A Shrine to the Saya Cosplay Goddess

I have searched the net for various pictures of the Greatest Cosplayer at Cosfest – Saya! I took all these without permission so feel free to flame me. But nothing can douse my admiration for this unnamed girl.

First, she was the only Blood+ cosplayer. Most others did generic stuff like Bleach and she stood out with the daring use of gore (blood) and a detailed, realistically crafted WICKED Saya trademark katana. She’s also really cool and femininely handsome.

I’m not one to nitpick on that IN CHARACTER shit, but this girl really had it going. She was in the Bloodlusted Saya mode and I felt pressure just asking her for the picture. Well done! Not many people can make manly men feel such pressure.

Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon in another costume! Whatever your name is…

This is my picture. Other than the blurness, I think it’s framed the best.

This is some official replica from Japan. Just to compare it with the cosplay version.

Ok I can’t remember who I took this from. Sorry. But I really like her katana, it’s so well-made and realistic.

This cosplayer seems like a sportswoman, pity she held the blade funny. Photo by DarkMirage.

The Gaara’s sister Temari took this pic I think. He’s Raistlin.

The wounds are a cool touch and make the otherwise simple school uniform stand out. By Hao.

By Spla.

By Tsubaki. Strange pose though. But the colour’s cool, a bit like bloodlust.

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