Figure News: I Cancelled my GSC Fate Straightaway Because This One Owns It.

Alter is now taking pre-orders for their version of Fate. And man, the superiority this figurine has over the GSC version can only be described by one word – ownage.

Spectacular pose, good proportions, huge wind fluttering effect and a powerful-looking base. Seriously, what was GSC thinking? I’ve come to the conclusion that Alter, Max and GSC are starting to differentiate their products.

Alter goes for super poses and frequently jacks up the pricing to cater to the higher-end crowd. With the extra capital, they can afford to splurge on advanced manufacturing processes and fancy details.

Max seems to be going for pure aesthetic. Look at most of their releases, they are beautifully boring. As epitomised by their version of Ignis.

And GSC is at grassroots level, making affordable (the Fate one is an exception) simple figurines that appeal more to character lovers. Case in point : Henrietta, Yakumo and Cosplay Saki.

As for this Alter Fate, it’s the second of the Nanoha A’s series. It has a similar base to the Alter Nanoha, but Fate is much better with her really large cloak and mega sword. I never liked Nanoha. Not that I like Fate, but I do prefer her over that pretentious whiny brat. Guess what, my favourite weapon designs in Nanoha belongs to Chrono.

Alter Fate is set to be released in November this year, is 1/8 scale and will cost 6,800 yen. This is 2000 yen more than Nanoha. She’s of a higher class anyway.

This version of Baldiche is so much better than the sickeningly long GSC version.

Uber microskirt plus lots of upward draft = win.

Her hair is great. A bit too messy though.

Not that accurate till I get hold of this though. I forgot to factor in scale and price.

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