Remember the hot Saya cosplayer we all couldn’t take our eyes off at the recent Cosfest? Lenneth was at Sentosa for another photoshoot last week and kindly took some time off her busy schedule, to speak to

tj han (Yeah that’s me): For a while I actually thought your real name was Lenneth. Until someone pointed out that Lenneth is from Valkyrie Profile… Haha.

Lenneth: Well yes, Lenneth is not my real name.^  ^ it’s a cosplay alias.

tj han: But tj han is my real name. Anyway, so why did you choose Saya to cosplay?

Lenneth: All along, I’ve been just cosplaying characters who are from the same category (feminine and sweet) and I really wanted to try something new. I began watching BLOOD+ a few months before the event and I really loved how Saya looked in her bloody school uniform when she slayed the chiropteran at school. Not forgetting that awesome-looking katana of hers! I’ve always been into prop-making so I took up the challenge.
tj han: Yeah I love Blood+ too. How did you go about recreating her physical appearance?

Lenneth: Actually, I was most worried about my hair because I’m keeping my fringe long for another cosplay but I simply trimmed the back of my hair shorter, tucked some fringe behind my ear and trimmed just a small area of the side of my fringe to create a look like hers using hairspray. I had to also trim the original length of my eyebrows to half because she have such…short eyebrows…

tj han: Yeah the Saya at the start of the show wins the ugliest eyebrows in anime award. Half is a bit extreme though. That’s dedication!

Lenneth: As for facial expression - truthfully, I didn’t practice it in front of the mirror for hours. I just placed myself into the character and think that I’m actually Saya herself.. and I’m glad it turned out fine!

tj han: Ah, that in-character thing. No wonder I got frightened when I was asking you for a picture. A fierce girl with blood all over brandishing a wicked katana is not exactly the sort of girl you’ll feel at ease with. Any tips for beginner cosplayers here in Singapore?

Lenneth: The usual place Singaporean cosplayers visit to buy fabric for their costumes are Chinatown, Arab Street or Textile center. As for prop-making, we usually visit Bras Basah since it has so many shops.

tj han: Textile Centre has this Plaza Bowl that hosted quite a few major world bowling championships. And Chinatown has China Square Central, which is the hub for toy collectors like myself. Someday, I’m going to make myself a Gantz suit and the X-gun as well. How did you make your cool sword? It looks so real and metallic

Lenneth: My sword? The blade is actually made of a thin piece of wood sandwiched by 2 PVC sheets for the smooth surface.(shh, it’s actually not too straight!!) Then, I simply used chrome paint to spray over and create some effects with enamel paint! And the sheath is made of wood. With layers of black paint and gloss.

tj han: Sweeet. Btw there’s a store at Marina Square, that specialises in sporting equipment including kendo shinai and replica samurai blades of various types. So anyone who wants one can just head over there and cough up the dough. Prices vary from 100-four digits.  Otherwise, at Suntec I think, there’s another store that has a lot of replica guns.Not the modern type but muskets, and Lord of the Rings type weaponry. Anyway, to continue, let’s about talk yourself now.  What got you into cosplay in the first place? When was that?

Lenneth: It was my classmate who told me about cosplay because she knew I was interested in anime/manga/game and brought me to my first event which was the End-of-Year event at Expo 2003 but I didn’t cosplay then. I started cosplaying in mid March 2004.

tj han: So it has been about two years since. Cosplayers sure are getting younger these days, Lenneth is only 17 this year I think. Tell us a bit about the local cosplay scene. What’s it like?

Lennard: I think the most fascinating sight is when you first step in to the event. Because all around you are people cosplaying from different titles and dressing in punk/ sweet lolita/ gothic lolita. Also, I’d say that local cosplayers are quite enthusiastic about just enjoying themselves at events. For example: striking poses that are just for laughter. Because I know that in some other countries, they try to refrain and be in character all the time.

tj han: Yeah Cosfest 2006 was my first in like 5 years. The last one I went to was the one organised by (then) Miyuki Animation Club at Suntec, which was really tiny. I got turned off by that cos I was a little kid then who couldn’t appreciate anything beyond shounen action. Ok finally, Is there anything you learned or gained from this hobbyof cosplay?

