12 Murderous Gothlolis + Sandworms + Ocean’s 11 + Bounty Hunters = Coyote Ragtime Show LEGEND!

Prior to watching this show, which has been released on English subs by GG, I noted how a few people were dissing it as a cheap and inferior rip off of Cowboy Bebop. I am glad to announce that these people were on crack or at least, an overdose of barbiturates when they said that.

Out of the few shows I have caught for the new season, this one stands out as the best and most exciting. I barely twitched when I watched the others, which included Tsuyokiss, Akazukin and PPGZ but with Coyote Ragtime Show, I could sense my pupils dilating as the adrenaline gushed forth from the adrenal glands. A heightened sense of existence, sharpened reflexes and crescendoing screams of "FUCK THIS IS GOOD!" followed. In other words, Tripeman was very pleased indeed and was sent to the hospital for the treatment of broken appendages, as he rolled around the floor with his tripod set up. We all know tripods are very stable. Besides, Coyote has more than twice the number of tsundere girls than Tsuyokiss.

I like action shows. It doesn’t have to be particularly realistic but when bullets are fired, someone must die or at least spew blood. That’s the minimum requirement. That’s why I never got into Noir much. I also like meticulously planned operations involving theft or jailbreak a la Ocean’s 11. And most of all, I like huge bugs like those from Tremors, Dune and Starship Troopers. I also love detailed weapon designs and hot chicks. Goth is great too as. I had a dream – a dream where I could watch anime that featured sandworms, intelligent non-transforming (DN ANGEL GAYYY) thieves, lots of guns, massacres, sci-fi, kickass policewomen, a crack team of deadly hot chick assasins armed with various weapons, a battle royale involving multiple factions and gore. Black Lagoon had a few of these fulfilled but it wasn’t enough.

Rather than worms, they’re more like centipedes really

And then I got to watch Coyote Ragtime Show. OMG!! Sadly, I think the sandworms were a one-off thing though. This show is for those who have embraced pure action and discarded any delusions of "I only watch intelligent anime". Seriously, anime is entertainment and Coyote oozes it out in waves.

Coyote is set in 2030 AD ++. That’s the future, where planets have been colonised and there’s interplanetary travel. The first part of the show introduced Angelica, who seems to be an investigator with some inter-galactic federation. She’s a busty megane mature woman but is pretty smart. Angelica arrives on this desert planet Sedvil to pursue a master criminal known only as the "Mister", since he has infinite aliases. Mister is the main chara of the story, and he’s an old dude.

Her tour guide on the planet is Chelsea (I can’t imagine how ManUre, Arse and Liverpoo are going to catch up to them next season really), a ditzy policewoman with a photographic memory.

Angelica has two briefcases full of heavy arms. Yay. Before this point, I wasn’t sure what the show was about but I smiled upon seeing the weapons. According to my experience, when an arsenal of weaponry are animated with so much detail and realism, we can expect loads of gunfights. Strange that the guns are still the technology of the 20th century, but I guess it isn’t too surprising considering the fact we are still firing the M16, a 50 year old rifle. Or even the Ak-47, made in 1947.

The duo head to the prison where Angelica goes through the database of the prisoners’ details. She explains to the warden that she is hunting for a certain person, a super criminal that disappeared a year ago. She suspects he may be locked up here without them knowing it.

Of course, the Mister is here and he has engineered a plan to breakout of prison. With his two accomplices Katana and Bishop, the former who is voiced by Tomokazu Seki (Sousuke of FMP fame) they engineer and excecute a plan Daniel Ocean would be proud of.

Bishop, Mister and Katana

But he apparently isn’t wanted by just the government. The Crime Guild, a powerful cartel of criminals that wields influence even over the police, are after him and send a crack team of god-like gothloli maids named after the months of a year. Aptly named the 12 sisters, each is armed with her own type of weapon and they parachute into the prison amidst the chaos, slaughtering everyone while hunting for Mister. This part was totally unexpected and I had thought Coyote was a serious cat and mouse detective show till then. And now, I think its a cat and mouse detective show with a pack of lions going in to kill everything in sight.

The scenes of carnage were really well done. In one particular panning wide angle shot, we could see each of the girls doing what they do best on their own selected groups of men.

Not possible: Dual P90 firing is as realistic as Jackie Chan but who cares? Rapidfire hothead.

Stick grenades are so nostalgic. Loli magical grenadier.

Squad Automatic Weapon midair? Twintailed machine gunner.

Using a bayonet-fitted rather WW2-ish rifle, this teenage girl ‘s a sniper.

This girl dresses like Jingai Makyou’s Ignis and wields a katana too. Smiling slasher.

Monster melee triplets: Diesse, Nov and Oct.

