Now I know Why Otakus Use dSLRs. I Fell in Love at the Cosfest.

I’m so gutted. Every single picture I took today at the Cosfest sucked. Granted the conditions weren’t the most condusive, but I’m deeply disappointed because the level of cosplay was much higher than expected.

My mouse can’t left and right click, so this post’ll be rather short. I’ll post something more in detail tomorrow, after I replace my mouse and have gathered some pictures from other sources.

At the Cosfest, which is the largest cosplay event in Singapore, I met up with Drmchrso (we learnt that this is pronounced Dream Chaser lol and not Dee AH AM KRRR SOU), Tsubaki, Shia, Kwok, T_T|||, Darkmirage and a few others. I went with expectations of fat yaoi girls but instead saw HOT GOTH LOLI CHICKs, dedicated cosplayers and a very vibrant local scene. Wow what have I been missing out all these years?

My last cosplay event was a miniscule one 5 years ago, in a small seminar room. The cosfest today was held at a large indoor dome with air-conditioning and decent sound setup. The emcee was however, the single most irritating monkey alive and he deserves a good raping up the ass. Why? When he announced anything and everything, he added a "HUh? I don’t know what this is?" and made a lot of retarded comments. And the things he didn’t know included Naruto, Bleach. I’m quite shocked because even the butchers in the market know what is Naruto. How could the organisers have gotten such a person to emcee? He sucked too.

This is the Bleach team. As usual, they are an ARMY.

But the number of people was quite astounding, I felt a sense of Genshiken really. Cameras everywhere, booths selling doujin (non-adult) and other self-made merchandise, cosplayers everywhere. And I fell in love.

With the SAYA COSPLAYER!! She’s amazing. Not only was her costume impeccably accurate, her sword suitably wicked, with realistic blood on her face, this girl was really into the Blood+ character too. It helps that she’s one fine looker too. Really amazing, I was just stunned when I saw her. Saya cosplayer, if you happen to ever read this (I doubt though), l’ll like you to know that you are the GREATEST!! You should’ve won and not the crappy Gundam cosplayers!! But you should’ve worn red contacts.

This is the only clear picture I got. Sobz.

Let me just whine about using a n00b camera. Damn it takes so long to focus and rapidfire shots are a problem. I can only do 3 and these are like instantaneous 3x shots. Between each aimed picture I have to wait like 4-5 seconds, and this is pretty tiresome for the cosplayer. The crappy flash which has zero control just overexposes their faces unlike those professional ones that can be aimed or bounced. I had no choice but to set a high ISO setting so the grain was pretty bad. AHHHH!! I have learnt my lesson now, the next big event shall be covered with a proper camera.

I realised I do lack practice at these kind of lighting and shooting conditions, since before this my subjects have all been immobile miniscule bits of beautiful plastic that I can move around at will and take my time. At these events, it’s dark, everyone’s flashing, the cosplayers fidget, other cameramen nudge you or shove, you have to fight/seek your perfect angle and people are blocking all the time, you can’t really manipulate the cosplayer unless you ask and I’m too shy, blah blah. So there is a learning curve involved I guess. As Goldenboy Kintarou would say, "Ah benkyou ni narimashita."

Ok a more indepth post tomorrow then.

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  • u’ve just motivated me to ask my photographer friend for lessons…congrats…

  • I regretted not bring an SLR as well.
    I totally underestimated the event.

  • You’ve just motivated me to steal an EOS from my office. Congrats.

  • MasterParadigm

    I agree about the emcee. He was especially annoying during the prize presentation. The long pauses he gives between reading out the category and the winner felt awkward and did not raise any tension at all. Also congrats to the Gundam seed team for winning the invitation to Japan. If I was given a choice, it would be either them or the Katamari team.

  • Well, the only clear picture you got was a smokin’ hot one, so A NET GAIN! YAY! Fix your mouse and post some more, damnit! I want to see things! SINGAPOREAN THINGS! Bring me the cleavage you spoke of earlier!

  • “fat yaoi girls” huh?

    I do not read yaoi but I must say this perhaps deliberate misconception is quite offensive to BL girls. You may find enjoying BL and yaoi objectionable, yet you have your lolita-complex, (which can be construed as borderline pedophilia quite easily.) maid-complex that casts women in subservient roles, and other fetishes too many to name, yet seldom do fangirls accuse you (and legions of men who have similar tastes) of being “fat” and typecast you in other negative steretypes.

    It is amusing to note that you seem to think “HOT GOTH LOLI CHICKs” are superior to “yaoi girls”, kindly present some concret evidence in form of real life experiences with those two types of girl please. (That is assuming you have ever interacted with a member of the female species besides fantasizing about them through anime and figurines)

    Next time should you re-enforce this stereotype intentionally or unintentionally, beware of the wrath of fangirls.


  • Rainy: Good of you to come up with something to talk about here. Sure, we could always go all politically correct and be sensitive but I see the FYG, along with the Narutard, MoeOtaku etc as just types of people I don’t want to hang out with.

    In case you haven’t been following the scene, yaoi alone is not frowned upon. Nor are fat girls. It’s the rabid, frothing, psychotic ones who plague anime conventions that people scoff at.

    Take for example, lolicon. No one frowns on lolicons. Except when they go overboard. That applies to FYGs too.

    I don’t have double standards. I hate overlyMoe-loving Otaku just as much as FYG. In fact, I hate males more because they don’t have tits (other than man tits which don’t count).

    And who doesn’t think HOT GOTH LOLI CHICKs are superior to yaoi girls is delusional. At least in terms of physical appeal. And yes I do have real life experience with members of the non-penile sex so I can for sure say that. Well, when the makeup comes off the goths, they probably look just as bad but that’s out of point. What is important is, they are hot at these events.

