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More Blood+ in my Life.

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Oh yeah!

The box is very nice.

Including shipping, I paid about 71 dollars, which is about the same price I would’ve gotten it at Latendo for but 2 weeks earlier haha. Not to mention 10 bucks more expensive than that new store at CSC. So I’m probably going to cancel all my orders on HLJ for items that will not be hard to get, like this one.

I have yet to open the box but  Saya, Hagi and the katana look great so far. Now let’s hope for the cooler, more mature version of Saya, hopefully paired with a Diva.

In the midst of processing and shipping: Lain, Eri, Eva-02, King Gainer, Rei Mermaid, Kanaria. Expect lots of figurine reviews. Heh.

Popularity: 11% [?]

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3 Responses to “More Blood+ in my Life.”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki 518 comments

    I thought it was rather small, because the pre-order pictures of it gave me the feeling it was like 1/6ish.
    Close up pictures please!

  2. 2 Kitsu 1 comment

    I take it, you only get Hagi’s upper half? I bet they won’t put Saya with Diva. More likely something similar to the Saya/Hagi- Diva/Chiropterans -__- anyways, thanks for the awsome picture… most track down place to buy… *zones away*

  3. 3 rin yamatoko 5 comments

    i like haji

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