Every team needs an info spec, like how every football team needs a defensive midfielder to do the unglam stuff

Handsome woman in a suit: Dagger/shuriken wielder

Shotgun tomboy May

Leader, a cold, ruthless pistol woman

I prefer these over that ugly Black Lagoon maid.

Who’s your favourite?

And surprise, their super strength and invincibility comes from the fact they are actual androids. Bullets can’t harm them but this can.

Ouch? Stop tickling!

And Mister’s grand plan had factored in the 12 gothloli’s attack and they are eradicated by a tsunami of attacking sandworms. All is not lost for us as the girls are easily fixable I think. Chelsea gives up on being a policewoman, as she sees how corrupt the force is, helping the Crime Guild with the recollection of the 12 sisters’ bodies. Angelica invites her along as an investigator (I would think she’s actually a bounty hunter, known as a Coyote).

Just one out of the two million attacking centipedes.

There are three main movements for this episode. The investigative first stage, the clever thief runabout second and the excitingly brutal massacre final stage. Each of these are supremely well-done and the crescendo of excitement will wet many a action buff’s pants.

Interestingly, ufotable, the studio responsible for this work of art, is pretty new and has only been involved with parts of projects and has never helmed one before. So far so good, I would say. They are doing a lot better than the more "experienced" studios. With great, smooth and detailed animation, and colours that are bright at happy moments and suitably dark when carnage occurs, Coyote looks as good as Black Lagoon. It helps that it’s shown widescreen in HD.

The series director, Ouse Matsuri, is the guy who did Futakoi Alternative, and he uses the same (or should it be, a reference rather?) parachuting entrance for the army of 12 sister assasins.\

Kameyama Koiichiro is the music man of the series. I like the BGMs a lot, they are rather exciting RPGish and grand at the right moments. A lot of very cool basslines are used. The 12 sister maid theme song sounds just like a good RPG boss fight’s music. The guy also did the music for the Buzzer Beater anime. The BB had a super soundtrack, especially the opening song and the variants employed as BGM. I like this guy.

The seiyuu are hot. The 12 sisters all have suitably evil seiyuu but I can’t distinguish who’s who yet so I can’t go into details. Nobatame Hitomi (Nobue from Ichimaro, Majery from Shana, Mikoto from Schrum, Kiri from Canvas 2) is one of them.

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  • sounds gr8 i’ll check it out in 2 hours.

  • While I enjoy this kind of “adult themed” show, it feels too much like GUNSLINGER GIRLS Part II. I’m just sick and tired of watching “children” with guns trying to be cool and mature. It didn’t work at Columbine HS.

  • >> Franka, Mister and Katana

    Has Franka suddenly got a sex change and turned into a middle-age guy with megane? Or are you talking about Bishop?

  • Erm Ok point taken, change made. Franka lol… so who’s Franka damit.

    As for Robin, I assume you have not read the Gunslinger Girl manga. You really should. Gunslinger Girls is a thought-provoking manga which provides food for thought about the use of such child weapons versus the necessity of weeding out terrorism. The girls in GG were already dying or completely gone but they were “rescued”.

    This Coyote Ragtime’s main focus is not the 12 girls, but rather Mister and Angelica. It is completely different from GG.

  • Nabatame is April the leader of the Sisters. I’d really like to complain about a lack of great roles for her. After voicing indentical characters in Gokujo Seitokai and Straberry Panic and roles in mediocre faire like Girl’s High and Muteki Kanban Musume, I’m wishing for a role that has the potential of Arcueid in Tsukihime. This does not seem to be it.

  • “Not possible: Dual P90 firing is as realistic as Jackie Chan but who cares? Rapidfire hothead.”
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    She’s a robot. That automatically makes 99.99% of all anime implausibilities into possibilities. :p

    ~~~~ ~~~~

    On a more serious note, I had been anticipating this series since the trailer came out… how many months ago? I like murderous-looking eyes, I like them a lot. So I was pretty gutted when it turned out that they were not real girls( for a given value of real in anime), but robots instead. :(

    Still, I am satisfied with the first episode, and will look forward to the rest of the season. CRS is the first anime of this summer season that I am picking up.


  • Honestly I wasn’t expecting much at all from CRS but an curious watching of the first episode blew me away.

    I’m hooked!

  • CRS appears poised to fill the void left by Black Lagoon. Now if something would come along to fill the hole in my heart left by the passing of Suzumia Haruhi. I need my Yuki fix!!!

  • I definatly agree that this will be the Black Lagoon of the season, but I must admit my enjoyment of this episode mostly came from watching the maids owned by Mister. I have a sad feeling that every week Angelica will investigate a problem involving Mister, and then Mister will arrive, destroy the maids and escape, although I’d rather a focus on Angelica than one on Mister.

