Yeah you read that right. The current rubbish of an anime season has produced one intriguing, exciting, gore-filled sci-fi series with the perfect blend of high-budget animation and well used CG. Ergo Proxy, the only show more hyped than that let-down Fate Stay Night, has so far lived up to expectations. With only 2 eps out so far, you may think such a judgement is hasty. But no, it’s that good. Especially for sci-fi gore action buffs like me. Gothic pale woman with long black hair as the main character also does the show no harm, especially over a wimp of a male lead. I won’t give away no spoilers here, just a brief description of what Ergo Proxy is about. Very brief. In a sci-fi Minority Report styled city, humans co-exist with robots which are humanoid and with personalities. The robots serve not only as friends, but as pets, children, secretaries, minders etc. The hot gothic chick, Liru Mayer, is an investigator from an FBI type organisation. She’s accompanied by her faithful slave robot, Iggy. And a monster goes around killing people and robots. It tries to do what all viewers want to, kiss/rape/touch/attack her while she’s bathing. But no one believes her and the authorities delete her account of the event. Basically, she has to solve the mystery of what the monster aka Proxy is, stop it and kick some government ass! In spite of my crappy-sounding synopsis, the story is very good. The concept may not be a very fresh one, but sci-fi shows with dark settings are never bad. Oh yeah, it’s from the creator of Samurai Champloo, Manglobe. This would be the show the lifts me from the gloom of this first quarter of a wretched year.

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    I am sick of anime. Let’s play AVGs.

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