Since two or so weeks ago, my Bittorrent speeds have plunged from an average of 100-200 kbps, to a measely 10 kbps, no matter how well seeded a torrent was. Are you guys experiencing similar problems or is it just me? I know for sure Tsubaki is as well.

I’m pretty sure it’s a sneaky ploy by Starhub, so everyone who’s using BT with a Starhub connection, please comment on this.

And for your efforts in reading this, pictures for you. Danbooru is down now, but I have built up a rather sizeable archive. In sync with the previous post, the review of Gunslinger Girl’s Henrietta, here are some gun girl pictures. And I don’t know at all who these people are.

The ugly Black Lagoon maid should be replaced by this one.

Is that a musket or wat? A handcannon perhaps?

Kwok would like this.

This game seems to have pretty cool gun designs.

Doujin of Triela from GGs. Surely!!

23 Responses to “Calling All Singaporean BT Starhub Users!”  

  1. 1 Kurogane

    Have you tried to use Protocol Encryption? Try using uTorrent for a change.

  2. 2 HalcyonDF

    starhub throttles BT speed. welcome to the world of starhub. I had 100-200 for a while… then it all went downhill last year. went to 0-5 kb per torrent. i would be better off on the ADSL I had previously.

    But i change my ports to 50000 and it sort of remedied the connection to around 10-40 kb. good enough for me now.

    if u are using win XP sp2, ur TCP/IP connection is being limited too. if u are using SP 2, contact me and i’ll tell u how to fix it.

    but i support kurogane’s suggestion to use utorrent - the protocol encryption helps against speed throttling.

  3. 3 helspectre

    singnet dedicated connection 2.5mbps ftw

  4. 4 tj_han

    I used to get 100-200 just a couple of weeks back. I did patch the winxp sp2 thing last year and do it everytime windows has an update.

    Hel: I use maxonline 6.5mbps. They lie though, it’s the same speed.

  5. 5 Tsubaki

    I’m still lagging like fuck. Even playing Granado Espada lags now.

    I just got dc-ed from the game as well because of the internet. >.>
    And chicks with guns will not heal my broken internet.

  6. 6 Justified

    Getting it 2 weeks ago too, upload is crap too.

    Getting alot of frequent dcs too but that just my router i guess

  7. 7 Justified

    Btw halcyonDF tell me how to fix window sp2 too, contact me at

  8. 8 DrmChsr0

    For the people who have problems, here’s a piece of advice:

    D00ds, learn how to HAX.

  9. 9 tj_han

    Tsubak: The GGs manga is serialised in Dengeki Daioh. It is one of the greatest manga that I have read, and I have read more than 2000 books. The anime was good too, but it ended too soon before the great part started.

  10. 10 T_T|||

    tjhan. I use SHMO. As I’ve told you a loooooong time ago, the east side BT speeds seem to be throttled or something ever since the”foreign cable damage” incident which I suspect to be something else. But without evidence, we can’t say for sure. Seems like now the west is affected to.

    There are ways around it. One of them to be BT Protocol Encryption as mentioned above, which is a function present in Azureus, uTorrent and Bitcomet. Thoush some encrpytions don’t work with each other, which is a bother as it slows down speeds. Damn you opensource coders just decide on a single encryption method will you? Ahem.

    And there are some configurations which you can tweak. pfft. Let’s just wait for SHMO to integrate the p2p caching system. Then our lives should be better. Or worse.

  11. 11 m|rA|

    It seems that not only BT has been affected, even some p2p programs seem to have been affected as well.

  12. 12 helspectre

    actually singnet’s not all that great as well.. playing dota gives u such amazing lags its like a ppt slide show

  13. 13 shia

    i solve my bt problems in a unique way, starhub only throttle residential users, i pay 50$ for a shell space a mth, and then i d/l stuff to there via bt, then i use scp to send it home , safe to use as scp is encrypted and speeds are actually around 100-220 KBps for an additonal 50$ SGD

  14. 14 quitacet

    any tips on how to configure azureus? this starhub throttling thing is giving me withdrawal symptoms

  15. 15 millerguts

    i’m using edonkey it’s slow as hell d/l. i have xp sp2. help!

  16. 16 Scuba

    I ue starhub too, but not the wireless type with routers and all that. (Just the normal plug in and stuff.) I’ve read somewhere that forwarding your port etc.etc. only works with router. Is it true? I’m on the maxonline 4000 plan (recently upgraded for free) but my speeds are okay…not the best but usable…

  17. 17 Muzzy

    Port forwarding is only required if you are using a router with firewall.

    Anyways same problem here. Amazing speeds at first, then significant (and frustrating) dip in average download speeds. I’d be lucky if I could hit 15kb/s. Other downloads are still speedy (eg. via HTTP) though - I’m using MaxOnline Ultimate as my home has many people using the net at the same time. I live in the north and I don’t believe an “accidental damage” is causing this problem. Whatever it is, I’m hoping it’s temporary, but if it doesn’t return to normal soon I’m gonna call their customer service - first time in 2 years!

    Ok, for those folks using XP Service Pack 2, head to and grab the EventID 4226 Patcher - keep the setting at 100 connections for broadband ;) Don’t worry it’s safe to use. If I’m considered “spamming”, I apologize and please remove the link.

  18. 18 tj_han

    Actually, as of 17 July I think they upgraded the cabling. Speeds for me are lightning quick, webpages barely need time to load and BTs are going at 100kbps EACH. I got 6 episodes in 13 minutes.

    So as of now, problem solved. I’m on 6.5 too.

  19. 19 Muzzy

    That was a pretty quick response… I had just hit the Refresh button…

    Oh yeah I checked my BT settings and I enabled Protocol Encryption (Thanks HalcyonDF!). Amazingly the speeds were bumped up to around 80kb/s - I’m downloading Honey & Clover II Ep 01 HD. This gives me the feeling that StarHub does INDEED throttle P2P speeds.

    So I recommend everyone switch to ĀµTorrent or Azureus, and turn on Protocol Encryption! :D

  20. 20 ddk

    my download speed is also slow, 0k-10k normally, since they “freely” upgrade speed from 2m to 4m.
    Before this upgrade, my speed can reach 100k - 150k. call it “downgrade” more accurate!!!

  21. 21 leslie

    help.. i’m currently using utorrent with sp2… my download speed reaches to as low as 0.1kb/sec sometimes… i’ve already installed EvID4226Patch223d-en setting my incoming tcp connections to 50 already…how can i increase my connection speed???

  22. 22 e3

    Damn slow!!! slow slow slow… 0.something is all i get for even there is thousands of seeders/peers… Zzz total speed shows 5mb/sec but i am getting: 0.5kb/s wtH!!!

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