Quite random, this post will be. I am pissed because I took the bus all the way straight after work to the store that’s accepting pre-orders for the Limited Edition Black Bikini Rider and after a 1 hour trip, found that it was closed. GAHH!! And the way home coincided with rush hour, so it took 1.5 hours to get home. While I was there, I peeked at the new stocks the other shops had and saw the Blood+ bust available. It’s almost as good as the promo pictures, and Latendo is only selling it for S$75, before the discounts, which is quite cheap. I got mine at HLJ for about S$68 excluding shipping and it’s shipped on its own, so probably’ll add up to the same or slightly more.

But anyway, for those who frequent or patronise Kare Kano no Mise (KKnM), note that Mondays is an off day for them. I feel murderous intent. But as Noriko of Gunbuster says, guts and willpower!! I’ll be going down tomorrow again but not before calling to make sure they still have stock of Hobby Japan.

Kanaria: "Prepare yourself kashira!"
Suiseiseki: "EEee!"

I wonder if this is a parody of the Blame manga and its super graviton emitter or something.

And for those people deriding Starhub, the BT problems have only started the past few weeks. Evidence?


This is the highest I’ve gotten.

Time to try Utorrent.

10 Responses to “A Failed Quest for Rider, The Devil’s Bittorrent and Stuff”  

  1. 1 Zyl

    Protocol Encryption 4TW: “Protocol Encryption (PE) is a joint specification between Azureus and ĀµTorrent. It is designed to bypass throttling and/or blocking of BitTorrent traffic by an ISP.”

  2. 2 Tsubaki

    Heck, you don’t queue your torrents do you?
    Downloading all at one go -.-”

  3. 3 Tsubaki

    Oh and btw, I’m going down tomorrow to KKnM to hand over this coupon slip that Sharon forgot to take from me. ME WANTS TO MEET JUU.


  4. 4 Os

    lawl. Binchou-tan. Still watching it because you feel sorry for it?.. good call on My Foot, though. Gazelle City is a great song.

  5. 5 Skane

    Never tried uTorrent before, but just f.y.i. BitComet is at v0.70 now.

  6. 6 T_T|||

    Damn you dood. My HIGHEST speed ever attained even before the throttling was at most 300 kb/s. Westies get favoured and that ain’t fair.

  7. 7 T_T|||

    BTW the new Opera browser has a BT manager built-in. Anyone tried it out yet?

  8. 8 Kurogane

    Fuck. 666kb/s. Fuck.

    For some reason now, I regret introducing you to uTorrent. If BC can reach that speeds….. then…. *curses stupid M’sian ISP monopoly*.

  9. 9 Kitty

    {{Looks at BT speeds}} Maaaaaan. You’re lucky you live in Singapore, dude. I NEVER reach such speeds!!

    Somemmore, you have 1001 files downloading at the same time. Fuuwoh ..

  10. 10 kwok

    i am very surprised you weren’t aware that KKnM never opens on Mondays. I wasted quite a number of afternoons in my “high school” life forgetting that fact.

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