The biggest draw of the phenomenally popular Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, to me, was the quiet Rei clone. The moment we are first introduced to her in the library, the old feelings of Rei-love surface. But she’s more than just an RC. Always dependable to save the day with l33t reality warping skillzz, Yuki is yet child-like in her manners. Her lack of communicative ability renders the choice of seiyuu (Chihara Minori) pretty inconsequential though. Unfortunately, I have yet to read the novel and judging from the massive swathes of fanboys, the novels seem to have alot more Yuki moments than the anime. Nevertheless, I shall work with what I have. Images are from Danbooru. I combed through that 50+ pages of images and picked the better ones, zipping them up in a downloadable file at the end of this article.

What exactly makes Nagato Yuki so loveable I wonder?

Magically hot.

She’s at the opposite end of the tsundere spectrum. I shouldn’t say Tsundere but rather, the character type that does not express their positive feelings much or at all until key moments of intimacy. There are two main types of such characters, namely the fierce genki type (Haruhi) and the silent loli (Yuki). The loli part is optional. Both of these types create immense waves of orgasmic fandom when they do a little gesture that could signify some romantic feelings for the male lead since in normal situations, they will show that affection. As the (RIUVA) saying goes, water is more precious in the desert than in the toilet bowl. So every little Yuki act of affection, such as the cardigan, the spectacles and the classroom hug has its effect amplified.

See? If Mikuru was the one holding his sleeve, this wouldn’t have 1/100 of the impact.


The Cardigan Chronicles.

Yuki’s rare moments of speech are part of her classiness. Looking at Yuki reading, is strangely calming. There was an argument the other day between two fanboys. One of them insisted that the best figurine of Yuki would be her in the witches’ garb with the guitar, while the other claimed that a reading Yuki would be better. The latter would be more representative of her, I would say. Sometimes, dynamicism isn’t important; class and elegance is. Besides, we ALL know that girls are noisy and silent girls are best. Lol.

My new hobby in life is to look at people read.

A studious girl is hot.

She’s smart. Yet dumb. But learns fast and likes computers. Any girl that likes computers is a winner. Especially for us nerdy people, gamer chicks are the greatest. I like guitar too. Actually, the best part is, she can do anything.

Her lack of exposure can be mistaken as a sign of stupidity. But it’s cute.

Rock chicks are hot.

 Geeky girls are hot.

She can dance too. Sort of. The good thing about non-dancing girls is that they don’t give you too much pressure.

She’s an avid gamer with l33t micro. Pure pwnage.

In spite of us being all manly and reliably muscular, it’s nice to know that when closed space occurs and your muscles cannot help you defeat the big monster slime, Yuki will come to the rescue. A reliable, useful girl is always better than a vase. Mikuru and Haruhi are vases. Noisy vases too.

It’s nice to be able to rely on people sometimes. Even though we have muscles.

Besides the rescue, when things are stressful and life is in a panic, there is no better therapy than a permantly calm and unfazed friend. Or lover! Yuki’s stoicness may be robotic, but we all know robots rule.

And finally, all guys secretly like their girlfriends to listen to their fashion advice. Everyone has their own preference. Stripey likes them young and imoutoish so he would be very happy if the girlfriend/wife listens to his requests and becomes a young sister. Tsubaki likes girls with insanely high pitched voices so if she forces herself to do that, he will be happy. Kokanaden likes his girls to be muscular swimmers with pony tails, so he will be happy if the girlfriend joins the swim team and ties her hair up. Yuki is very receptive to fashion advice so that’s a plus point for her. (However this trait of desiring control over the other half’s looks is not a good one so kids please do not try to make your partners look the way you want.)

Fans of Yuki will no doubt like Yakumo from School Rumble, Rei from Eva, Vanilla H from Galaxy Angels and Eve from Black Cat as well.

They all have the same Cat attribute. I like cats.

Record-breaking silence! It’s ironic when her silence stats are so high yet she can cast so many spells. RPG geek thoughts.

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  1. 1 Skane

    Yakumo, check.
    Rei, NYET! I prefer Misato
    Vanilla H, no comment. Never watched the series before.
    Eve, check.

    As for Yuki’s popularity, AnimeSuki is holding a character poll now, and Yuki is currently in the lead with an extremely slim margin of one vote over SHaruhi as of this moment.

