Cerberus Project are the guys behind the sculpt of the full armour Saber, 1/7 Rin and Archer pair, that are coming out in the near future. The Saber one in particular is the best full-armour Saber yet. With their skill and talent, it’s no surprise to see Rider looking amazing in their hands as well. This isn’t something new, just very beautiful so I thought I’ll show it to the guys who haven’t seen the figurine.

Check it out. If not, here are some pictures. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be plans for the mass-producing of this one. They’re selling it as a 32 part resin kit for 11,000 yen, but I can’t paint or build resin for nuts. Interestingly, the clothes are removeable for nudity. wheee.

Best hair ever.

Clothing optional. Her mask is optional too.


11 Responses to “Figure Spotlight: The Greatest Rider Figurine so Far?”  

  1. 1 DiGiKerot

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see this mass produced in the future, but that’ll probably mean Enterbrain…

  2. 2 Crayotic Rockwell

    That’s definately the winner for me by far.. if only for the fact that all the non bondage mask figurines do nothing for me.. course this has pwetty hair and stuff too

  3. 3 Justified

    Zomg wtb more tripmans

  4. 4 Tsubaki

    Where is that mango tripod when u need him.

    10 of him for this!

  5. 5 T_T|||

    Her hair can versus Koto’s Flame Haze. And tjhan I thought all resin kits get made into cheaper pre-painted PVCs eventually? I might just purchase one to display by my August Shana. Attack of the Slithering Hair.

  6. 6 tj_han

    Can rival Koto’s Flame Haze? Koto’s version is the melonpan one. And this is great hair. The number of resin kits are HUGE. Only a portion get made into mass-produced resin kits. And out of those, only a portion make it to PVC.

  7. 7 T_T|||

    Yes I do mean the melon-pan Shana. Only the melon-pan Shana’s hair looks outstanding. The Toys Planning version after looking twice, the hair seems to suck. And Shana munching on a melon-pan doesn’t mean she’s not a Flame Haze. Flame Haze is the name for her job, not her battle mode(”Flame On!” gg).

    And no worries, the hair looks worthy of a company picking it up for mass production.

  8. 8 helspectre

    i highly doubt PVC version would come about. for one, all these hair will sag after a wear of two. my pvc gundam guns are so bent they look like a boomerang.

  9. 9 kokanaden

    Hairclips will do just fine.


    Screw the french and the gentlemanly behaviour, I was hoping for 3 goals. Screw Brazil too, for being so pathetic.

    Wait, this is supposed to be about Rider. She’s a close second favourite for me…. not least the thought of bondage blind girl syndrome. Yum.

  10. 10 tj_han

    Hel: You must have bought the crappy low quality Gundam tradging figs or gashapon. Proper PVC is a lot stiffer than those and the hair is quite light, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. 1 A Failed Quest for Rider, The Devil’s Bittorrent and Stuff at Riuva : Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts

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