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I Went Out: New Store Check, Alvis Figurine and Other News…

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I now have a new feature on this site. It’s titled, "I Went Out". Lol, and the beauty of this is, it won’t be a regular feature. NHK is calling soon.

Today I visited the new figurine store that Zyl was so impressed by and it didn’t disappoint. It’s called toys & toys.com and is found at China Square Central, Level 1.

There are tonnes of discontinued figurines there, like the GSC Yakumo, Alvis and many others, going at about 70% their normal price here. Some are sold at even half the usual price, like the Yamato Kanako cosplay figure.

The store seems to be an official distributor of the products and with their super low prices, should cause quite a bit of upheaval in the local figurine market. They don’t have the latest stock though so that would be its only flaw.

Maybe because of its newness, the store area is very neat and organised like a supermarket, unlike most other stores that are packed to the roof with merchandise. It’s thus much easier to browse through and newbies shouldn’t feel pressured unlike the more cramped and cluttered places.

The shitty thing is, the cheap prices only make me feel much grief because I have all those that I want to buy already but they are selling it at half the price I bought them for. And I’m high level enough to not go for impulse buys.

So for all Singaporeans or those intending to visit Singapore, I recommend going to this new store. The staff there are friendly too and you can leave your email so they’ll send you a preorder catalogue apparently.

I met DRMChrso (pronounced DEE AR AM KRRRR SOU) and he wasn’t angry today. Strange?

And for the harvest today, I bought the Alvis figurine I’ve always wanted for just 47 S dollars. Along with Speed Grapher volume 2, Dear Boys vol 22 (a basketball manga, not some yaoi lol) and Ouran 8.

Now I eagerly await for Tatiana to be figurised.

Popularity: 7% [?]

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11 Responses to “I Went Out: New Store Check, Alvis Figurine and Other News…”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki 414 comments

    Meee needs to go there as well.

  2. 2 T_T||| 470 comments

    Thank you for sharing the secret place. Next month Alvis will be gone and I won’t get to buy it cheap. Damn you.

  3. 3 tj_han 920 comments

    No one likes Range murata in Singapore. Besides, no one reads this site in Singapore.

  4. 4 Hung 18 comments

    Aren’t you going out? With that hot Saya cosplayer?

  5. 5 Kozumura 13 comments

    Fuck, now I need to go to singapore.

  6. 6 HitokiriShadow 3 comments

    So there is a Speed Grapher manga? I didn’t know that.

    Man, I want to go to that store really badly…

  7. 7 Zyl 22 comments

    Today I visited the new figurine store that Zyl was so impressed by

    Maybe you meant Stripey?

  8. 8 tj_han 920 comments

    Aren’t you guys conjoined twins?

    I remember one previous post I thought Stripey was the Lunafetist while ZYL was imoutolover.

    I think it was Stripey.

  9. 9 tj_han 920 comments

    Hitokiri (lol..) Shadow, yes there’s a SG manga but it’s basically an adaptation of the anime. It is done by a comissioned artist, TOmozo I think. The art is fantastic.

  10. 10 Alvin 45 comments

    ooooo … I think I will check it out this week ..

  11. 11 Alvin 45 comments

    Wohooo … bought the alvis figurine too

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