  • Just a stupid nitpick but only sniper girl and maybe April are really dressed as maids. The rest are just plain goth-loli and in the case of P90/Katana/May caberet. Actually April isn’t really maid either except for the apron.

  • On 2nd watching April definitly isn’t meido but Februar(y) the megane is.

  • Actually, Zzz, you know what, for me, that’s even better because I actually dislike maids. They are the epitome of what is wrong with otaku culture recently. So gothloli alone is great.

  • You dislike maids too tj_han? If you can tell me that you dislike tsundere as well then you will have really made my day!!!

  • This felt very much like the first episode of FutAlt.. a bit of everything all thrown together, blended together and delivered with pretty animation and ridiculousness. And this is a good thing mind.

    There’s a few people out there saying how this is just mind numbing action, and while this is partially true (however it’s certainly well executed mind numbing action.. check all the little nuances that lazy directors wouldn’t bother with), the same could have been said of FutAlt’s first episode.. yet the series as a whole was a mixture of the absurd over-the-top and quiet slice-of-life/introspective episodes.

    If this first episode is a setup to follow the same kind of format I’ll be pleased as peach and willing to crown this Summer winner by default. Not to mention I’d love to see all those people who expected it just to be dumb action eat hat :)

  • Gothlolis! fap fap fap!

  • So why is gothloli okay, but maids = wrong? I am just curious here.

    Teh 12 sisters seems like they’ll get owned a lot… I wonder how important they’ll really be.

  • Because maids are subserviant anti feminist blah blah blah blah. You know the usual crap. But goth lolis are just.. cool.

  • would you be conflicted at the appearance of a goth-loli meido? 0_0

  • Goth-loli is just a clothing style. A meido is a servant. A meido dressed goth-loli is still meido. Goth-loli does not neutralize meido. But I am willing to give February and September the benefit of the doubt since as of yet they are still more ‘EW specialist’ and ‘Sniper’ than anything. At least I can’t imagine September serving tea to anyone. February I’m less certain of, she just seem more passive than the other 11 sisters.

  • I’m so watching this AGAIN. I stopped a few minutes into the parody sub, but the HOT girls are OMFG.

  • I wanted to like this so badly – because I need something to fill the gaping hole soon to be left by the awesomeness that is Black Lagoon, whenever the subbers finish with it. I mean come on, the trailer looked awesome (I even had the whole “stuff the anything-that’s-minutely-reminiscent-of-Bebop-has-to-be-inferior-
    tripe-cos-Bebop-is-the-one-true-masterpissingpiece elitists” mantra in my head to steady on my expectations, yah-woo!).

    As it turned out, most of the review intros I skimmed (I will no longer be an idiot and read whole reviews before watching the first ep after self-ruining the main surprise of Ouran Host, you guys need to write bleeding obvious spoilerscanbebad reminders for dumbasses like me more often) rubbished it as derivative Western audience-pandering shallow shit. On hindsight, I don’t know why I didn’t expect it more, re: mantra considering NHK seems set to be the Suzumiya Haruhi of the season a.k.a. “Most brilliant show ever I really SERIOUSLY get it-GEEET it wonderfulosis fabuloticus anime for the thinking person quick there’s still space for more like-mindedly intelligent and discerning anime watchers in the circle – Ready? Set? Nod!!! (/Blog!!!). LOL u prefer BL GunsHotPantsChickTerminatorMaid u w@tc1-1 but do not S33″, which probably means there needs to be the token show which looks all shiny and awesome that would appeal to the average bloke that the ones with REALLY GOOD TASTE need to humph at.

    I mean, CRS even has a parody sub from the get-go! Oh noes! Even Naruto (and I usually love my Naruto, sigh) whose recent fillers featured horrors such as mystical capybara-Tasmanian devil hybrids latching onto the backs of ninjas who can’t get them off even though said ninjas can usually break like, caves had to get beyond 100 eps before it warranted its own parodies, so I was ready to believe CRS is baaAAAaad.

    Then I actually watched it. Buxom megane-d detective with oral fixation (!). Perky wet-behind-ears chick who ends up tagging along with not-so-wet-behind-ears person (…). Stereotypically evil mastermindy-looking femme fatale (……). Mysterious Mister person that I thought would be Katana cos if it was going to be a cool fugitive, it’d probably be the cute suave-looking dude – hey wait turns out it’s the benevolent-faced Oyaji (!!!). And he has his own Benny and Rock (!!!!). Wow jailbreak wow stuff is happening (!!!!). HOLY SHIT A DOZEN HOMICIDAL ROBOT MAIDS (!!!!!!). It’s like having more Ouran Hosts to choose from, except they’re um, female, and androids, and kill stuff, and their Haruhi is taller, and not kawaii, but attractive nonetheless! I’m sure you can totally see the connective appeal I’m trying to get at!