    Luckily, the event I went to was quite nice and there weren’t obnoxious YFGs. There were however tonnes of loser guys.

    Btw I don’t like maid. I like Saya cosplayers.

  • “And who doesn’t think HOT GOTH LOLI CHICKs are superior to yaoi girls is delusional. ”

    General concensus about this has not yet been reached, I am voicing dissenting opinion right here on your blog, and my sanity is completely intact. You are too hasty to jump to conclusions you deen to be right by anecdotal evidence. I am afraid you are missing the point here, what tickled me off is that since you harbor an aversion to yaoi girls, (that suggests the whole community of fangirls who like BL in general) you make no distinction between the ones who enjoy their healthy dose of BL and the rabid fangirls who are on the extreme far end of spectrum. Simply, you lump together fangirls (admit it, fangirls are more prone to take a liking to BL than fanboys) into an unbecomig stereotype: fat yaoi girls. And I think that is an ugly insult to fangirls in general. Being one, of course I am quite indignant at this unjust accusation.

    I am not raising an unreasonable tantrum at your persoanl judgement about very rabid fangirls. For I dislike the “rabid, frothing, psychotic ones (fangirls) who plague anime conventions that people scoff at” as much as you do. Love with moderation and restraint, yet the truely rabid ones are without an ounce of self-control. But I’d like to point out that just because you dislike a small faction of the BL fangirl community doesn’t justify you to publicly belittle the community to which the rabid ones belong to. It is not about adhering to rule of political correctness, it is about dosing out sarcasm and disapproval to those who truly deserve it, while avoiding typecasting the whole diverse community to which they belong into a negative stereotype which cannot be further from truth.


  • You meant "Ticked" right? But anyway, you are the one jumping to conclusions here by claiming I lump everyone together. Aren’t you the typical sort that just reads stuff wanting or waiting to be offended? The reason I don’t talk about normal fan girls is precisely that. They are too normal and are more or less regular people. And you think just because I don’t talk about them I lump them in with fat yaoi girls.

    Funny how you claim I belittle the community, how about you go check out Ashley’s Tainted blog and bring your silly defensive arguments over there and see what a fellow BL fangirl has to say. Perhaps you’ll be satisfied if I add a disclaimer after every FYG, like FYG (Please not that not all Yaoi girls are fat and fangirls and those lacking self-restraint are just a small proportion of the overall population). I don’t see how I am referring to the rest of the "BL" community by saying FYG. It’s like saying "Saccharomyces Ceravisiae or whatever is integral to the winemaking process" and you jump on it and accuse of me saying all micro-organisms make wine. You, are obviously that very sort of reader that is so prevalent especially in the "adult" community, who reads news just to get offended.

    And as exemplified by your other comment. Everyone knows black men have thick lips in general. This is quite an obvious sign that you are just reading to be offended. It’s a damn genetic trait. Just like how African football players are in general a lot more powerful physically  in terms of built, pace and strength while Europeans are well-drilled and defensively organised and Asians are plain hardworking.

  • I am quite tolerant and not overly-sensitive as you tried to unreasonably paint me to be. No idea who this Ashley person is since she is no great celebrity.

    Regarding my “silly defensive arguments”:
    “you are the one jumping to conclusions here by claiming I lump everyone together.” (By everyone I assume you are referring to fangirls, fat or non-fat.) Oh really? Am I really pointing out your mistake without an iota of reason?

    If you would like to pick something undesirable to contrast against the “hot loli chicks”, why did you specifically designate yaoi girls and only yaoi girls as fat? Your choices are numerous: Ranging from maids, loli chicks, (Is there a rule that dictates that loli girls are hot? No.) sis-con lesbians to nerdy fanboys, homosexuals and heterosexuals. Why only yaoi fangirls are fat?

    Because in your mind, you really believe that yaoi fangirls and to a lesser extent fangirls who for the most part read BL and yaoi are fat. And who are you to belittle fangirls in this manner?

    Regarding the “black men have thick lips”:
    Yes, everyone do know black men have thicks lips in general, this is an established fact. But you, by equating Saya with black men lips as ugly, tag people of African descent who tend to have thicks lips as physically inferior.

    Judging from your archival posts, you seem to be a Singaporean of Chinese descent. You may dismiss the insensitive passing mention of peple of African descent as a light joke, yet little do you understand its significance. The following passage should give you a dose of your own medicine:

    Renton of Eureka 7 is about to embark on possibly the greatest adventure of his life, overall he has a likable personality, but at 5’4, he is just too short for my taste, pity he is built like the typical Asian man.

  • “Judging from your archival posts, you seem to be a Singaporean of Chinese descent.”

    Judging from your statement, you seem to have absolutely no idea what it’s like to live in Singapore, a MULTI-RACIAL society if you did not know. These “insensitive” terms are actually so commonplace that nobody even bothers to be offended. If everyone looks at things the same way you did, our country would be in chaos, where anyone would be likely to shoot another for saying something you deemed as offensive.

    Honestly, if you think the way to solve this is to be polite and courteous so that everything will be fine and dandy, then think again. Singapore has been through quite some shit and survived well enough compared to some countries which are still being troubled by their histories.

    “You may dismiss the insensitive passing mention of peple of African descent as a light joke, yet little do you understand its significance.”

    Let me read between the lines then,”You dumb chinese man, you think you have the authority to go around saying what you like, you should shut your trap and stay in china since you’re just a loser who has no idea what he is talking about.”

    That, my good friend is how oversensitive you’re being.

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