Now that Kanaria has been released and is on the way to me at this very moment, preorders for the next Rozen Maiden is open. It’s the cult heroine Suigintou. As expected of the SR DX Rozen series, the base is quite something. Everything looks nice and rosy from the promo pictures, with her features well defined and sharp facial features captured.

It’s going for 3780 yen (getting more expensive… its now 1100 yen more than Kanaria) and stands at 15 cm tall. Suigintou will be released end September.

Max’s new line up is out too, as HD and Ikimashou have already reported and I can’t be bothered to. Yucanalia’s pretty hot, as is the Shining Tears bikini babe but they are 1/6 and 1/7 respectively so I’ll think about it.

I decided not to get the limited edition Rider figurine after all, as I’m banking on the damn fanboys to drive up demand so they’ll make more non-LE versions.

Lain and Eri 1/8 PVCs have been released, so it’ll probably be sent to me in a week or so. I’m supposed to receive my Saya, Kanaria, Rei Mermaid, King Gainer and Eva-02 any moment now too. Looks like this blog’ll be focused on figurines for quite some time.

3 Responses to “Figure News: SR DX Suigintou. Lain and Eri have been released too.”  

  1. 1 Hopeless

    Yay, Eri has been released! Mine should be coming soon. I wish the SR figures were not wearing school uniform, though - I’d rather something unique for each character.

  2. 2 DrmChsr0




    Whoops. You didn’t see the last part.

  3. 3 Tess

    I want that Suigintou figure… it’s just really nice.

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