Lenneth: I got to know a few nice people because of cosplay and I wouldn’t say I know a lot of people because I like to keep a low profile. I’ve certainly acquired a lot of skills after I’ve become a cosplayer. Sewing, prop-making, thinking of ways to make the costume, examining and choosing the correct fabric, working with different materials and machinery and etc. Truthfully, before, I was terribly afraid of taking photos as staring too long at the lens will make me lose focus. And so before, it was really hard to get a decent photo of myself. And I wonder sometimes why I took up cosplay! But now, I’ve learnt to concentrate and most importantly, be confident.

tj han: Yeah I can take pictures but I hate being taken. Looks like cosplay really does net you some useful hands-on skills! Unlike watching anime…. I’m like a worm at home. That’s all for the interview and RIUVA wishes Lenneth all the best in her future cosplay exploits!

Lenneth: At the End-of-Year event at Expo, I’m cosplaying KOS-MOS from the part 3, second version! Hope to see you at the August event!

tj han
: Digikerot would be so glad. Ok, see you soon!

And now, for some pictures of THAT photoshoot. Lenneth has two outfits, one of normal Saya and the other is the more impactful Slayer Saya. She redid her makeup with more gore for this shoot, since she had to tone it down for the Cosfest - too much blood for a public event might be uncomfortable for some people. Steven Wang was her photographer and the backdrop is obviously Sentosa. For those who do not know Sentosa, it is the only beach that isn’t all oil-slicky here in Singapore. It is also the only one with sand, the rest have what I would call, boulders such is the grain size. Man I hate Singapore beaches.

Btw the sand from Sentosa is imported from Indonesia. Lol.

Yup, she really lost her eyebrows.

I like the greater blood effect more as well. Down with the squeamish. Her blouse’s bloodstains actually look like they have slightly clotted. Niceee.

The blade here is quite obviously photoshopped. But still pretty cool.

Someone’s been having fun with levels a lot. Looks like Vietnam doesn’t it. Not that I’ve been there though.

I felt this picture was a bit wasted. A close up would’ve been better.

If you open your door one day to see this scene, would you go "ARHHHH HELP!" or "SAYA’s HOT!!" I cannot decide.

Personally, I would’ve preferred more creatively angled pictures though. I’m a fan of closeups and macro shots, perhaps due to my figurine collecting hobby, so full body isn’t quite my thing. Comparing this album with the various amateurish pictures I gathered from others at the Cosfest, I felt the increased variety of the latter made for more interesting viewing. Like, backview, side face close ups, top down, (no bottom up though lol for legal reasons) etc would be nice.

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  1. 1 shiachan

    nice , you got the saya cosplayer to have a interview with you , nice ^^ keep up the good work rivua, and lenneth Nice cosplay, hope to see you at EOY cosplay ^^

  2. 2 Tsubaki

    Omfg, tj ftw. Fantastic and now is going to become the next CNA for cosplay. And she’s going to be cosplaying as KOS-MOS? Sweet. I need a better KOS-MOS cosplayer to erase Cosfest’s only KOS-MOS cosplayer from my already scarred mind.

    And I agree with you, didn’t like the way the photos were taken. Would have prefered more dynamic angles and close ups. And the oversaturation of color destroys it.

    Me wants to take those raws and help photoshop for her.

  3. 3 MajorMK

    tj han: But tj han is my real name. Anyway, so why did you choose Saya to cosplay?

    After reading this line, i just cant stop laughing…

  4. 4 bj0rN`-

    NANI?! THAT WAS YOUR REAL NAME?! TJ Han?! Amazing how the heck you got to interview her and also why is she even there having a photo shoot? Hope to see more of her in future cosplays

  5. 5 DiGiKerot


  6. 6 T_T|||

    KOS-MOS! Why don’t she cosplay as Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. I’ll join her fanclub if so.

  7. 7 Crayotic Rockwell


    Still, they make for pretty nice pictures regardless. Perhaps tj “is my real name” han can schedule a photoshoot with the next cosplayer and give us a detailed review on the seam lines and paint job.

  8. 8 Hung

    Ha, cheesy photoshop lens flare FTW!

  9. 9 Zero-Hour

    Sweeeeet interview

  10. 10 Sayatsugu

    I feel she would make a better Hrist… With a goddamn spear OoO

  11. 11 Randall Fitzgerald

    tits or gtfo/didn’t happen

  12. 12 quitacet

    >KOS-MOS! Why don’t she cosplay as Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. I’ll join her fanclub if so.

    Second that. Pls register the domain for lenneth(?) fan club sg tks. if xiaxue et al can become local celebs she sure can.

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