    AnimeSuki Poll

  2. 2 Crayotic Rockwell

    You know it’s funny, coz I never really cared that much for Rei.. Well, I was mainly indifferent to her. It was all Asuka for the win. But in this case I was completely smitten by Nagato.. course I still liked Haruhi/Asuka too.

    I think mayhaps it’s because Nagato had the edge on idiosyncracies and comical nuances that Rei was sorely lacking.

  3. 3 Kurogane

    Nagato is just pure awesome. She’s being tipped to be the next Rei. Look out for “DONATE TO 4CHAN” Nagato wordfilters in 4chan soon.

  4. 4 Sasa

    Hmm… I prefer Asuka over Rei, but Yuki over Haruhi. (And my favourite is Misato as well.)

    Oh by the way, imho Yuki’s best feature is her cardigan which makes her different from everybody else.

    > The good thing about non-dancing girls is that they don’t give you too much pressure.
    Ugh, I don’t agree with that at all. As far as it concerns my environment, there are very few girls who cannot dance. On the other hands, there are very few guys who actually can dance. That’s why most dancing girls don’t expect their guys to dance. Intelligence and money ftw!
    And there is a tendancy that these girls usually are the less attractive ones (dancing -> better movements -> better body feeling -> mostly better body and/or self-esteem -> attractiveness).

  5. 5 tj_han

    Sasa, where I come from, the girls are ugly and they can’t dance. Period. Not that guys are anybetter though.

    Everyone here thinks dancing is like… shaking uncontrollaby to some techno/electronic music. But it is true that the dancing girls are way hotter.

  6. 6 Tsubaki

    Tsubaki likes girls with insanely high pitched voices so if she forces herself to do that, he will be happy.

    This only applies to aya-chan. Lol.

    And this entry totally summed up my love for Yuki. Thank you God. *bows*
    I totally agree with your analysis of Nagato here. But you’re forgetting the most important factor-

    Yuki’s is an alien. Sex in space is mind blowing.

  7. 7 helspectre

    u can always try for the mile high club first.

  8. 8 tik

    I’m a fan of Yuki too, but if I have not read the novels (I’m only up to vol 4 though), I might prefer Haruhi to Yuki. Let’s pray that there will be a season 2 so that we can see more Yuki actions.

  9. 9 evil-samurai

    I wish that the Romance would of focused more on Yuki >.> oh well.. >.> Yuki character in the anime was interesting.. I liked her but not that much.. but then again.. I didn’t really like any of the Characters too much.

    Anyway.. I’ve never seen such a great post deicated to Yuki, Excellent! work =)

  10. 10 DrmChsr0


    Time to make that Itsuki post.


  11. 11 Cyberpukish

    Its the eyes! Its the eyes!!!! if there was a figurine of Yuki reading a book, i would hit… erm buy it. Thanks for the pics!

  12. 12 Hung

    Yuki is totally hot. At least, when she’s wearing glasses…

  13. 13 Onibaku

    That 4th last picture you got there is it an actual screen shot from a dojin fighting game? or just a fan art?

  14. 14 kokanaden

    As usual, my weakness for Mitsuki Hayase is highlighted by Mr. Tripeman. To tell you the truth though, Mitsuki still lacks something: Braces. Do they have a category for girls who look damn nice in braces? I seem to see alot of them around these days. I predict that will be the next craze sweeping the world soon.

    Yum. I’m fantasizing again.

  15. 15 evil-samurai

    Yuki, is indead Hot =) ( when she is drawn well ) I think she does looks better wearing the glasses =) but most of the time it does come down to how she is drawn. Like in the anime… when at times they make her face look too plain… >.>

    Dont know about the fighting game… but there is one thing I saw on youtube.. (below) that also has Yuki in a fighting game =)

  16. 16 tj_han

    I think it’s fan art actually.

  17. 17 Xak

    Well in the end I would get both the cosplaying-cum-guitar-jamming Yuki as well as the reading-Hyperion-while-sitting-on-chair Yuki…cuz as u said they show 2 different sides of her, both of which i just love :P

    it’s just that i like the silent loli image the reading yuki gives more XD

  18. 18 Ixthedamned

    I still think she isn’t a Rei clone. Just because Rei was stoic doesn’t mean all subsequent stoic girls are necessarily clones of Rei -_-

  19. 19 Hikari

    Nagato Yuki would always be my favorite character. Without her, the Haruhi series wouldn’t be 1/1000 as interesting and enjoyable.

  20. 20 g-san

    i like the animated gif with yuki waving the optical mouse
    thats a classic moment for me in the series

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