    dammnnit i was in J8 earlier today… bah! should have spent the 8 bux on superman on these instead.

  4. 4 tj_han

    I was there and I saw a bunch of ugly RJ girls. Man, what happened to the school? But knowing the piracy of CC, the Junedeadline is probably a fat lie. Because I noticed that the original deadline was end of May, but they cancelled it with a marker and wrote “extension!” so they’ll probably do the same again.

  5. 5 Randall Fitzgerald

    See? That’s the problem with America. Bootleg stuff is “illegal” and cuts into “profit margins” and is “useful for people who can’t afford shit, but still want to enjoy the product.”

    Anyway, yeah, bright posters tend to make a room feel busy, and can SRRSLY have trouble just sort of blending in and becoming part of the scenery of a room. Maybe I should do a like Better Homes and Gardens show about decorating for nerds. That’d be fun.


  6. 6 meo

    *drooling over lain*

    Sorry, but I just can’t help myself XD

  7. 7 Tsubaki

    Did you buy the Robot series?

  8. 8 tj_han

    No I didn’t. Or more accurately, I HAVEN’T BECAUSE I HAVE NO MONEY. Soon, soon.

    And I really wonder why there are no Gatekeepers or Last Exile posters. I’ve never seen any of them around. ABe is just as famous as Range, but Range doesn’t seem popular here.

  9. 9 Matte

    The two Lain posters looks awesome. Makes me want to buy some similiar posters.

  10. 10 Tsubaki

    Range is more on the art side rather then anime based on his designs so that’s probably why he’s not that well known here.

    And when you get the robot series, I demand that u scan it! Lol.

  11. 11 sam5624

    i thought the prices of the translated manga were fixed by the companies printing them (i.e. Chuangyi). I’m guessing they need to import the Taiwan and HK ones, that’s why there’s the increase in price. (and ComicsConnection is not for the bunch more insistent on quality)

    However, there’s quite a lot of bootleg stuff. That includes those $0.10 photo sets of idols (F4 pictures…still selling now?) and anime characters, tarot cards and poker cards.

  12. 12 Zyl

    Stripey’s the lucky bastard who is getting married, not me. No comment on which is the manlier of the two of us though. LOL

  13. 13 Tsubaki

    And speaking about Comic Connections, I bought my first set of figurines from there, only to realize that it’s fake. I bought the 1/6 Saber and Rin with Berserker figurine by GSC. Both for only $50. While my Saber figure looks pretty much normal, Rin’s shoe and hair color is wrong. T.T

    I can’t wait to dispose those 2 once I run out of space for my figures.

  14. 14 T_T|||

    tjhan, kokanaden and I bought Kwok’s gift at Comics Connection. Could it be bootleg? Neh neh it’s the same price you know.

  15. 15 Stripey

    Incidentally I was just at one of the CC outlets when I saw MEGAHOUSE’s GSD figures. Their Lunamaria (recent release - the one with helmet) is authentic alrite (Correct price too) But their older RAH.DXs looked like factory rejects even though the boxes looks genuine enough. Lunamaria (clutching ZAFT coat) has her arm missing (yes the entire arm.. leaving a stump at the shoulder). Meer has a gaping hole in her hair…. Sold for S$15 below usual price.

    Wonder if they are bootleg, factory rejects or 2nd hand goods.

  16. 16 tj_han

    I doubt they are factory rejects. If you look at the boxes carefully, you’ll notice a lot of differences with the original packaging - tell tale signs of it being bootleg.

    Their hair colour, skin tone are also always crappy while the paint quality looks like 5 year olds with airbrushes did it.

  17. 17 helspectre

    rofl RJ is dying. particularly in terms of looks.and average iq.

    if they do extend the deadline, those posters will make for very cheap presents XD.

  18. 18 toni

    @Randall Fitzgerald
    “Maybe I should do a like Better Homes and Gardens show about decorating for nerds.”

    Hey, spare me a record, I’ll even buy from you if I have to :p. I geus I’ll need to see that show as well :D . *recalling the look of my room: Shimattaaa!!~messed up*

    I’ve an obvious Samurai Champloo bootleg VCD from Harbour Front, cost me about S$26. Crap!

    I visited Kino around June 19th, felt like heaven on earth for me :D . But I guess that’s a fake heaven since I read from this post that there’s a place with better prices.

    Where’s this CC anyway? I felt quite disappoint for not having a mroe japan-ish experience in Singapore the other day T.T. But I’m happy with the asianic orchad gals :D .

  19. 19 Tsubaki

    Asianic Orchad gals?

    You mean Orchard Road Girls? You haven see anything till you visit Orchard Towers.

  20. 20 tj_han

    toni: are you a tourist? If yes, kino would be a good place, since it’s organised and easy to find. You can’t really have a Japanese experience here in Singapore because we aren’t Japanese, but head to Sunshine Plaza for a lot of merchandise stores, all original there. Otherwise, China Square Central is good too. Sunshine plaza is along Middle Road, near the Bugis Train station.

  21. 21 wyred


    Yea, CC charges 20~30% more than other shops but if you have their membership, you get discounts which make cost the same as other stores. I guess it’s their way of convincing people to get their membership.


    Personally, I have kino membership since the discount applies to everything and not just the comics.


    I think I’ll drop by J8 tomorrow after work and hope they still have that Rei poster. ( >_

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