    SO I LOVED IT. Heehee for another season I’m probably going to prefer the action show over whatever the it-series is going to be. And I thought – I don’t care if I have no taste, one likes what one likes, yes?

    But then I took a look at my recent DVD purchases which consisted of a mahou shoujo series bursting with beautiful heroic boys and a very average movie based off a wildly popular shounen series (ok ok it was Naruto, dammit) and the thoughts started niggling: Are my manganime preferences actually developi – er, too positive a verb – deevolving as a result of barraging self with mediocre series after mediocre series in the process of encouraging my inability to just stick with a few (5 max?) series at one go? Had my “standards” been sneakily lowering themselves while I was contemplating rewatching Eva, having gone off on their own for an emergency conference and firmly concluding fuck it, it’s easier to like series easier rather than being all expectant this-had-better-really-be-worth-my-time tight-arsey?

    On the hippie side of things, I figured that’s good, I’m simple, I’m not pretentious, nevermind, I am freeeee! On the more emo side of things, I started worrying if freely enjoying my manganime w/o regard for substance or pedigree was more indicative of my brain starting to rot – am I going to become one of those glazy-eyed fangirls vacuuming up everything with bishies in sight (remind me when I’m fat and yaoi-obsessive to come back and smack you around for being an insensitive retar – er mentally-challenged person will ya), not understand Haibane renmeii why no guyz n i din reali get the story lol-ing?

    And then I read your review. Bless your appalling blackman-lips-on-vampirechix-loathing-heart (I found movie Saya visually-appealing btw, apparently I have no standards lol) for reminding me that it’s ok to just enjoy stuff. Then again that probably isn’t one of the points of your review at all, if so I’ve managed to be pretentious AND daft. GO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    p. s. But srsly how can people tell it’s going to suck spectacularly if it’s just one ep in? It has so much potential to be awesome ILIKEGOODSHOWSDAMMITTTTT

    p. p .s. I found Powerpuff Girls Z more engaging than Tsuyokiss, does that mean that my taste in anime is indeed deteriorating, or is that just indicative of a preference for chibi-er tsunderes?

    p. p. p. s. I realised after writing this rambling monstrosity that what I was trying to say could have been summed up with “Looked forward 2 CRS. Bad reviews alarming. Loved show anyway. Questionable taste in manganime may be harmless or cognitively worrying. Felt better after reading your review. U rule! Thx!” LOL.

  • WATTT??? You win the cake for the weirdest unprovoked comment ever!! Hahah.

    Normally when people post essay length comments, it’s because I piss them off or something. Anyway, good to see that you like Coyote. Because it’s going to be the BOSS of this season.

    Every human has room for pure action and those who flame Coyote as mindless explosions seriously are missing out on good fun.

    And yeah, I don’t read other people’s first anime impressions lest I get influenced. And PPGZ is the WORST show to ever appear on my screen. I still get nightmares from the “let’s pause this battle and eat ice cream.” scene.

    Don’t worry, as long as you align your tastes with me, you don’t have bad taste.

  • Mmm. Cake. But yeah, there’s a reason why I hardly post comments because … wtf.

    Hope we’ll be on the right side of the told-you-so fence – CRS looks seriously promising! I loved Haruhi, I love NHK, so it’s not as if I’m griping because I can’t appreciate critically-fawned over series. Sometimes it seems as if ho-huming at the action series w/ the nice production values is simply the cooler (and easier) thing to do, just because. And have to agree PPGZ is pretty horrid so far XD Putting its first ep above Tsuyokiss’s wasn’t saying much (although, at least Tsuyokiss has yuri….).

    Say, have you watched the raw eps of Flag by any chance? It was one of the series I looked forward to as the character designs looked good, but no one seems to want to sub it – I’m starting to wonder if there’s something horrendous I’ve not picked up on (it’s not the clunky-looking mecha, is it?).

  • Yes it is cooler to like poorly produced yet well-written stuff. Just like how arthouse films are always deemed intellectual to watch even if its shit.

    No I have yet to watch Flag. I could always watch it subbed because those Chinese fansubbers have everything done in a few hours after the thing airs. I have heard good things and I love realistic military stuff so am looking forward to it.

    Otherwise, I’m just watching shows as they come along.

  • Chinese fansubs eh – never tried those in case they turn out to be in trad Chinese, shit w/ that. Hopefully some group will pick it up so I won’t have to relive the regret of refusing to read Chinese newspapers during those wilful teenage years.

  • Leif Vicktormann

    geh…….. by studio bones?……. ahh i really am a n00b…..
    this show promises loads of entertainment…….. heck……..
    android gothlolis what more could an otaku ask for?….

  • Episode 8 of The Third has better bugs :P

  • bubble dress are very nice girl dresses and i always ask my girlfriend to wear one :*;

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